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My business has exploded and profits skyrocketed being on YouTube. And I’ve been RUNNING to keep up with the growth. That’s because anyone can create a part-time or full-time income with YouTube, expand your reach, and build community. Have you thought about having a YouTube channel? That is publishing video to YouTube. Or do you have a YouTube Channel and want to know how to grow it.  Do you like to serve, teach, educate, entertain, empower, and/or inspire others?

Maybe you want more exposure for a cause, charity, or nonprofit, or maybe you want to create a community around a hobby. Maybe you dream of financial independence or becoming a YouTube Influencer. Whatever your goal is I can help you build a Thriving YouTube Channel and couple it with your Prosperous Website through the course I am offering this Fall 2020. A successful website is one that adds value to the lives of others and builds financial security for you. 

There are so many ways that you can use YouTube to grow your business. YouTube is always looking for great content. Think of what 1,000 loyal fans could do for your livelihood. And you don’t need large numbers to be successful on YouTube. I can show you how. I will help you with the techniques and methods you need to grow fast and work smart. With less stress and struggle because you’re doing things in a certain way, consistently, and with commitment. This produces your desired results. 

You may have all kinds of ideas on what type of YouTube channel you would like to have. I’ll show you how to hone in on the right idea and set it up for success. You will learn how to nourish your Inner Superstar. That is your creative self-expression.  So that you shine in whatever market that you choose. 


There will be Self-paced video lessons, Live Training, and Q & A sessions with me via video conference and Facebook. I will be interactive with you. Together we will help you grow your business and profits. Everyone enrolled receives personalized attention from me. And no need to stress if your channel or website isn’t ready during the course. Because I return throughout the year reviewing your channels and websites when you DO have them ready.

The YouTube Insiders Fall Course is for people who came into this world to experience magic and miracles in their life.