Leo Full Moon

The spiritual revolution continues with the Sun in Aquarius conjunct Neptune-our Spirituality and our highest ideals, also Chiron the wounded healer and noisy Mercury and Mars all opposing the Full Moon in royal Leo. You may be feeling overwhelmed by waves of emotion washing over you with moments of anxiety, uncertainty or confusion. This is …

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Fabulous Full Moon and Am I still a Taurus?

We have a fabulous Full Moon in caring and compassionate Cancer today. The Sun is in Capricorn, opposing the Moon in Cancer, inviting us to create a  balance between our personal lifestyles-our ability to nurture ourselves (Cancer Moon) and our professional lives-reputation and obligations (Capricorn Sun).  We want to find balance involving what we need …

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Creating 2011

Creating 2011 What would it be like if you literally could create the future?  Are you willing to experiment? Here is a process that has produced some amazing results for people in past years. Use it to replace the New Year’s resolutions you are about to make. Step 1: Imagine it is December 31, 2011. …

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