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I want to invite you to our YouTube Live Stream today at Noon EDT where I and my star student Raphael Rey will be doing Positive Astrology & Tarot for your Empowerment. Today is the Libra Full Moon. We will discuss the astrology of the Full Moon and the astrological events in April.

I can’t wait to see you there: https://www.youtube.com/c/KelleyRosano


I look forward to reading your comments every time I write a blog or do a video. Some people agree with me. Others don’t. I always appreciate your feedback all the same. Lately, I’ve really appreciated hearing how the COVID-19 situation is affecting all of you.  

We have all been touched by the pandemic. Some are feeling the effects more than others. A lot of people are feeling social isolation. Some are already feeling a financial pinch. Others are worried about their loved ones in essential jobs. 

What I’m loving most, though, is seeing a community come together as one.

In my neighborhood alone, I see tables with free craft supplies set out for kids. Teddy bears everywhere for “family bear hunts.” People are offering up what little cleaning supplies they have to those that have none. I see people offering to run to the stores for those that can’t. I’m even seeing local grocery stores offer free food to those that have been laid off and are in need. 

Amid this crisis, it’s truly a beautiful thing to see people focused on those around them. We normally spend so much time focused on ourselves. The difference has been profound. And the community spirit feels like magic in the air.

The small acts of kindness are the miracles we need to get through this. And that is a lesson unto itself. If you feel like you need a miracle right now, focus on service.  


People have lost jobs and lost income, but there’s no reason to lose hope.

Everyone has something to give. Focus on giving. Give what you can – money, time, or skills. It doesn’t matter. There is a need we can all fulfill. Give as charity when you can. Or, if you’re looking for ways to increase your own income, focus on giving, and you’ll find success. 

Purchasing, in general, has slowed down, but it has not stopped. Hone in on what people need right now. You can build an income or sustain a current business just by tuning in to others’ needs.  

Think about the skills you have and figure out how to use them. Think creatively and make a list of everything you do well. How can you use your skills to serve others in need right now?

For instance:

  • Are you a grammar geek or a former science major? Offer up your services for online tutoring. There are a lot of overwhelmed parents out there struggling to help their kids with remote schooling. 
  • Can you sew? Make masks to sell in your community. Donate to health professionals what you can. There are patterns everywhere online.
  • Offer to make meals for essential workers putting in long hours.
  • Ask senior neighbors and family if they need help shopping online for their essentials.
  • Are you especially good at computers? People and businesses need help in setting up virtual offices. Offer your services on community message boards.

If you have a business already, ask yourself how can your business transfer to the current economy. Can you move face-to-face meetings online? Can you make how-to videos? Can you sell different products or services? Can you meet the direct needs people have right now, isolated in their homes?

These are crazy times, but with a little creative thinking and a positive attitude, you WILL get through this. We all will.

It’s OK if you’re not sure what your gift is. My Personalized Money Report can help. Now more than ever, you’ll want to make sure your financial goals are aligned. This report will show you how to optimize your relationship with money. You will learn all about your strengths and weaknesses. You will be able to make better decisions about earning, saving, and spending money. 

I guarantee that once you optimize your true gift and align it to help others, you will be unstoppable! Be safe. Be well. #AloneTogether

“The real joy in life comes from finding your true purpose and aligning it with what you do every single day.” – Tony Robbins

LOVE and Abundance,



P.S. Here’s that link again to my Personalized Money Report is a fantastic tool to help you understand your relationship with money. And, how you can maximize your natal birth chart to build abundance! 

And my channel for the Libra Full Moon Live Stream https://www.youtube.com/c/KelleyRosano

Now is the time to THRIVE!

Before you laugh, hear me out. 

I believe in the power of mindset – in the power of attraction. Believe it, and you will achieve it. This includes milestones you want to tackle, such as careers and wealth, but also feelings, like happiness and well-being. 

When I first started my career, I took a job that was not anywhere near what I studied in college. I figured it was short-term. It paid the bills while I looked for my dream job. I went to work and did my job. I wasn’t happy there, and it showed. I’d come home every night frustrated and annoyed by my day’s work, then pour my energy into looking for a new job. I sent resume after resume and heard nothing. I got more and more frustrated and upset as time went on. 

Then, one day, a coworker I had confided in said something interesting. “Why would anyone hire such a miserable worker?” 

I replied, “Well, how would a new job even know I was so unhappy here?” 

Then he said something magical. “You get from the universe what you give.”

I’m not going to lie. I wasn’t immediately convinced, and my attitude at my current job didn’t change overnight. But, as I thought through what he said to me, I realized he was right. Slowly, I did change without even realizing it. I can’t say I was ever happy at that job, but I came to accept it was where I was meant to be at the time. I found a place of peace, and I’m sure my attitude reflected it. 

I continued sending resumes out for my dream job. And very soon after that shift, I got two offers. It was the universe’s way of rewarding me for putting out positive energy. It’s a lesson I’ll never forget, I remember even more fervently in difficult times. 

The world is in an unprecedented situation right now. We’re all filled with uncertainty. We are scared (at least I am.) We’re worried about our futures and how long the COVID-19 scare will last. Weeks? Months? The rest of the year? No one knows. I look to the stars every month to see what’s in store for myself and all of you, but some things can’t be answered with exacting degrees.

Here’s what I do know. A lot of you have extra time right now. You might be working from home – saving you commute time. You might have less work, be temporarily out of work, or you might even be laid off. 

If you have extra time, use it! Put your positive energy into the world. If you have a hobby you’ve always wanted to try, do it now! If you’ve got a reading list a mile long, grab the first book, and start reading. If you’re running a business, THIS IS YOUR TIME. Work on those YouTube videos. Get that website going. Put together that free gift for your mailing list. 

I also realize that not everyone has extra time right now. If you’re working in healthcare, a grocery store, or one of the many other essential services…Bless You! We need you now more than ever. Know that you are where the universe needs you to be, fulfilling our greatest needs. The world can’t thank you enough.  

This craziness will eventually end. Things go back to a new normal.  You will have traveled a journey to be proud of. Let it feed your soul. No matter what your next project or endeavor is in life, know that you have done what so many could not have. And you now have that power to channel into the future you design.

We design our own futures. With every day, with every action, and with every thought.

Now, what thoughts and actions will you take today to make the future you’re dreaming about?

Love and blessings,



The Health and Well-Being Report is an insightful astrology report with tips about diet, exercise and healing modalities. This wonderful report helps you identify and transform imbalances of energy and negative emotional patterns. As well as discover ways to boost your self-esteem. And discover renewed energy and purpose. 







My New Year’s Wish for You

Happy New Year and Decade! I hope that you had a wonderful holiday season and were able to ring in the new year in the way you love.

My New Year’s plans included a festive time with friends and family on New Year’s Eve. But on New Year’s Day, I spent a few hours reflecting. This is a tradition for me. Here’s what I do: 

I look through my planner for the past year and look at various meetings, events, and outings. 

I take some time to reflect. I think about what went well. I also spend time thinking about what I could have done better. Honestly, I probably spend MORE time thinking about the things I could have done better. 

It is in our “failures” that we learn the most. I don’t like the word failure. Failure is just another word for opportunity, right?

My next step is to commit to change. Then I MAKE A PLAN. Change never comes by dreaming about it. It comes from hard work and discipline

It doesn’t matter if you want to quit smoking, find a life partner, or expand your business. It all comes down to making a plan and executing. In fact, I can tell who will succeed and who will fail by how much discipline they have in working towards their goals. 

A lot of people see discipline as a form of work – or even punishment! There is no magic pill for success. I’ve got no magic wand for my YouTube channel. BUT I can tell you this: 

Being disciplined is the most freeing thing in the world. 

Really! Working hard…really hard…means I’m meeting my goals. It means I’ve got the financial freedom that I can pay my bills, buy myself some beautiful things, and take care of those I love. And, I can do this all without going into a boring office. Or working on things that don’t matter to me.

See what I mean? Discipline gave me the ultimate freedom!

The next time you’re procrastinating, you want to ask yourself why. Chances are the task isn’t aligned with your true desire. Or maybe you’re just not seeing the connection. 

Here’s my New Year’s wish for all of you: I wish you discipline. If you have that, everything else is just over the horizon!

To your success!





I’m about to offer two more FREE YouTube webinars. Winter is the perfect time to FOCUS on yourself. There are far fewer distractions then there are in summer.  So why not stop by and learn about how YouTube can build or grow a business, and how it can help YOU find financial freedom the way I did. Can you imagine how it would feel if you could leave that dull day job behind?

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I’m not going to keep asking you to join us. As I know that some of you have no interest in YouTube. Totally cool. I still love you. But for those of you that do, now is the time to TAKE ACTION. And move in a new direction because it’s exactly what 2020 is asking of all of us. So JOIN ME and we’ll speak soon. 

There is no spell to cast for success

I get asked all the time how to start a business. How to grow a business. How to become successful doing what you love. The truth is, there is no magic pill. There is no spell to be cast. I’ve got no secret weapons that I deployed to grow my channel, courses, and business.  

You know what I do have? A passion for helping people, a desire to learn, and a whole lot of determination. 

These are the traits that separate successful people from those that are still struggling. This is GOOD NEWS! It means that if you haven’t yet reached your goals. YOU CAN! Anybody can! 

So, if you want to start or grow a business. You want to help people. Simple enough, right? You might want to help them clean their carpets. Or you might want to help them manage their finances. When you boil it down, it’s all the same. Helping people is your bottom line. No matter what your business.

Next, you have to know HOW to help them. Sure, you need to know how to clean carpets well. But you also need to know how to MARKET yourself. and how to buy the right equipment to do the job.  

If no one knows you exist. you’re not helping them. If you show up and don’t have the right tools. You’re not helping them. Helping people isn’t just about solving their problems. Helping your customers is about being good at running your business. 

Now comes the key. 

You don’t want to look at marketing as a big, scary task. You want to look at it as finding your ideal client so you can HELP them. Don’t get bogged down trying to find the best cleaning machine. Don’t throw up your hands because you’re not good at mechanical stuff. It’s just another facet of helping your client. And you can handle it!

With this subtle mind shift, things get a lot less daunting. And a lot easier to manage. Try to see your product or service from the customers point of view. Frame your marketing in a way that speaks DIRECTLY to them.

The first question that people ask is, “What’s in it for me?” This is human nature. How are you going to help me? Are you going to solve my problem? Are you going to teach me something new? Are you going to make me laugh and see the lighter side of life? See where I am going with this? Walk a mile in the shoes of your ideal client. Empathy is a key ingredient to your marketing success. The market (your tribe) will tell you what they want from you. Your job is to listen to their feedback and then act upon it.

So, next time you’re not sure how to do something. Or what you need to do next. Do what I do: JUST DIVE IN! Take a few bites out of that elephant each day. And acknowledge your wins big or small each day.

Google is your friend! There are Facebook groups and message boards for every topic under the sun. There are local networking clubs. You can find YouTube videos on every subject you can think of. And some you would never have dreamed of! There are also training sites like Udemy and LinkedIn Learning. 

Did you know there is a Facebook group dedicated to people who use Wix to blog? There’s another for running Google Ads. There’s one for dry cleaner owners, for massage therapists, and Etsy sellers. And for just about anything you can think of. And, most of them are free to join. If it’s free. it’s for me. One of my favorite sayings! These groups are filled with experts. Who are ready to share their knowledge about the industry and the lessons that they’ve learned along the way. This is good news! YAY!

The next time you don’t know how to do something. I challenge you to dig in and find out. Do the research work. Eliminate distractions from your life.  And master your craft. Become the best at what you do!

 It doesn’t matter if it’s something big or just a little thing. Google it! Search it on YouTube! Reach out on a Facebook Group. Or find a message board that specializes in that topic.

Now, you do need to know some limits. For instance, if you know nothing about websites. You might want to hire a web developer. BUT once that website is built and you need a quick picture change? Google “updating a Wix picture” (or WordPress, or Shopify…) You’ll be amazed at the resources out there. Just waiting for you.  

Your willingness to learn and your pure DETERMINATION to find out is what will separate you from the dreamers. 

I promise, every time you learn something new. You’ll be super-proud of yourself. As you ought to be! This is how you grow fast and work smart. 

Now, what have you been struggling with lately? Go research that RIGHT NOW!




Your wish is my command…

I recently spoke to my dear followers and students about the importance of being impeccable with your word and always speaking with integrity. It’s important to only to say what you mean and mean what you say. You want to use the power of your words in the direction of TRUTH and LOVE. This includes in your own direction. I was recently told by my coach that my mission is to teach people how to love themselves properly. You can say that you love yourself, but when you neglect your self-care – that is work too hard and don’t get enough rest, or if you tolerate another’s disrespectful behavior – that is not proper self-love.

Everything you say has a vibration and a ripple effect. It’s made more significant by the energy and emotion you put behind it. You may have heard of the “I Am” principle. 

Every time you use the words “I Am.” you’re quoting the name of God. This is your Highest Self. Every time you say, “I Am,” you are creating your life and yourself.

You are truly extraordinary and capable of creating anything you want in your life. 

I often get asked questions about what can be manifested: 

“Can I manifest my soulmate?” 

“Can I manifest a new car?”

“Can I manifest a better job with double the income?” 

The answer is always, “Yes!” Yes, to everything! 

It does require that you are ready for what you ask for. That you are in vibrational alignment with it. And, you always want to say what you want aloud and as if you already have it.

“Thank you, universe, for the soulmate now in my life.”

“Thank you, universe, for my beautiful new car.” 

“Thank you, universe, for doubling my income.” 

See where I am going with this? When you say it this way, you are letting the universe know that you ready to receive what your heart desires. You’re always co-creating with the universe and manifesting your thoughts and beliefs into reality. This is why you want to be purposeful and intentional.

“Purpose and intention can be the foundation of satisfaction. When you choose the way to go and then get there.
Surely be proud of what you have accomplished.” –Ivo, Lisa Dorr

This can cause some people a lot of anxiety. They think that if they stop being positive for a minute or have a bad day, that they’ll start manifesting bad or difficult situations and circumstances into their lives. The universe doesn’t work like that. Merely having a negative thought won’t bring negative circumstances. It’s when you believe in those negative thoughts and put energy behind them, that those negative circumstances can manifest. If you have a negative thought and start to feel bad, choose a new thought. Take a walk. Distract yourself with something else. Don’t feed the beast.

Your subconscious mind creates from your inner beliefs. It works like a Genie in the bottle. Your wish is my command! Your subconscious mind believes what you program into it. That’s why mantras work. But, it’s not enough to say positive things. You have to follow through with action. You can do this by being kind to yourself.

Simply saying you believe something won’t make it manifest. Unless you genuinely have faith, that you deserve it and expect it with excitement and gratitude. When you program your conscious mind to be in a place of love. “I Am Love.” You’ll manifest love. You’ll attract love to you. And this empowers you to spread your LIGHT and warmth to others. This starts with loving you.  

You know the old saying, as you sew, sew shall you reap. That’s the law of attraction! 

It can be hard to wrap your mind around accumulating massive wealth or having the freedom to do the things you want.  Because you have yet to reach that level in your financial life.  

Back with your Genie in the bottle. You can program your subconscious mind to accept your new truths. This is where “I Am” affirmations can come in handy. Once you say a statement often. Your subconscious mind goes to work. It will accept them as truth. And your manifestations will begin to arrive quickly and with ease. This also works great to say what you desire right before you go to sleep. This way you can sleep on it and let your subconscious do the work. When you awake, write down what comes to mind. Think positive thoughts about what you want. Speak with purpose. And speak with clarity to ensure that your life is always filled with joy and love. 

While brief negative thoughts won’t instantly manifest bad things into your life, you want to avoid speaking against yourself.  It’s normal to have a bad day. And, it’s totally okay to feel those emotions when they do come up. But try not to linger on them. Love you more.

And this holds true for what you say about others too. You’re actually saying and wishing for yourself. The reason is that your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between you speaking about yourself or someone else. It takes everything in as truth about YOU. This is why there is no such thing as No. In an attraction-based universe where we live. Because everything means YES come to me.

This is why gratitude and forgiveness practices are significant. It’s not so much that you must forgive someone who has hurt you, but that you forgive another for your own peace of mind. It’s not to let your guard down. You forgive yourself for having to go through the painful experience. This way you will let go of the negative emotions that difficult situations create because they can lower your vibration and block your abundance. And abundance is your birthright. Thank you, universe, for the abundance that is mine. 

You are always creating with the universe. To use your gifts and share your light is to create consciously with God. It is your spiritual power. You were put on this planet for this! There is literally nothing you can’t have, do, or be. And you want to be intentional. 

This is why I started the Kelley Rosano Academy. I believe so much in the power of the Law of Attraction. And that you CAN be ANYTHING you set your mind too. I’m living proof of that! That you too can reinvent yourself. I knew very little about YouTube when I started my channel. But I believed that I was on the right path. And so, I made my way.  

Now, I want to help YOU make your way. So, I’ve created the YouTube Insiders. Where I will take you on a journey with me inside YouTube. And you will learn some of the best YouTube secrets. You can sign up here for our free Webinar on August 1. And I will see you there!

Here’s to your awesome abundance,