Winds of Change

The Winds of Change are carrying abrupt beginnings for many folks these days.  If you have recently been laid off or perhaps you are moving out of a bad relationship these are some of the signs that the universe can be taking you to a more fruitful and productive place.  What still makes my head shake in wonder is why some people would stay in a relationship with a person who does not love them?  I mean, if you are married or with a partner who is abusive and not interested in your wishes, wants and needs. Why are you sticking around?  Honestly, I would not spend one day with a man who did not love me.  I would not spend one day in a job I hated.  If economics was my reasoning, I would practice religiously on my exit strategy.  Make friends with change. Change is our friend even when it occurs abruptly. All together now, ready set, let’s go; time to hit the reset button on your life and realign with your original soul intentions.

In the bigger picture, we are all being pulled through the eye of the needle. This may require your eye of the tiger for successful navigation. We cannot take our 3D behavior into the 4D which is fast approaching in 2012*.  Yes, life can feel scary when we must make bold moves, dig deep inside and find our courage, break free of the limiting behavior, and get unstuck.   Reset your life and reinvent yourself.“When people thought the world was flat, it wasn’t that their thinking was distorted, (The data that they were collecting gave them that information.) it was that they were not broadsighted enough to step back far enough to see the big picture. And that’s what we see with so many of you: You are so close to the reality that you are creating, that you sometimes can’t see the bigger picture.” –Abraham-Hicks

We need to be willing to go through the fires of hell for our liberation and our freedom. In other words, you can’t be afraid of things getting a little bloody.  Meaning if you have to let go of relationships, a job, real-estate, a belief—Let It Go.  It will bleed a lot less if the universe doesn’t have to rip these things out of our hands.   Abrupt endings are abrupt beginnings. Whenever something ends—a job, a relationship, a house something new always follows. We are eternal beings. Even when we transition this life, we move on to our next life. Death is the final illusion in our physical realm.  The next few years are requiring an enormous acceleration of growth. We can either choose the light, move forward riding the winds of change to our right-living, right-relationships, and right-livelihood. Or we can choose not to grow or move and stay put. Instead, continue to be miserably where we are and spiral down.  If you are trying to standstill then you are in truth decelerating. 2012 is less than a year and half away, we are either on the train to the fifth dimension or we are making our bed here in the duality of 3D consciousness.

Right now the heavens are aligning with powerful changes and no one will be exempt from the Ascension process.  Our money can’t insulate us. Our relationships can’t save us from that gut-wrenching-emotionally-raw feelings screaming our way of life and living are being transformed before our very eyes. This is a wondrous soul liberating adventure we are embarking on, starting with the Full Moon Capricorn Lunar Eclipse Tuesday 7/7/09.

We are taking care of business now in the Capricorn/Cancer polarity.  The highest manifestation of Capricorn is excellence in leadership, integrity, honor, commitment, tenacity, perseverance, and loyalty.  The perversion of Capricorn—is the need to be right, winning at all costs, criticism, condemnation and judgment.  It is our free will choice to choose the higher path or the ego path of negativity/duality.  Cancer’s highest path is embodied by beloved Kuan Yin, who is the Mother Mary in the eastern traditions. Kuan Yin is the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. Cancer too is compassion, love, abundance, fruitful, understanding, the great mother to all life forms.  The perversion of Cancer—is self-pity, the victim, martyrdom, indecision, and self-justification. We all have Cancer/Capricorn aspects of Self in our natal charts and in our lives.  We can choose to be compassionate with Self and others and not compromise our integrity (Capricorn). Eclipses are the most powerful of all transits they call us to transform = “to change form.” Depending where the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse falls in your natal chart and the aspects it makes to your natal planets, will determine what area of your life is most being activated for the next six months.  Calling your soul to grow, shift, change and demonstrate greater Self-mastery.   In order to Ascend and be an Ascended Master, we must walk the path of initiation and gain greater Self-mastery over our emotions, astrology, behavior and life.

The Age of Aquarius is the age of the woman.  I don’t mean we are demoting men in the next two thousand year cycle of Aquarius.  What this means is that the woman and her seed (children) are being restored to health, well-being and vitality throughout the planet. For the past four-thousand years, we have seen a great imbalance on our planet. We have worshiped Mars (all things male) at the expense of women, children and planet.  We have worshiped weaponry, war, machinery, achievement, action, and to be mostly human-doings.  In truth, we are androgynous beings, i.e., men are masculine on the outside and feminine on the inside. Women are feminine on the outside and masculine on the inside.  For far too long we have been at war with ourselves, each other and our beloved planet.  If we desire peace in our world we must first be at peace within Self.  Being in a love/hate relationship with Self is why most people only experience love/hate relationships—The Law of Attraction. If we want to be in a loving relationship, we must first love Self.  You cannot attract a loving partner, if you are internally at war with Self, hate yourself or speak unworthiness.

The Age of Aquarius will restore a balance to our relationships and our planet.  Male is not better than female. Female is not better than male.  One needs the other for wholeness, balance, prosperity, joy and love. Twin Flames are an equal opposite male/female polarity the “tai chi” spinning infinitely in love.  God is both male and female—Alpha and Omega our Father/Mother God are Twin Flames in love.  Religion has skewed this truth for thousands of years making God only male.  Hence, men created religion not God, Source, Creator. We were created in the image of God. Do children look like their parents?  As we cycle through Cancer, let us pay homage to the goddess, and restore her rightful place in our choice for healthy living. Practice being still, peaceful, practice self-love, self-care, nourish and nurture you. We can be kind, patient and present for Self and others.  Love your inner child (soul).  “Reduce your workload by 30% and increase your fun load by 30% and you will increase your revenues by 100%. And you will increase your productivity by 10,000%. (If there could be such a percentage.) More fun, less struggle — more results on all fronts.”— Abraham

Your creativity, inspiration and ingenious breakthroughs come from many feminine attributes—play time, resting, relaxing, dreaming, listening, waiting, receiving and being. “What-is has no bearing on what is coming unless you are continually regurgitating the story of what is. By thinking and speaking more of how you really want your life to be, you allow what you are currently living to be the jumping-off place for so much more. But if you speak predominantly of what-is, then you still jump off —but you jump off into more of the same.” –Abraham-Hicks

So why not ditch reality and tell a different story?  Tell everyone and yourself how you want your life to be. I will be back in two weeks for the Total Cancer Solar Eclipse on July 21-22, 2009.  Until then, may your life be beautiful, filled with joy, love and laughter!

Love and positive expansion,

Kelley Rosano

*By December of 2012 Gaia and Her People Are

Moving from Third Dimensional (3D) Karma/Consciousness:
·         Ego driven leadership
·         Profit and growth at the expense of people and planet
·         Karmic relationships
·         Karmic jobs/careers
·         Lack consciousness
·         Poverty consciousness
·         Crisis consciousness
·         Addiction to drama

.         Right Fighting

.         I win you loose

.        Only my religion is right

Moving into Fourth Dimensional (4D) Karma/Consciousness:
·         Twin Flames and soul mate relationships
·         Prosperity consciousness
·         Right livelihood, right living, and right relationships
·         Health, well-being and vitality
·         Peace consciousness
·         Spirituality

.         I win/you win

.        Truth, beauty, freedom, and love

.        Cooperation

.        Compassion

.        Respect for all peoples and their choice of worship for Creator

4 thoughts on “Winds of Change”

  1. Dear Kelley
    Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!
    Loved your newsletter once again…..It was so good this morning to
    wake up to your words….
    You are a wonderful person and I aspire to everything you write.
    I have found someone who has helped me realise how wonderful it feels to have freedom, free will, love, compassion and all really wonderful feelings without fear which I had buried for so long
    Here’s to being positive and laughter and self love
    Love Carrie

  2. Dear Kelley,
    I hope you had a beautiful 4th of July Holiday! I am on an Abraham Hicks high, watching all their DVD’s and reading their books – and it was all spurred on by you. I feel Law of Attraction drew me to you, and to this wonderful new expansion occurring within me. I can’t thank you enough for that.

    I would love to have another session with you after my exam, when I applying to schools to get your advice and insight on how best to proceed in order to follow my destiny. Until then, I have your voice in my head guiding me to make positive and loving decisions – and I am ever so grateful!

    With Much Love,

  3. Jaymes Ian Woode

    I want to, once again, tell you how grateful I am that we did a session. You have helped me get over an emotional hump in my life and set my feet in motion, in the right direction. Before speaking with you, my energy was leaving me. I almost felt dead inside, though my heart was still beating. Your words of encouragement, enthusiasm, and your belief in me were new winds beneath my falling life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


    Jaymes Ian Woode

  4. Kelley’s willingess to answer my straight direct questions about very important areas in my life, although not easy to hear, now gives me a foresight, and therefore choice, of how I wish to address the challanges coming to me n the future. I find ths infomration helps me to remember I am in charge of the choices I make, with the attitude I carry, and the gifts I choose to gather in my learning arenas. It also reminds me that I can fight my old patterns and keep doing it the way I have unsuccessfully repeatedly tried, or I can stretch into what I learned is anti-normal and actually enjoy the unfolding of all the new treasures of being I collect and am gifted in. Kelly’s information is invaluable to my gong forth in strong, evolving joy,life and abundance.
    When we are all doing what we are meant to be doing, looking pretty at it is a breeze – that’s how I experience you, Kelley, a fresh, honest gently fiesty breeze. Thank you for your presence in ou life.

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