Extreme Self-Care Program

You can download The Extreme Self-Care Program here: PC-A Extreme Self-Care Program

“There are four steps to completing the Extreme Self Care Program.™

Step 1: Answer each question. Give yourself credit for completing each item. Be a tough grader. Don’t go for the points, go for the truth. However, if the item does not fit for you, doesn’t apply or you don’t agree with it, please just re-word or change the item so it does work for you.

Step 2: Summarize each section. Add up the number of checked boxes in each of the 10 sections and write those amounts where indicated, at the end of each section. Then add up all 10 sections and write the current total in the box/area located at the beginning of this program. The max score is 100.

Step 3: Color in the Progress Chart on the front page. If you have nine checks filled in under the Stress Elimination section, for example, color in the bottom nine boxes of column one of the Progress Chart, and so on. Or you can fill in the boxes that “match” the statement you get credit for.

Step 4: Keep playing until all squares are filled in. You can do it! This process may take 30 or 360 days, but you can achieve a perfect score on the Extreme Self Care Program. Use your coach or a friend to assist you. And update once a year.


Date Points (+/-) Score

Extreme Self-Care Program 100-Point Checklist

# A B C D E F G H I J
Give yourself credit as you get points from the 100-point program. Fill in columns from the bottom up.

Living in today’s world places many demands on your body, mind, heart and spirit. The purpose of this program is to guide you as you focus on yourself in order to strengthen your balance, wellness and quality of life. The key word in the program title is Extreme. Everyone has their own way of working this program, so please adapt it to meet your needs.

The Extreme Self Care Program™ consists of 100 items which, when completed, will likely result in emotional and physical balance for you. The 10 areas of the program are:

• Stress Elimination
• Environment/Family
• Pleasure
• Health and Emotional Balance
• Special Care Items
• Support/Experts
• Ingestion
• Appearance
• Sustainability
• Daily Rituals
A. Stress Elimination
Note that the section title is Stress Elimination not Stress Reduction.

Number of circles checked (10 max)
If my job, business or profession is harming me and I can’t seem to make it completely stress-free, I have quit, sold it or am changing professions.

I have made a list of the 10 promises that I have made to others that are causing me stress, even if it’s stress that I can handle.

I have revoked all 10 of these promises and have worked something out.

I have identified the three primary sources (people, roles, expectations of others) of my current stress.

I have completely eliminated these three items.

I have cut out most volunteer activities, unless they directly support all of my life. I have a house cleaner.
Someone else runs my errands.

All bills, paper and administrative tasks have been outsourced and are electronically handled and/or I have an assistant who handles everything administratively, automatically.

Any legal, tax or financial clouds or problems have been completely resolved.

B. Environment/Family
We are such a product of our environment. And, we have the option of designing and educating our environment(s) to be exactly what’s best for us.

Number of boxes checked (10 max)
I live in a nurturing home environment. My computer is backed up, weekly.
My pets (if any) add energy to my life.

My spouse (if any) adds energy to my life. My children (if any) add energy to my life.
There is absolutely no clutter/messes in or around my home or office.

Everything is fully and properly organized and filed in my home and office. (Everything!) I’m fully aware of every aspect of my physical environment and draw energy from it.
I fully respond to my environment. If something goes wrong, I quickly learn from the experience and immediately grow.

If I don’t like something, I fix it, now.
C. Pleasure
You know what makes you feel great, so please write down your top ten favorite personal, whimsical, intellectual and entertainment pleasures below

Number of boxes checked (10 max)
D. Health And Emotional Balance
The list below contains physical and emotional wellness steps

Number of boxes checked (10 max)
I have “given up” the future; I am living in the here and now and I am not chasing anything. I have complete physical exams every one to three years.
I have had a complete blood testing work-up and discussed the results with a licensed nutritionist.

I exercise three to seven times a week for at least 30 minutes, even if I have to hire a trainer to keep me on track.

If I react to others or to problems, I have gotten to the source of the emotional reaction. I have excellent posture, move naturally and my body is well balanced and integrated.
If I am not eating perfectly, I have arranged nutritionally correct prepared food to be delivered twice weekly.

I am calm. I am adrenaline-free.

I have arranged to be lovingly touched or held several times per week, each time for as long as I need it.

I know what motivates me.
E. Special Care Items
On the lines below, please write in the special needs or wants that you have that you haven’t seen elsewhere in this program. Use your imagination and, of course, be very, very selfish

Number of boxes checked (10 max)
F. Support/Experts
Extreme Self Care is made possible by the investment you make in all areas of your life and also the investment you make in the services of experts

Number of boxes checked (10 max)
I am working with a Personal Coach who has a track record of helping others practice Extreme Self Care and who walks the talk.

I have worked with a chiropractor or similar who has removed any energy blocks. I have been Rolfed, or similar.
If needed or beneficial, I am in therapy with an expert in my area of primary concerns.

I have been to a dermatologist and had the skin on every part of my body thoroughly examined.

I have a supportive relationship with God (or the equivalent for you). I am expertly massaged twice a month.
I have a friend or family member who is always a source of unconditional support and love for me.

If I have money concerns or problems, I have worked them out completely, using an expert or team of experts.

I have a Rolodex of 100 experts that I can call on for assistance (see the Team 100 checklist for a list of 100 experts).

G. Indigestion
Open mouth, insert Extreme Self Care.

Number of boxes checked (10 max)
I drink at least 1/2 gallon of spring water each day.

I take time-release Vitamin C (500-1000 mg) daily, if recommended. I take odorless garlic daily.
I do not smoke.

I rarely drink alcohol or use drugs. I do not use caffeine.
I have eliminated most meat and dairy (if medically appropriate for you) from my diet. I take a nutritionist-recommended multivitamin daily.
I rarely eat sugar.

I treat my body as the temple that it is.
H. Appearance
Extreme Self Care includes the outside part of you, not just the inside

Number of boxes checked (10 max)
I have tossed every single article of clothing that does not make me look great. My hair is styled and/or colored exactly as I most like it.
I have my nails professionally manicured.

I have had my colors done and my wardrobe colors flatter my skin tone.

If I want/need hair removed, I am seeing a licensed electrolysis expert (or similar).

I’ve had a hair transplant/weave or similar if I am sensitive about the amount of hair I have. I have (or give myself) facials at least monthly.
I only wear great shoes.

My body is in excellent shape, toned and exercised regularly. I am proud of my body. My teeth look great and I smile broadly at every opportunity.”

—– Coach University


7 thoughts on “Extreme Self-Care Program”

  1. I love you Kelly.I think you must work so hard at your craft and help others.I am a failure on every level and my health is horrible every day a new pain a new problem.Arguments and joylessness abound here in crazy town.This has been going on for 32+ yrs and no amount of prayer candles baths anything has helped.I keep trying.Taurus 5/4/57 gang stalking,bankruptcy family loss sickness we’ve got it bad.I will try this “game” Wish it was in a printable format for scoring That part is unclear.Peace and love Sandra

  2. Sandra, your comment has a lot of negative statements in it about your life. What you think is what you create. You seem to want to try, so if you don’t mind me making a suggestion, maybe try some hypnotherapy with EFT to help change your thought patterns first then life coaching to help turn your life around. Hope it helps

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  4. Hi, I love my life. 85% of the statements are true for me! I have to quit smoking and I have started going to the gym 3 times a week for 30 minutes. I feel better. Even change my diet!! I am going to find a service to deliver food to my home. I think this will help! I love cleaning and had a cleaner years ago, but will continue to clean myself. Thanks for the statements.


  5. Hello Kelley! Just want to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for both the great writings to my email address & your You Tube monthly readings! I am a faithful subscriber & reader! Also, I am an April Fool’s (Aries Baby Aries!) & full of new ideas all the time…but few that come to fruition because of either fear or procrastination. BUT…following advice here & not making new plans until June 29th but instead have started already “cleaning house” both figuratively and literally, house-wise & Spirit-wise…and its working & moving forward….inch-by-inch-by-inch… I am getting organized so as to be ready for a new life! SO… THANK YOU AGAIN!! You are a great inspiration and full of vim & vigor…keep up the great work you are doing! PS…I really do miss your singing 🙂 !!

  6. Hi Kelly. I listen to you as often as possible. In the past 5+ years my life has been a whirlwind of so many negatives that I have tried to push away so I can finally live a life of positivity in love, relationships, financials and most importantly within my self love. Those positive outcomes are usually short lived and banished when the negatives that I have pushed out try to weasel their way back in bringing their anchors that weigh me and others down. This is a constant battle that is faced more often than I desire in my life. These anchors are the people whom I gave birth to and raised to live with good morals and values, only to see them personally destroying their lives with drugs. Which then they want others to help them. Which I did and have, but I decided to let go because their weight was too much. Now I share a home with a man who I have found it hard to stay on a healthy path with. With November and December readings, it looks like the Love sector will be getting better. I am not sure if this applies to who I am with currently or someone new. All I know is it will take a miracle to give me hope to continue on a journey with this man. It will take a BIG miracle for both my children to see the light. I just want to run away and take care of myself. It seems to be the only way to prevent these anchors from coming into my life and weighing me down. I know I am being selfish. But, I may take the easy way out if it comes to that. I’d love to pay for your services, but at this time, the cost is way beyond my reach. Until a day comes when I can seek your council, I will continue to listen to your videos that you have graciously shared with the world. Thank you for sharing your teachings and giving hope. You are a gem. Blessings to you. In love and light ~Rebecca Locher~

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