Finding The Value In Your Mistakes

There’s something that so many of us strive for in life and are constantly trying to reach. That something is perfection. Everyone wants the perfect life filled with nothing but happiness, but what people don’t realize is that waiting for this greatly hinders their ability to succeed. You see, perfection isn’t something that exists, and yet, so many of us are trying to reach it. Why?

Probably because perfection sounds amazing. Think about it. Every single thing in your life perfectly aligned. No money, career or relationship issues – just 100% happiness. The problem is that this just isn’t attainable. Variables outside of your control will happen to you – that’s just life. Accepting this and properly handling those variables is what will define you. Reaching for perfection hinders our success is because we become so afraid to fail that we never really even try in the first place. Where is the value in that? You have to realize that there is more value in trying something and failing than not attempting it at all because you aren’t going to be perfect at it. Mistakes are a part of life, and they are how we learn things.

Think about science, for example. Everything proven in science was done through trial and error until a conclusion was reached. Sometimes more time passes and new things are learned, and a new conclusion is reached. Mistake after mistake is made, but that’s because they HAVE to be made in order for us to learn.

Making mistakes is nothing to be ashamed of or to avoid. If we want to progress forward, we have to be willing to take risks and mess up to know the right way. Your life has nothing at all to do with the mistakes you are making. It has everything to do with the way you handle those mistakes, fix them and learn from them. Give up on this false idea of perfection, look for the value in your mistakes, and you’ll be surprised how much you’ll more you’ll grow.

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