Leo Full Moon A NEW ERA in Your Relationships 2.16.22

The Leo Full Moon on Feb 16 brings power and confidence; for you to forge ahead in your life. It’s time to step into your creativity and strut your stuff. Leo is the most dramatic of all zodiac signs. Encouraging you to be playful and entertaining. All the planets are direct. This means take that risk and put yourself out there. This is Good News!

Both lights (the Sun and the Moon) at 28 degrees are late in the sign of Aquarius and Leo. They are leaving cold and dry Saturn behind. YAY! Focus on your future. What do you want to create this year? Don’t sit around and wait for others to lead you. Take action. Small action-steps daily will attract to you your heart’s deepest desire.

Leo rules the heart. What does your heart desire? This is a year to follow your passion. Leo is about creative self-expression. Connecting to your soul and what makes it sing. This Full Moon gives you the SELF-CONFIDENCE that you need to achieve your goals. But that can’t happen if you’re giving your power away to other people. Time to release karmic entanglements. Own your power. Pluto is making an awkward aspect to the Leo Moon. There is a theme here with Pluto because he opposed the Cancer Full Moon on January 18. He will be in positive energy flow with the Virgo Full Moon on March 18. It’s worth mentioning that the USA is on her Pluto return. Pluto takes 246 years to complete his cycle. How will we use our power going forward? 

It’s also worthy to note that the North Node at 27 degrees Taurus falls exactly on the first Taurus Eclipse. It was a Lunar Eclipse on November 19, 2021. The next eclipse will be a Solar Eclipse in Taurus on April 30 at 11 degrees Taurus. Hold onto your hat! The winds of change are blowing. You want to be anchored in your own truth. So that you can follow your own North Star. 

What loose ends need to be tied up before you Leap into your future? How is your health? You don’t want to skip any steps. Or leave any boxes unchecked that could later come back to haunt you. Pluto is about power and change. It’s so interesting how he is affecting the first three Full Moons this year Cancer, Leo, and Virgo. Go deep-diving into your healing. You will see the reward now and in the future.

This Full Moon encourages you to own your power. And not give it away to anyone or anything. Where are you pretending to be happy but deep down inside, you’re not?  You want to LOVE you more than your need for others to like you. Because honesty will bring you a sense of relief, and align you with what you truly desire.

Like the Cancer Full Moon in January, the Leo Full Moon is void of course too. This means it will not make any new aspects until it enters Virgo. You need time to digest all that you have learned these past few months. And get very clear with what you want to create this year. What is done for you? Where do you feel complete? Be proud of how much you have grown. Nurture your healthy ego without it you can’t get anything done. 

The Leo Full Moon has a fated message. Because the Moon is challenging its own Nodes. The North Node is at 27 degrees Taurus. The South Node is at 27 degrees Scorpio. This forms a grand square with both lights (the Sun and the Moon.) It’s my karma and I will cry if I want to. Cry if I want to. You’d cry too if it happened to you. I liken this Full Moon to the Wheel of Fortune a major arcana in the Tarot.

During the Full Moon as the Wheel turns a door will be opened for you to SEE INTO your past lives. Take the time to meditate on what you are learning. What patterns are repeating for you? Great understanding will come when you know your soul’s evolution. Because Your Karmic Debt is being Released at this Full Moon. This is Great News! 

A time to rejoice and celebrate your effort and determination WILL PAY-OFF for you. Align yourself with your future and what you want. Stay out of negative thinking. Wherever the mind goes energy follows. You are a POWERFUL CREATOR. And you don’t want to go down that rabbit hole creating what you don’t want. When fear or doubt comes up for you go take a brisk walk or run. Move your body so you can shift your brain. Don’t allow for distractions. Protect your space from others who would take your light. Use the Power of Your Mind to CREATE WHAT YOU WANT. Own your power. Lead.

The Karmic Wheel is turning and with it comes your Soul Agreements. This is what you have agreed to do in this life and with whom. Listen to your soul calling to you. Follow your passion. Passion is the way forward now. Others are waiting for you. And you don’t want to waste your precious time on people and things that no longer serve you. Do what feeds your self-confidence and CUT THROUGH all the baloney. “Keep your sword close and keep moving.” –The Witcher  

The Divine Lovers, Venus, and Mars are coupled together 17 degrees Capricorn. This brings a New Era to your relationships. This is about new friends and new alliances. There are new groups forming that are focused on the future and FREEDOM. It’s Time to Unite and Fight for our Freedoms and our way of life. On March 3, Venus and Mars couple with Powerful Pluto. And on March 6 they will enter Aquarius together. Right on the Jupiter and Saturn coupling at zero degrees Aquarius. That took place on winter solstice 2020. This is breathtaking! Things will begin to speed up now and happen very fast. You want to be ready. There is more good news.

Because the Leo Full Moon is abundant with Strength and Passion FOR YOU. It is in positive energy flow with Eris. She is in Leo’s sister sign Aries. It’s time to use your power to move forward. Ignore the distractions taking place because there will be many. Work while you have the energy. And then take cat naps when you need to rest. Observe how fast the NEXT CHAPTER of your life unfolds before your eyes. Thank you for your continued LOVE and support for my videos and blogs. Happy Valentine’s Day My Friend!

Tons of Love,

Kelley XX


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  1. Your readings are always accurate and uplifting, realistic also. Love and light to you Dear Kelly feom Argentina.

  2. Dear Kelley – Thank you for always being uplifting and passing on the good news and positive perspectives! I’ve just discovered that it’s so easy to buy into fear thoughts from others, and ignore my own body wisdom i.t.o. health, and have now put a stop to it. It seems I must have had kharma in this area, because I’m normally very clear headed. Bless you!

  3. Thank you, it’s been long time that I have been following your work, your messages are real.❤️❤️❤️.

  4. Sandra Lucas Melvoin

    Kelley, I need a personal reading.
    Am at a crossroads unlike anything in my
    76 years on planet earth.
    Double Virgo with Leo Rising and Venus.
    Can you help??? Or know an Astrologer who does personal readings.
    Thank you, Sand

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