Power of Positive People

Come aboard the Magical Mystery tour with Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron. Together at 26 degrees Aquarius, another marker for the Age of Aquarius dawning. This is the big astrological news in 2009. A spectacular event uplifting everyone, wherever Aquarius falls in your natal chart, is the area of your life being most activated.  A special event for Jupiter and Neptune’s last union was twelve years ago. The next get together will be in 2020 when powerful Pluto enters Aquarius another Age of Aquarius indicator.  Neptune and Chiron come together every 57-80 years.  I am going to drink it all in whilst we can.  This pleasant party is on and will last until February of 2010.


Jupiter the giver of blessings, new potentials, new opportunities and positive expansion, conjunct Neptune increases peoples’ desire for peace, conflict resolution, increased spirituality, compassion for our frailties, and the freedom to dream. This mega conjunction opens the door to visualize our world in the Golden Age of peace, and restoring Gaia to her lush Garden of Eden condition. Jupiter conjunct Chiron will bring in new technology that will cure illnesses, clean up the environment, and solve the most urgent of our social problems.  Neptune and Chiron will have a long-term conjunction lasting until March 2014. This pairing will create new inventions for healing the masses and our dear planet. The positive power of this Aquarian jumbo conjunction will be felt for decades to come. 


Conjunctions trumpet the sound of old era’s closing out and new one’s coming into play. There will be a huge push for social, political and economic reforms underway.  The leaders of government and corporations will have to move from ego driven leadership, to leaders who actually care about the people they are responsible for and represent.  The corporations that will be around for the next ten years, and for decades to come, will have these three things in place and in this order:


1)    People
2)    Planet
3)    Profit


The goal in 3D (third dimension) corporations today is profit, profit, profit or growth, growth, and growth; at the expense of their burnt out executives and the exploitation of our environment.  In 4D (fourth dimension) this will change life for the better, as it will be the only way the organization can succeed in our new world. Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron are offering a healing energy to lift us out of third dimensional consciousness and onward and upward to a healthier way of life and conducting business.   


By December of 2012 Gaia and Her People Are
Moving from Third Dimensional (3D) Karma/Consciousness:
·         Ego driven leadership
·         Profit and growth at the expense of people and planet
·         Karmic relationships
·         Karmic jobs/careers
·         Lack consciousness
·         Poverty consciousness
·         Crisis consciousness
·         Addiction to drama


Moving into Fourth Dimensional (4D) Karma/Consciousness:
·         Twin Flames and soul mate relationships
·         Prosperity consciousness
·         Right livelihood, right living, and right relationships
·         Health, well-being and vitality
·         Peace consciousness
·         Spirituality


You make it hurt so good.


We have the opportunity to explore our addiction to pain and suffering with Chiron the wounded healer.  Wherever Chiron falls in your natal chart is where you can experience great pain in your life, relationships and/or health. However, the pain also holds the key to your cure. For instance, if you keep trying to find your higher love in karmic relationships your suffering will ensue. Yet, if you change, shift your approach and meet your own needs. You are now in a stronger position to attract your soul mate.  Are you holding onto your pain (Chiron) so that you can self-medicate (Neptune), and use that pain as an excuse not to move forward (Jupiter) in your life?    


Where’s the beef?


Recently, I have come to see how many of us self-medicate with food.  I am at awe with some of my clients.  When I jokingly suggest to them: “You must give up sex.” Their response would be “okay, no problem.”  Yet, if I say: “You must give up hot dogs and potato chips.” They look at me like I have two heads.  Why are people much more comfortable talking about their sex lives than their eating habits?  I have so much more difficulty getting people to admit to themselves, and to me about their abuse of food, and how they use food to self-medicate?! I am befuddled by this paradox, no sex-no problem. No pasta, what are you trying to kill me? I am astonished by the resistance I get when I suggest to clients to eat healthier foods, practice dieting and exercise?  How amazingly some clients are so incredibly willing to go without sex but not that pizza or junk food?


During the Magical Mystery Tour of the Aquarian Alliance we must watch for a desire to escape through the abuse of drugs, food, alcohol, shopping, even meditating can be used as a form of escapism. Anything we use or do to avoid Self and our pain, frustration, fear or anger can be an addiction. Our relationship with Self is the most sacred of all relationships. Through Self we connect to Source-our higher power, our unlimited resources, abundance, vitality, joy and inner peace. Buddha taught us the middle way. If we practice moderation we will be balanced, connected to Source and feel good. Yea!


On May 24, 2009 we have the New Moon (Sun and Moon conjunct) in jolly Gemini time to come out of the house, socialize and have fun in America as summer approaches. In Australia, we can harvest the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables that only colorful fall provides.  These are brilliant times, offering opportunities for amazing insights into Self and breakthrough’s. If we are willing to get out of our comfort zones, be uncomfortable for a time, and reach for fresh approaches to old problems.


The Power of Positive People


During this time we need leaders who are positive in the face of challenge, chaos and change. Whatever we focus on we create and expand. We can be lifted up and lift others to a better life, if we focus on the positive and come from the positive in our choices. Ask self: “What is my intention in this situation?” If it is for the positive you are on track.  If it is to stir trouble or be harmful then you are coming from your ego. If you want to know in any decision if you are on path, ask Self: “Does this decision make me feel good?” If it does, you are on path. If it does not, you are off your path.  Focus on what is working in your life.  If the old dreams don’t work anymore, use this uplifting positive energy available in 2009 to create new dreams. Whatever is ending-relationships, work, living locations let it go. 


If you are not with your twin flame or soul mate why waste your time on empty karmic relationships?  We don’t have to do 3D karma anymore. It is finished

.  Only keep the relationships that nourish and nurture you, the folks that keep you feeling positive about you, so you don’t need to fill up on bad food. Why not clear away the dead weight of karmic relationships and jobs?  Let go and leap forward into the Age of Aquarius.  Remember that we cannot give to another what we have yet to give to Self. Make sure you are giving you the positive support that you need. “The only thing that makes the difference in the way you feel right now is the thought that you are thinking right now. It doesn’t matter how much money you’ve got; there are joyful people with no money, and there are unhappy people with lots of money. How you feel is about how you are allowing the Source that is you to flow. So when we talk about the Art of Allowing, we’re talking about the art of living; about the art of thriving; about the art of clarity. We’re talking about the art of being who you really are.” -Abraham-Hicks 

Love and positive expansion,
Kelley Rosano 




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