Money WebinarLearn about your money planets and money houses. Learn how to align with the Law of Attraction and receive.   Kelley uses astrology, money and attraction principles as part of this program. This is an amazing program.  

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This is an awesome program with amazing information for you financial empowerment.


“New Money Questionnaire

Read the questions for insight into your personal finances.

  • Do you self-achieving?
  • Do you visualize your self achieving something bigger than what you are currently doing?
  • Do you save money every month?
  • Do you invest at least some of your money directly in the stock mark either through mutual funds, 401 (k), or individual stocks?
  • Do you shop before you buy most items, especially big-ticket items?
  • Do you take care of your home or apartment, performing regular maintenance, as well as repairs?
  • Do you perform regular maintenance on your car and other expensive items?
  • Do you pay off your credit cards each month?
  • Are you comfortable buying used big-ticket items such as cars and appliances?
  • Have you ever start ed your own business?
  • Do you have insurance protection for your family members and /or business?
  • Have you ever estimated how much money you would need to produce enough income to cover your current expenses?
  • Do you measure the performance results of your port folio at least yearly?
  • Do you maximize contributions to retirement plans such as 401 (k) or IRA?
  • Is your mortgage payment/rent payment more than 20 % of your monthly income?
  • Do you spend less than you make?
  • Have you ever read book s on building wealth, or an autobiography of someone who is wealthy?
  • Do you own a business now that produces a positive net income?
  • Have you ever work ed all night or more than 24 hour s on a project?
  • Do you pay your taxes on time every year?”—  by Kenneth Abrams


Learn about your money planets and money houses.

  Attitude is Everything!

Are you ready to receive the abundance that is yours?

What beliefs are holding you back?


The Top 10 Ways to Tap Into the Flow of Prosperity and Success

”1. Acknowledge that you are a wonderful and valuable human being.
How do you think things would change if you truly believed you had OUTSTANDING VALUE to contribute? Guess what? You do! What we believe about ourselves is the most powerful determining factor of our success.

  1. Let go of what others expect, or what you think others expect.
    Success brings on great expectations, doesn’t it? Don’t be afraid to succeed
    because someone might expect you to do it again, or now has higher standards
    “for you.” Focusing on what others think only fuels our fear of success. You
    are the only one you need to make happy.
  2. Accept your weaknesses, and operate from your strengths.
    Just that. If your biggest weakness is your oversensitivity…take a look at
    how that has been your greatest strength. It has. Choose to operate from this
    strength. What’s yours?
  3. Celebrate the success of others.
    Our fears of success can oftentimes be fueled by the success of others around
    us. We are reminded of what we are not doing. We become jealous and envious, but
    that just jams up our own flow of prosperity. Celebrating the success of others
    takes you one step further to being able to truly celebrate your own successes,
    versus hiding from them or fearing failure.
  4. Stop substituting “wishing” for “doing.”
    Wishing for success tricks us into thinking, we are not afraid of failure or
    success. It makes us feel like we are “doing” when we actually are not. Do not
    get me wrong, visualizing our success is a wonderful tool; just do not be
    caught up in “wishing” without action. Consistent action taken toward your goal
    will eventually get you there.
  5. Give up perfectionism.
    Perfectionism goes hand in hand with fear of success and failure. We feel in
    order to succeed we must be perfect. As perfectionists, we ensure that we will
    NEVER be satisfied with who we are–we know there is no real state of being
    perfect. Perfection only exists where fault does not. So then, we must
    constantly be in search for our faults. Giving up perfectionism means we would see the good in our lives, versus the faults, and what a success that would be!
  1. Identify what the expensive benefit (the racket) is – when you choose to sabotage your success.
    Everything we do has a benefit. The sooner we discover what the expensive
    benefit is in sabotaging our successes, the closer we are to learning from it
    and moving on. Sometimes we just get to “be right,” and prove something about
    ourselves we believe to be true even if it is negative. Our subconscious mind will do the work and make sure that success does not happen.
  2. Practice being in control of your attitude and belief system.
    We reap what we sow. Our consistent thought becomes our reality. When you
    decide to move toward your visions planting a positive, successful self-image,
    you will manifest success in your life. Plant fear and scarcity and that is
    what you will get!
  3. Understand that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.
    Always ask yourself…”what am I supposed to be learning right now?”
  4. Give yourself permission to prosper!
    Think about what success and prosperity mean to you. What do you think about
    successful people? What is your belief system? Do you believe successful people are rotten…or the “rich get richer” mentality? If you have a negative belief
    about success, prosperity or wealth you may be driving with you brakes on. You
    need to examine that belief system, reframe your thinking, and accept the flow
    of prosperity in your life.” – Coach University