Aquarius New Moon the Year of the Water Tiger

The Aquarius New Moon on February 1, empowers you to seek out people you align with your tribe. Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is the past. He represents tradition. Uranus is the future. He brings change. They are still in a challenging aspect with each other. The Good News is it’s separating. This means the roadblocks are being removed from your goals. What is your heart’s desire?

Saturn stands for what you really want in life. And he is helping you get it. Most people are out of touch with what they truly want. If you truly understand your needs and wants. You would find that Saturn brings about their manifestation. This includes the “losses”. No matter how much you think you want them, let them go. Especially relationships that Saturn may end. Make room in your life for the NEW to come in.

Uranus acts as the “Great Liberator.” He wants to free you from the self-imposed limitations that are holding you back. Routines and habit patterns that are no longer serving you. You need to be free to create the life you truly desire. The past does not equal the future. Your future is determined by the choices you make today.

The New Moon is coupled with Saturn and challenged by Uranus. Saturn is asking you to look at the reality of what you’re doing. Because you need the support of those in authority. Or the organization to help you get that NEWJOB or PROJECT. Once you get the approval that you need the path will be made clear.

The Good News is the call for change and fresh energy is stronger under the RAYS of the Aquarian New Moon. You no longer want to cling to the past. You’ll be ready for the NEW JOURNEY. Mars is the planet of passion. He is in a harmony with Uranus. YAY! This will encourage you to seek out a NEW PASSION. Or maybe you will rekindle a passion from your past that you had forgotten. Mars is in the sign of Capricorn. Venus, Mercury, Pluto, Vesta, and Juno are there too.  This is about a DEEPER PASSION inside of you. What gives you passion? Follow your passion clues. Be curious. Be open. Be humble. 

This year is about Passion and Purpose in your life. You may have a feeling rush over you that it’s Now or Never. There is a sense of Urgency to begin something NEW at this New Moon. You may feel a surge of energy. That gives you an EXTRA BOOST to achieve your goals. This New Moon screams passion.

February 1 is the Chinese Lunar New Year. This year it’s the Year of the Water-Tiger. In China, the Tiger is considered the King of all beasts as it symbolizes Power and Bravery. I keep hearing the song “The Eye of the Tiger in my head.” Maybe we could play that song before we take a risk?

This will be a year of RISK-TAKING and ADVENTURE. We’re finding passion again. YAY! Both for yourself and for others. Everyone is fired up. Generosity will be at an all-time high and SOCIAL PROGRESS feels possible again. The Tiger is associated with Yang (masculine) energy. Tigers like to do things their own way. They despise being told what to do. Expect things to change quickly this year. Sudden shifts in your career and relationships may occur. Know that you will thrive through taking GREAT LEAPS. It’s important to follow Your intuition and run with your WILDEST DREAMS. It also means you may need to keep your ego in check. Don’t be afraid that you will crash and burn. If at first, you don’t succeed TRY, TRY AGAIN. The magic word is TRY. 

In our year of the Water-Tiger. Water years bring out your emotions more than any of the other elements. Water Tigers are family-oriented and have wonderful interpersonal rapport. They’re extremely driven and can be brash. Their goal is to strive to do what’s best for everyone and not just for themselves.



This New Moon although it takes place in winter. Will feel like a FRESH BREEZE of Spring Air. Rather than the new being the threat that so many have feared. People will now embrace what is new in their life. This is the Collective Shift you’ve been waiting for! This is GREAT NEWS!

Jupiter and Uranus are in harmony.  This speaks to a large-scale project. That is going to bring BLESSINGS into the lives of many people. And will encourage others to form NEW GROUPS and TEAMS. It’s just the beginning. It will have a multiplying effect. That will encourage hundreds and thousands of new groups to form.

Venus is direct. She is coupled with Vesta the Goddess of hearth and home. Venus is encouraging you to seek out NEW GOALS that reflect your NEW VALUES. This could mean that you are moving to a new home. Or someone is moving in with you. Or someone is moving out. Their message is to create the space for the NEW LOVE and FRIENDSHIP that you want in your life. Don’t miss this opportunity. Good things come to those who take that LEAP OF FAITH.

The Divine Lovers, Mars & Venus are flirting together at the New Moon they will couple together on Feb 12. It is the start of a New Era in your relationships. 

The New Moon message is that NEW GROUPS will be forming. Those Kindred Spirits that share your values. Venus is direct. Mercury will be direct on Feb 3. All the planets will be direct. And Uranus who brings sudden opportunities has the upper hand now. It’s in your BEST INTEREST to not be afraid of people that are different than you. You want to be open. Because relationships come in all shapes and sizes. All have something to add to you. Creator works through other people to bring you what you want. Now is the time to fulfill your soul agreements. 

You are standing at the beginning of a NEW PATH. One that may surprise you with a beautiful view. And it will appear quickly. Be ready to Take That Leap of Faith. Because it will pay off for you. Big Time! You are entering a time of social expansion; unlike anything you have ever seen. This is Great News. Be brave like the Tiger. HAVE FUN on your NEW JOURNEY and LEAP. 

Tons of Love,

Kelley XX


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8 thoughts on “Aquarius New Moon the Year of the Water Tiger”

  1. Dear Kelley,
    I am so pleased to hear your video. This is so inspiring and this is what I missed when you took your time to bring a breath of renewal for yourself in not posting for a year. Thanks for your talk about reuniting with my tribe and the hundredth monkey talk. You are right on target with your ideas.
    So thanks so much for this inspiring video!! Lots of intention talk… I am resonating strongly with your message today!
    elsie noble

  2. Awesome reading and very positive. I hope it comes true. I really need it. I need to succeed this time and believe in myself again.

  3. Guivar

    I loved the video, & I loved your energy. It really resonated with me!!!!! so happy to see you in your wonderful videos!!!! very helpful. Thank you so much ❤️

  4. So happy and inspired by your message. Thank you for this as it resonates with me and the expansion I’m working on. I’ll be brave like the tiger and take risks!!!

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