100 Ways to Know You’re Evolving

100 Ways to Know Your Evolving


  1. Im following you on Youtube from Sweden and i love your teaching

    Thank you

  2. Thank you, Kelly. You are so beautiful.

  3. The energy of Capricorn the Goat has always been prominent in my life. I grew up on and in a family owned business. My dad had a fish hatchery. At an early age, I learned that my dad sold minnows, gold fish and tropical fish. Even though, my dad did most all of the work, I observed closely. He married my mom when she was a widow with five children and her children were 6, 9, 9, 15 and 17. I was born three years later. The two 9 year olds were twin brothers and my dad put them to work at an early age. They helped him with many projects but later, they had different careers. Even, my oldest sister helped my dad with the fish during her late teens and early twenties until her own young family took over the majority of her life. She had four boys. All of my life, I have searched for my illusive career. Having a packed tenth house (Sun and Mercury in Cancer plus Saturn and Pluto in Leo) has always given me the strong feeling that someday, my career would find me! I realized that I would finally reach the top of Capricorn’s Mountain with those four important planets egging me on! Well, it seems that Now is the Time!

  4. Hi Kelley I am following you on youtube from Denmark and am a huge fan…can’t wait to hear October for Gemini thanks so much

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