Twin, Soul & Karmic Mates

Twin Flames and Soul Mates always fascinates me to see what brings people together. Why are we drawn into relationships that have a certain destiny? Astrology reveals our psychology, spirituality, evolution, and astrology tells the story about karma and past lives, why we are attracted to specific people, our personal past-life patterns–personality and behavior are being acted out in the here and now.

Twin Flames or Soul Mates… is Yours a Karmic Relationship?

It always fascinates me to see what brings people together. Why are we drawn into relationships that have a certain destiny? Astrology reveals our psychology, spirituality, evolution, and astrology tells the story about karma and past lives, why we are attracted to specific people, our personal, past-life patterns (personality and behavior) are being acted out in the here and now.

In other words, time is an illusion your past and future lives are running simultaneously in the present. As an astrological intuitive, I see that no two people have identical astrology or past life history, not even twin flames.


What is a twin flame you may ask?

The term most often has been confused with that of soul mates the two are distinctly different. The greatest love story ever told is the one you have with your very own beloved twin flame. In the beginning, we were created in God (Alpha and Omega) in an ovoid white-fire-spirit-light, the soul was split just like the atom (Adam Kadman) into two identical parts (twin flames) each with the same identical soul blueprint. The tai-chi is a symbol of twin flames. Twin flames in love spiraling in infinity.

We then went forth from the Etheric realm (heaven) of God’s perfect light into denser levels of consciousness (the physical world). The actual saga of Adam and Eve is about twin flames, for we all have our own Adam and Eve story. Somewhere in cosmos, each one of us has our very own divine other, who carries either the feminine or masculine polarity.

This soul memory of our twin flame is so powerful, that we can feel very alone in this world, as we search for that promise of that original perfect love, the twin. No other love can compare to your own twin flame. Moreover, what I have seen with some clients in very difficult relationships choosing to suffer in agonizing pain, just to be with their twin flame.

The movies Somewhere in Time, The English Patient and Moulin Rouge are modern day examples of twin flame love. Twin flames throughout history and literature are seen as tragic love stories i.e., Cleopatra and Mark Anthony, Samson and Delilah. The dark forces of anti-love run rampant on planet earth, working to sabotage twin flames and keep them apart. Often twin flames do not have enough Self-mastery to maintain a healthy partnership. Thus, they seek solace with the next best alternative a soul mate.

Soul Mates are passionate friends of old

Soul mates and karmic relationships are the other two positions of partnership. Soul mates can create very happy marriages as they are working on similar soul initiations, life lessons, and projects in this life. Soul mates have been friends for lifetimes and may need each other in this life to satisfy a mission or complete a work. They may not experience the incredible, all-consuming, intense love dynamic as twin flames.

However, soul mates experience a calmer, more stable connection on the lines of a brother and a sister type rapport. This is not to say that they don’t experience chemistry and passion. It is the slow burn that lasts a lifetime. Not the all-consuming twin flame fire that can destroy lives. I find the very best marriages to be between soul mates they work very harmoniously together in business, raising children and contributing to the community. Soul mates make us feel happier, stronger and richer.

Karmic relationships and karmic debt

Karmic relationships are often confused with that of twin flames because they have the same intense attraction and emotional charge. The I can’t get you out of my head thing, mental obsession. My body will not stop desiring you, the compulsive sexual attraction. In truth, these are often symptoms of a tragic past life experience from a prior life. Your soul is offering you as a warning Not a green light to get involved.

Yet people often ignore or mistake their Inner Being voice and jump in full speed ahead, only to come out hurt, defeated and lost. I speak from personal and professional experience. Karmic relationships are where either the person owes you a karmic-debt or you owe them from a former life. The liaison ends when the debt is paid or when Spirit determines the time of opportunity to play the relationship out is up.

All relationships are for mutual growth and personal evolution. How can you tell if you are in a karmic relationship? No relationship is perfect, but if you feel like you need therapy as a result of being with this person, then this could be an indicator. Feeling drained emotionally, physically, and financially are all indicators of a karmic entanglement. If you feel like you are on a downward spiral and are losing income your relationships is karmic. Are you doing all the giving and your partner is doing all the taking? Look-out this may be a karmic entanglement.

We need to love Self more than the need for any relationship. You are having a relationship with You first. We need to be in a strong healthy relationship with Self in order to be healthy with another. The Age of Aquarius is the age of Twin Flames and Soul Mates coming together in love to anchor in our Golden Age. In truth, we are the forerunners of this Great Golden Age dawning. The power of love between twin flames and soul mates spreads out into our communities and their love heals us all.

Balance is the key in all successful relationships and how the universe works. There must be an equal amount of giving and receiving for a healthily balanced union. Successful relationships whether they are twin flames, soul mates or karmic relationships give and receive from each other creating a healthy balanced dynamic.

Twin Flames and Soul Mates always fascinates me to see what brings people together. Why are we drawn into relationships that have a certain destiny? Astrology reveals our psychology, spirituality, evolution, and astrology tells the story about karma and past lives, why we are attracted to specific people, our personal past-life patterns–personality and behavior are being acted out in the here and now.

Relationship Astrology Can Give You The Edge

Knowing your partner’s psychology, pathologies, strengths, weaknesses, and true nature from his or her natal astrology can prove incredibly helpful in determining if s/he can be in a healthy relationship with you. Love’s illusion can lead you blinded by the light of your own desire and not see the person for who they really are, what they are truly in your life to teach you, thus heartache can follow. Have you two been together in a previous life? Are you working out karmic issues from a previous life together? What roles have you played before with each other: husband and wife, siblings, parent/child or best friends?

Knowing the history can greatly help you in the present. What are the hurdles and bumps along the road of love for you? Can s/he give you what you need in partnership? Do you really know what you want in a relationship? Above all else, we must have a commitment to Self and Creator in order to understand who we uniquely are; from Self- awareness and strong personal foundation, we are better able to enter into healthy relationships with friends, family, lovers, and colleagues.

Instead of asking is this my soul mate? Why not ask, what does this relationship have to offer? What are our soul agreements? Does s/he bring out your personal best? Does s/he challenge you to grow and evolve? Is s/he interested in spiritual advancement? Is s/he an authentic reflection of you? Is s/he your highest complimentary partner? Or do you feel in your heart that “the one” for you is still out there?

Moreover, I have seen countless times when two individuals can have fabulous, harmonious relationship astrology; but if they have not yet worked through their personal issues, (natal astrology) and if they are not complete with their past, hence, possessing too much emotional baggage this will interfere with the ability for healthy relationship Now. As a result, s/he may not be available for the union in the way you desire.


There will always be challenges to every relationship, even if you are twin flames or soul mates. You may not have a soul agreement for a long-term partnership. This is why situations do not always pleasantly line up between two people who love each other. The relationship astrology is a powerful tool for you to understand how your relationship works on the most dynamic, intimate levels of body, mind, spirit, heart, and soul. In truth, no relationship is a mistake, but not all relationships are destined to be long-term happy liaisons.

In addition, relationship astrology can be used for business partnerships, children, and friend’s comparisons. How compatible are we? Will we be a profitable business match? Why am I so attracted to you? Are you from my past? Friends, colleagues, and lovers get the insight and understanding into what the relationship is “for” and not necessarily what you want it to be! Qualify all your relationships. You deserve to know the truth!


7 thoughts on “Twin, Soul & Karmic Mates”

  1. I found my self drawn to a person who I have had no contact with since elementary school . A boy I felt drawn to mostly his eyes . I felt his moods it was a connection at least in my part and I think he felt it to but not like a crush something unexplainable .now years later during g a spiritual awakening it was like my soul has remember him and I felt energy that reminded me of him .its been over two years and this person lives around where I grew up still but he got married in 2012 the same year I left my long term bad relationship and I can’t get him out of my head and I feel a pull in my display plexus . Also unexplained things reminding me of his name and him . I wonder if this person is my twin flame I did not even know of this till I started researching what I felt . Also I should note I have a good man who is madly in love with and very spiritual so loving to me yet I feel this void like my heart belongs to this person this stranger who does not even know I exist I’m 38 now . Would anyone be able to tell me what kind of connection this could be . Nothing like this has ever happens befor . I feel like I want to connect with him but I live far away and I would not know how to or I would never want to make him think I’m crazy

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  4. Wow. I know it’s been years since you wrote that, Lori, but what happened? What did you decide to do? I have the same name as you, and I’m 34 going through exactly the same thing. Exactly. Every word.

  5. I left my marriage and married mine. Wasn’t a good marriage but wasn’t bad necessarily but I knew instantly that the marriage was over when I saw him again-20 years later. It’s been a hard few years but worth it. It’s difficult with 20 years of experiences that have shaped us into bad (& some good) habits and hang ups but we are working through it. It was a very difficult decision ultimately but I knew that it wasn’t fair to my husband of that time to stay. I never was that sort of person but I am thankful I did what was best for me.

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