Hey there:

I will be launching the “YouTube Insiders Course” in August. For those of you who want to publish to YouTube. Grow and prosper with YouTube. Here is a list of equipment that I use to make my videos. That I thought would be very helpful for you. Enjoy! 


Backdrop stand

Cameras (Vlogging + Filming – I have 2 types!):

Camera Stand

Voice over microphones I have two:

Wireless microphone I love my sony wireless:

Camera Remote for Cannon

Camera Remote for Sony

Lighting Umbrellas I use:

Video Editing Software:  There are many excellent video editors to choose from use the one that is best for you.

I use Wondershare from Filmora it works for both Mac and Windows. Please go here and download it for free: 

this one is for Mac


this link is for Windows 


You want to dress for success. I love wearing beautiful dresses in my videos. I wear Ralph Lauren, Taylor and Calvin Kline.



TubeBuddy can help you grow your channel, make better videos and prosper. 

When you use my link you will receive a 20% discount when you join! Click here or on the image.