Solar Eclipse in Cancer

On July 21-22, 2009 we have a total eclipse of the Sun in Cancer at 29 degrees the end of the astrological sign. This Cancer eclipse is also a New Moon in Cancer the second one in thirty-days. To boot, it is also a SuperMoon (closest proximity to Earth).

Magnetizing us to embrace our feminine nature, create the balance between the male and female polarity, bring to “conscious awareness” and heal that which is driving us unconsciously (fear, unworthiness, insecurities and addictions). The cosmic intention– be more empowered, healthy and whole.

The universal message for this sensitive Cancer Eclipse is to make friends with change.  Change is our friend and not the enemy to be feared.  What does your heart tell you? What is begging to be born in your life? Your success is not determined by how much money you have or by the things that you own.  Your success is measured by how much joy you possess. What is your joy quotient? In fact, the less stuff you own the lighter you are. The less debt we have the lighter we are.  The lighter we are, the more spiritually free we are to create a joyful life and recreate Self as desired. In the words of the enchanting Dr. Wayne Dyer: “Excuses Begone!”  Only you can free you from your self-imposed limitations.  Who were you born to be?

Lucky strike Uranus is blessing this Solar Eclipse in Cancer by creating a harmonious energy flow with both the Sun and the Moon. Uranus empowers us to make the necessary changes needed to live a more fulfilling life.   Uranus challenges the rigid structures in our lives that most people work so hard to build. Many folks value regularity and predictability so greatly they are willing to sacrifice their personal happiness.  Yes, leaving outgrown relationships/jobs and bad health habits behind can raise insecurities and stretch us right out of our comfort zones. Yet, is your freedom and happiness not worth fighting for? Can we really have a passionate life and passionate relationships if we are playing it small?

On the other hand, life was intended to be confrontational between yourself and the world.  This is how we inject new life into our veins and keep our life fresh and exciting.  Challenges are what make us grow, evolve and develop greater Self-mastery.  Stability is overrated.  Stability can make people complacent and fragile. Today’s mantra could be “S/he who is most flexible wins.”  The less resistant we are to the changes occurring, the easier our life will get. The more resistant we are to change, the more difficult everything becomes.

The good news is that this is a very friendly Solar Eclipse. We have the positive energy flowing from Uranus to both the Sun and the Moon. We can make constructive changes more easily at this time.  We can gain “conscious control” over of our habits, behaviors and attitudes that need a readjustment.  Welcome the energy of change; even if you are feeling lost and insecure. It is normal to have these feelings, when we are transforming into a new way of being.  We can get comfortable in the uncomfortability of our changes.  Embrace your Uranus (unique, eccentric, genius, gifts, talents, insights and intuition).  What are your unique ways of being?  Celebrate what makes you different.  Uranus loves to surprise us, open our minds, and expand our consciousness; to behold the plethora of abundance, and serendipity surrounding us.  You will be successful now in every way you reach out to encounter new experiences. Do not allow conservatism or insecurity to deprive you of this great opportunity.  “Your work is to go forth into this physical environment looking for things that are a vibrational match to joy, connecting to Source Energy, and then following with the inspired action.”-Abraham

The Sun roars into Leo the lion just a few hours after this sweet Solar Eclipse. Is it time for you to roar like a lion? Are you ready to find your voice? What is begging for self-expression? Do what encourages your creativity and Self-expression. Take your inner child and outer children on a vacation or a staycation, play, dance, sing and laugh tons. Until the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse on August 6th, may your life be amazing filled with magic and wonder, joy and laughter, and above all else-love.

Love and positive expansion,

Kelley Rosano

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