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Your Money Report is a unique and original report that highlights the riches inherent in your natal birth chart. Each report is custom-made from your date, time, and city of birth.  It highlights some of the indicators in your horoscope that point to your inborn relationship with money. What makes you feel abundant. How do you feel wealthy? What do you need in your life that is of true worth?  How you are able to attract material prosperity to you. 

The Money Report includes:

  • Your Money Temperament (Sun, Moon, and Ascendant in Signs).
  • Your Relationship with Money (Venus in Sign).
  • Your Personal Income (2nd House Cusp Sign and Rulers, 2nd House Planets).
  • Your Shared Income (8th House Cusp Sign and Rulers, 8th House Planets).
  • Your Fortune (Part of Fortune in Sign and House).

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Click  here to view a sample Money Report for Marilyn Monroe 

Or Click on the Picture to view Marilyn Monroe’s money report. 

🎁The Personalized Money Report makes for a great gift. You too can help others improve their relationship with money. 🎁

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