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We will find, expand and use your money-making talent, skills and abilities.
Manage Your Risk and Reward

You cannot be free until you have financial independence.
We will find, expand, and use your money-making talent, skills and abilities.
Manage Your Risk and Reward
New Biz Start-Up Program
You Are Here to Live the Abundant Life
Be in the flow of every good and perfect gift from Creator
Receive your prosperity!

Desire (passion) — resistance = Deliberate Creation


Art of Attraction Program

Mastering The Skills For Gaining What You Want!



I call the Art Attraction Program a makeover for the INSIDE. Yes, it helps to wear nice clothes with the colors that make you look warm and to have your hair, eyes, skin and body looking great. These do contribute to attracting others to you. However, once you’ve handled these cosmetics, you need to go further in your makeover. That is, you would go inside to shift a couple of things around, learn new communication skills, install healthy conditions in your environment, and include some new concepts. Altogether, these contribute to a person’s higher development and makes one attract those people, opportunities and “good stuff” which we all want — some of us chase — and few of us naturally attract.


  • I don’t just listen to or understand people: I really hear them; they have an experience of being gotten.
  • People get the clear feeling that I stand up for them, regardless of how they are feeling. I don’t just love, support or help them; I require their best.
  • When I have something to say, I phrase it so people can both hear it and benefit from it, forever – I speak in messages, not clichés, opinions or possibilities.
  • I communicate fully in the moment. I don’t hold back, wait until later, explain my feelings, censor my thoughts – I share it fully.
  • I can see faults in people, but whenever I speak unconditionally constructively. I don’t do constructive criticism, do subtle digs or remind someone what they coulda, oughta, shoulda done. Regardless.
  • When I do a task or job, nothing about it comes back to bite me for at least 5 years – I do fully handle tasks, of which I am proud. Good isn’t enough.
  • I grant people the power, acknowledgment and room they deserve and need; I am a big person. I don’t try to take credit, diminish another, or hold back my praises. Yet, I don’t puff people up.
  • I see and want a lot for many people, and they can feel this. But I don’t have to have it for them.
  • I don’t just tell people I care, I show it, at least once per day. And I show it in a way that they would want me to, not the way I necessarily want to.
  • When I talk, I use the word You four times as often as the word I. And people appreciate this.
  • I’d say I am twice as interested (in the person, not just the information or news) then I am interesting.
  • I have people see themselves clearly by my being.
  • I can discern immediately if someone is good for me; if they are not, I exit. I don’t go for losers and I don’t get seduced by the possibilities of what could happen or who they could be.
  • I am interdevelopmental with people: I am not codependent, dependent or merely interdependent.
  • I can be with people.
  • I am grateful to and for others and they feel it. This is not indebtedness nor do I overwhelm or smother them with affection; nor am I merely thankful or appreciative – I am simply and purely grateful for who is in my life and how they help me be me.
  • I am “at cause.”
  • Others model parts of their lives after mine.
  • Everything I do is a contribution.
  • I grant everyone I’ve met and not met a lifetime of forgiveness in advance.
  • I share those gifts, which I can afford to give.
  • I always say just the right thing to others.
  • I show I care; I don’t just talk about it.
  • I give the gifts that the other person really wants.
  • I put my needs first.


  • I have nothing unresolved or unfinished.
  • I am over my addictions and healthy and well.
  • I am a part of a full, successful and happy community of people who love me as I am.
  • My needs are met!
  • I have enough phrasing to fully express my feelings, sensations, and problems.
  • I am able to want a tremendous amount but crave nothing.
  • My life is set up so I have really neat things, people or activities to look forward
    to all of the time.
  • I express my Core Values.
  • I know where I am on my Personal Path of Development and I am moving forward effortlessly.
  • I have much more than I need.
  • I get my source and power from other than just me.
  • I am virtually adrenaline free and I catch myself immediately if I get caught up in something.
  • The goals I have to turn me on and that’s enough for me.
  • My standards are clear and they are high; they support me, yet I am not constrained by them.
  • I have accepted what is “so” and take actions from reality, rather than living in a world of hope or fantasy.
  • I have reached my professional stride and my growth occurs naturally.
  • Physically, I am very, very well.
  • I have commitments, which excite me.
  • I am leaving a legacy of which I am proud of.
  • I have plenty of time.
  • I am really okay about and with myself.
  • I am no longer trying to “make it” or prove anything.
  • I am working on a special project, which is personally, and professionally fulfilling.


  • There is you and there is me, but we’re really all One when it comes down to it.
  • People are absolutely perfect just as they are, even when it doesn’t seem that way. And I make them right, because they are.
  • Others are mirrors of me. As I find them more attractive, I find myself even more so.
  • I attract people who are one step behind or one step ahead of me.
  • The universe never lies; things are perfect as they are. (So don’t fight them.)
  • Responsibility is a privilege, not a duty or burden.
  • Love is something you deserve, not earn.
  • Making God right is the final step in personal development.
  • Having enough money is a responsibility of adulthood and essential to be irresistibly attractive — not because of how much you have, but because of how little it has you.
  • Nothing means anything, but things matter and I know what matters most to me.
  • You have two parts – the Ego and the Self. It is the latter to whom other Selves are attracted and the former to which other Egos are attracted.
  • Everyone needs energy and motivation from someplace and will do anything to keep the energy flowing. Your job is to choose your source of supply as if your life depended on it.
  • Struggling is for actors, not humans.
  • You already have all you need, but you may need to become aware of it all.
  • You are as big as the people with whom you associate. Upgrade, please.
  • Attempting to change people is fruitless, but you can help them become more of who they are.
  • When your needs are met, you can afford to be attractive.
  • Irresistible attraction is something that happens to you, not something you do, although you do cause it.
  • Attraction is when they come to you; seduction is when you get to them.
  • When you’ve made the choice to be fully alive for the rest of your life, you attract others who have made a similar choice.
  • When you are grateful for what you have, even if it seems like it’s not enough, you get a whole lot more. It is a test!
  • It is okay to surrender to the counsel of friends. They know you.
  • The more attractive you are, the fewer people will be attracted to you, but what a group they are.
  • It is a skill to enjoy being fully engaged and participatory in life.
  • You are attractive and not to everyone.


  • I don’t gossip – that is, I virtually NEVER speak about another person not present, either good news or bad.
  • I simply do not tolerate anything or anyone. I am not uppity and obnoxious about it, but I either handle the situations fully or get the heck out.
  • I do not complain – rather I turn all my complaints and petty disturbances into requests that get accepted.
  • I am overdoing what I should, ought to, haveta, coulda; I now fully choose each moment, person and activity.
  • Fight the flow. Oh, I have the courage and I am committed and I can take a stand, but I will not hurt myself trying to prove something — I take the path of least resistance and I get there, effortlessly.
  • People may not cross my boundaries.
  • I don’t let myself get into the position where I have to make a decision based on the consequences. I am insured and insulated from almost every problem.
  • I don’t step over anything someone says to me that doesn’t sound right.
  • I don’t wait; I respond immediately.
  • I don’t fight. I smile, instruct or walk away.
  • I don’t try to get too close to people — either it is effortless or it’s not worth it.
  • I don’t let people run their number on me.
  • I don’t say yes when I mean “no”.
  • I don’t overpromise.
  • I don’t try to puff someone else up, but I do speak with them in such a way that they feel good about themselves.
  • I don’t abuse my body in any way.
  • I don’t help people unless they are ready for it.
  • I don’t live in hope someone will change; they want as long as I need them to.
  • I don’t process every thought I have, yet I don’t blurt everything either.
  • I am not invested in other people, although I do invest in them.
  • I don’t get caught up in people’s problems, even if I care deeply about them.
  • I don’t expect anything from anyone.
  • I don’t think my closest friends should meet all of my needs. I have these met by those who can.
  • I don’t isolate; I am with those who care about me.
  • I don’t hang with someone just to fill time; I fully enjoy them or I don’t spend time with them. I don’t tolerate anything less.
  • I am one who makes the best of every situation.

“In the fertile ground of uncertainty is where you can thrive with all the limitless possibilities.”

— Coach Kelley

Financial Freedom Now!

Learn How to use the Law of Attraction to manifest Your Abundance

Empower Your Financial Fortitude Now.
Building a road to Your Financial Freedom.
You are going to make the most money.
Be the most successful when you find your point of brilliance.
What can you do better than anyone else can?
Where do you shine the brightest?
What gives you passion?
What do you love?
What would you be doing if money was not a concern for you?
Empower your talent, skills, and abilities.
Manage Your Risk and Reward
Honor Your Strengths and Weaknesses
Live the Abundant Life
Love Your Business.
Financial Independence = Freedom

Put the Law of Attraction into action and manifest Your Abundance Now!

In the book “Work Reimagined”, he draws these three distinctions.

1) There are jobs.
2) There are careers, which help you, progress financially and personally.
3) There are callings, which give you a sense of fulfillment, engagement, and energy that you will not find in the other two. This work does not feel like work.

Gifts + Passion + Values = Calling

You cannot be free until you have financial independence.
We will find, expand, and use your money-making talent, skills and abilities.
Manage Your Risk and Reward
New Biz Start-Up Program
You Are Here to Live the Abundant Life
Be in the flow of every good and perfect gift from Creator
Receive your prosperity!



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