Gemini New Moon — Seize the Opportunity

TGemini New Moonhe Gemini New Moon on May 28 is versatile, witty and dreamy. Gemini thrives on activity, new situations and new people. Life and commerce will gather speed in the sign of the twins. You can hear the “buzz” of activity in the air. Spring is in full bloom. It is promoting life, growth and abundance. Wherever Gemini lands in your natal birth chart is where you need to have a variety of experiences. You want to be curious. Variety is the “spice of life” applies to your Gemini ruled house. It is time for you to wash away the winter doldrums. Go out and socialize and have fun. There are new opportunities waiting for you to discover.


  • What opportunities are available to you right now?
  • What is holding you back?
  • What would you be doing, if money was not a concern for you?


Gemini is the twins. The twins represent the dual type of mind that can see both sides of a question. You may find yourself experiencing your own Gemini duality. The Gemini New Moon is in challenging aspect with Neptune. Neptune, the planet of illusion and confusion is challenging both lights (the Sun and the Moon.) Your perception of reality can change moment to moment. One minute you are madly in love with an idea or person. The next it vanishes from your view in a cloud of smoke. Neptune is like looking through a kaleidoscope of beautiful illusions. You see what you want to see. The mirage is of your own making and desire. Neptune teaches you that there is no reality. There is only your perception of reality.

Neptune represents levels of God-consciousness that challenge the human mind to comprehend. Neptune rules the movie industry. You are the star of the movie. Neptune rules the music industry. Neptune rules drugs and alcohol. Neptune rules creativity, spirituality and fantasy. Neptune empowers you to go beyond the limitations of logic and reason. It is the power to create and manifest dreams into reality. The challenge is Neptune does not show you how to make your dreams real. That is Saturn’s province. Where people run into trouble is when you believe that the fantasy is true. That is seeing what you want to see instead of embracing the truth. Neptune is famous for its big letdown in love. This is referred to as “love’s illusion”. The best strategy when navigating Neptune’s cold waters is stay awake. See people for who they are and not who you want them to be. This holds true in your investments. If something seems too good to be true it is. Neptune challenges can bring out the liars, thieves and betrayers. You know the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Creator is initiating you in these types of situations. This is to increase your discernment and self-mastery. For instance:


• Will you walk away from yourself to follow another?
• Do you want the fantasy more than the truth?
• Are you doing all the work in the relationship?


Real love would never ask you to sacrifice yourself for the good of a relationship. Both people need to be equally invested to make the relationship mutually satisfying and successful. Love is not earned. Love is received. Love flows to you daily through your crystal cord of life.

On the lighter side of the New Moon, that is in perceptive, intuitive and logical Gemini. You are part Gemini. All Are One. There are twelve constellations (twelve dimensions of God Consciousness). Every soul has twelve signs in their natal birth chart. Be the Gemini. That is be curious. It is time to go on adventure. Be the student of life and learn something new. On the darker side, use your Gemini mind and be the detective. For instance, if someone is trying to deceive you don’t allow your heart to rule you. Find out what is the real agenda. Be as wise as the serpent and harmless as the dove. You are a powerful creator. What are you creating?


“Is it possible to be the visionary and the actionary of your own life? Not only possible, it’s the way most of you intended it to be. It’s the best of all worlds. What can be more exhilarating than to find a dream from the contrast, to fixate on the dream and let it give you pleasure as it grows, and then to watch Law of Attraction bring it into manifestation while you help with your action? Does it get any better than that? You didn’t think so as you made the decision to come forth into these physical bodies. You said, “This is the best time in all eternity for a Creator to Create.” — Abraham


Mercury the messenger rules Gemini. Both Gemini and Mercury rule the third house of speaking, writing and teaching. The third house rules your childhood, environment and education. It rules your thought patterns and attitude. Attitude is everything. The Law of Attraction is matching your attitude, words and energy. Your style of speaking and listening can determine your income level. Your communication style is vitally important to your success. It can mean the difference of a mediocre or great life. Go here to increase your Communication Mastery.


• How well do you come across?
• How well do you listen?
• How well do you articulate?


This is a dreamy New Moon filled with potentials and promises. Don’t go by promises. Use behavior as your guide. It is never what people promise. It is always what they do. It is never the talk. It is always the walk. You want to walk your talk. Make sure to be clear in your communication with other people. Be honest and sincere. Work on increasing your communication skills. Listen more and talk less. Make the person feel heard. It shows you care.

Use the New Moon to create something fresh that gives you passion and purpose. New Moons are powerful unions. They are an awesome opportunity to set your intention for what you want to create in your life. You can use this New Moon to increase your abundance. Do you want to attract love? What is your heart’s desire? You can make your dreams real. Saturn (the master builder) is in harmonious energy flow with Jupiter (the master strategist.) In fact, they are forming a grand water trine with Chiron (the wounded healer.) This healing astrological event will be on all of June. This energy can heal you from the ongoing Cardinal Grand Square. That is requiring you to step up in your vibration and stand in your truth. You are being born again. Creator wants to heal you. Creator wants to empower you. What would you be doing if you were fearless?


“Wish away your worries by thinking more about your dreams than your fears.”

— Ivo/Lisa Dorr


There is more good news. Mars the planet of action, passion and power. He is in harmonious energy flow with the Gemini New Moon. There is way out from Neptune’s confusion by taking action. Be healthy. Do what is right for you. Use Mars as your sword of truth and cut the cords of illusion. Mars is in Libra. Libra rules relationships. Are your relationships empowering you?

Venus enters Taurus just a few hours after the New Moon. She is thrilled to be home. This is your opportunity to use the Gemini New Moon and Venus in Taurus to align with your core values. When you line up with your core values, you are on path. You are in touch. You are in control of your life. Use the True Value lists and True Value Program to strengthen you. When your actions and intentions are lined up with your core values, you create the life you truly desire. This will happen organically.

Mercury moves into Cancer for a short stay on May 29. He will retrograde June 7 – July 1. Go here and use the Navigating Mercury Retrograde tool. Mercury will back track into Gemini on June 17. This is an excellent time to work on your strategy. Do research work. Do the support needed for your project or business. Launch after Mercury goes direct. June is a month of planning. June is great for a vacation. July is a month of action.

The Gemini New Moon message is to be ready for opportunities. Don’t get ready. Be ready. In this way, you will seize the opportunities as they emerge. Dream big. We can create the New Earth together from our dreams and intentions. We are to get ourselves back to the Garden, the Garden of Eden. Use Saturn and Jupiter to make your dreams real. Love you more than the need for a relationship. Increase your communication mastery by listening deeply to what is being said. And, what is not being said. Listen to your intuition. Your instincts will never fail you. The logical mind can be deceived. The eyes and ears can be fooled. They see what they want to see. They hear what they want to hear. However, your Inner Being cannot be fooled. Don’t let society, the family or the corporations tell you what success is for you. You determine what success is for you based on your core values. The goal is to be healthy, wealthy and wise. Live your life from your authentic self, inside out. The power is in your hands.


Gemini New Moon

“Take the worthiness that is yours, and let the “Fairies of the Universe” assist you. Stop taking so much responsibility upon yourself, and live happily ever after. Shorten that crevasse between where you are and where you want to be, on every subject, to now, now, now, now, now. Ride the wave. Just pluck the fruit… You don’t have to be the one who puts it in the ground any more. You can just skip across the top of things and pluck the fruit of all of the things you want. “Oh, fruit. Oh, delicious this, delicious this, delicious this, delicious this.” In other words, it’s all right there for you; it’s ready for you to receive it as fast and as soon as you will vibrationally let it in.” — Abraham

Love and Peace,

Kelley Rosano

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Opening Your Creative Pathways

The Law of Attraction and the creative power of intention have been covered at length by many authors over the years. I imagine if you’ve picked up this book you are already a powerful co-creator in your life or possess the desire to awaken the energy that will allow you to manifest your dreams.

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Know that Spirit does not wish for you to be alone. Spirit wants you to be joyful – the indicator of an individual tapped into the energy that creates worlds.


What is a Soul Mate?

Your soul mate is at the center of your spiritual family. This individual is a soul of light whom you feel a compatible energy for and with whom you intuit an enigmatic connection. Soul mates share an inner soul knowing, a soul recognition, and déjà vu, such as the feeling of meeting a long lost friend. A person can be enveloped in a joyful homecoming in the presence of their soul mate. You have the feeling of an effortless companion who will accept you unconditionally.

Soul mate relationships are powerful forces of love that can dissolve anger, hate, prejudice, and pride – replacing negative emotion with love, peace and unity. The tremendous power of a soul mate’s true love is not only transformative. This love has the ability to end war and bring harmony on a global scale. This is why Spirit is uniting Soul Mates. The Age of Aquarius is the Age of Soul Mate Love. This is True Love.

All unions are essential for our soul evolution. No relationship is a mistake. Our relationships serve as opportunities for learning, acceleration on our life path, JOY and mutual growth. Soul mates come together when we have reached a higher level of self-acceptance, interdependence and wholeness. You must be the Soul Mate to you first, in order to attract your True Love.

We were all born with an innate knowing that somewhere out there is someone who knows our soul like none other. S/he will love you unconditionally, a true love that will champion your dreams and accepts your imperfections. Whether you meet your soul mate early in life, or have spent many years on a single path. Know that you possess the power to manifest this person at exactly the right time. Timing is everything! This is why it is important to know your personal astrology. Your astrology will reveal when you are most likely to meet your True Love.


Chapter 1: Your First Love

The process of allowing your soul mate to enter your life begins with you. The unique love you give to yourself. Focusing on your limitations, imperfections and the wrongdoings of the past, hold your soul away from allowing the love you deserve to enter your life.
Remember, the law of attraction is always working. You will find evidence of your thoughts all around you. If you want to manifest the person of your dreams, you must first tell a blissful story about where your life is headed.

It would be a lie to say that after you have worked through this stage of personal development you will love everything about yourself. We all have small quirks that we wish we could change, and often find the things we loathe about ourselves mirrored in our lovers. Know that the path to self-acceptance requires a period spent building a solid connection to your Inner Being and Source.

The road away from loneliness and unhealthy relationships begins when we merge our Soul with our Higher Self. This is a personal sacred relationship between Self and Source. This holy union is nurtured in your alone time. Your independence of others and time free from external influences are required. In other words, when you fall in love with Source your Soul Self flourishes.

As a result, your Soul awakens bringing outrageous abundance, peace, joy and love into your life. Only people who have become who they really are will be ready for their soul mate. Soul mates are interdependent; two individuals united in purpose and bound by heart-centered love. Soul mate relationships occur by pre-life soul agreements.

Can I be in an Unhealthy Relationship with My Soul Mate?

If you do not love and take care of yourself, then all the good works you do in the world, are for what real purpose? If you or a partner demonstrates toxic behavior this is not authentic love or anything close to a soul mate partnership. Also, ignoring your problems only keeps them smoldering beneath the surface until one day they blow up.

Allowing abusive behavior under the disguise of a soul mate relationship can lead to years of suffering. Playing the victim only perpetuates and attracts more negativity and draws abuse your way. If you are in direct violation with your own integrity, the mind and body will weaken. Leaving you unable to hide from the powerful negative energy you attract your way. What is the answer to this dilemma you may ask?

Love, love and love yourself. Practice extreme Self-care daily. If you need a time out from work, take it! If you need to set boundaries with others, do not delay. If you need assistance in getting strong and out of a bad situation, seek help from your loved ones today. Pull up your power from deep inside you.



June Astrology Forecast



Aries you feel the need for speed in June. Mars your ruling planet is direct. Remember that, the road to your empowerment will have its share of twists and turns. Keep your eyes wide open and you will avoid the frustrations. Aries keep your flame blazing. The best is yet to come.



Taurus you are tired of the contradictions from people and life. You may be claiming your territory and refusing to budge. Have you ever tried to move a Bull? Taurus you could charge at anyone trying to push you and/or sell you some nonsense. Take your time. Stop and smell the roses. This will keep you smiling.



Happy Birthday Gemini! It is time to celebrate. Some of you may be feeling under-appreciated by the people in your life. Don’t just sit there nursing your wounds. Take charge and do what is right for you. Self-appreciation is far more valuable and required by you for you. You’re ready for romance by the 23rd.



Cancer in June you are cleaning out the emotional debris that you may be carrying. Safety and security does not come from holding onto the past. It comes from healing your heart. You do this by forgiving yourself and being present. This will empower you. Releasing what no longer serves you makes you healthy and strong. This empowers you for your new life.


What is the first sentence a Leo says as they enter the earth plane? “Who wants to play?” You do! Leo you are ready for fun and adventure in June. Don’t let serious Saturn make work out of your play. It is okay to take time to relax. This is what will have you purring.



You are thriving in June. You love all the action that you are getting. Everyone is vying for your attention. You can make great strides in your life and professional advancement. Destiny is on your side. There ain’t no stopping you now!



June is an awesome time for you to travel. Go on a journey for fun and adventure. You may find something that has been missing. That is the best part of You. Make you first and other people second. You know you are on the right path when you have turned off you phone.



Scorpio you are at home with the deep mysteries of life. What June is revealing is that the greatest mystery of all is You. What are you discovering about yourself? There is available power, potential and opportunity when you face the unknown with courage. You are the Phoenix rising being born again.



You are ready for action in June. You have an awesome Full Moon and it is invigorating you. You may feel like you have a new lease on life. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Go find your friends and share what you have learned with delight.



There is too much chatter and little substance in June. People and life can be annoying. Mercury the messenger is retrograde and playing tricks on you. Even though you keep saying, “Tricks are for kids.” The facts and figures refuse to add up. Don’t worry your life and work will return to normal by July 1st.



June is a wonderful month for you Aquarius. Your creativity could be at an all time high. The only problem is you can’t remember what those brilliant ideas were. No worries. Your clarity will return in July. So why not have some fun and enjoy the ride.



You are ready for relief from all that dreaming, visualizing and feelings. Your ruling planet Neptune is taking his turn to reverse June 9–November 15. June is an excellent time for you to step back and integrate all that you have learned since the fall of 2013. Celebrate, play and have fun. This will re-energize you. An intense passionate romance may be on the horizon for some Pisces.


                     What is on the horizon for you in love, finances, and work?

Life Landscape Report

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Happy Gemini New Moon!

Gemini New Moon


May/June Astrological Events

Gemini New Moon May 28
Venus enters Taurus May 28
Mercury enters Cancer May 29
Sun trine Mars May 31
Moon trine Saturn May 31
Sun sextile Uranus June 6
Mercury retrograde June 7 — July 1
Neptune retrograde June 9 — November 15
Sagittarius Full Moon June 13
Mars square Pluto June 14
Mercury enters Gemini June 17
Sun conjunct Mercury June 19
Chiron retrograde June 19 —November 24
Summer/Winter Solstice June 21
Sun enters Cancer June 21
Venus enters Gemini June 23
Mars opposes Uranus June 25
New Moon in Cancer June 27
Mercury Direct July 1

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