this is the Best Event of the year

The Aries New Moon on April 11 is the BEST EVENT of the year. Why is this New Moon so fantastic you may ask? Because it bursts onto the scene of life in a blazing glory of spring’s emergence. Bringing with it the passion and fire of Aries to open new doors for you. April may feel like the START of the NEW YEAR. Because of the green lights with all the planets direct and the positive energy this New Moon holds.

The New Moon is coupled with Venus. She is the Goddess of LOVE and abundance. Abundance comes in many forms it can be feeling light and free. Having a great amount of energy, health, and well-being. Also, offering the expansion of prosperity in your own life. This is why we created the Prosperity Program. So, you can take advantage of this rare cycle. This is great news having this pairing of partners (Sun, Moon, and Venus in Aries.) This will help to balance your male and female energy. Both are essential to living a great life. And we don’t want to be strong in one and lacking in the other. We need to be able to both give and receive.

Mars is the ruler of Aries and the New Moon. He is in positive energy flow with the New Moon and Jupiter. There are Gifts from the Gods being offered to you. There is a strong message here for partnership and collaboration. It’s time to shrug of those winter blues and COVID isolation. And get your buttocks outdoors and start connecting with others who can help you. The Love Train is coming and it’s time for you to get on board. The oldie but goodie Love Train song comes to mind. A great springtime song is Sweet Caroline. I love this Live one with Neil Diamond. Oh, how I miss the days when we were all together in these live events having tons of fun. Together we can do great things. This is the New Moon message.

Jupiter and Mars are trine (positive energy flow). This dynamic empowers you to act more effectively than usual. Your brain is working more efficiently. The winter cobwebs are gone. You may feel more alert. This is a good time to sit down and make notes on how to capitalize on the myriad of ideas that have been flooding your mind. It’s also a good idea to reach out to a friend and share them. You may take initiatives that demand foresight and careful planning. This energy gives you Considerable Self-Confidence.

Any project you start now WILL work out as you want it to. This is a good time to start any new enterprise or apply for a new job. You may have a strong desire now to Make Something of yourself in the broadest sense of the term. For example, there is a strong drive to succeed. Particularly in projects, you’ve started for yourself. You’re giving birth to something new. As nature is giving birth to all of life around you. For those who want to get pregnant. This is a great time to do it. Practice makes progress. 😊

It’s about enlarging your scope of action. This is giving you more freedom of movement. This is good news. It’s about time we all had more freedom. Traveling will feed your mind and soul. Travel will create opportunities for new experiences and new alliances. Many people will be moving now. This too will raise your vibration. But you don’t have to move or change jobs to feel a sense of new life and new doors opening. Don’t get up in the “how.” Focus on the “what.” What do you want? Focus on the journey. This is taking the long view on your path to progress and growth. And not getting hung up on the details.

Mars is here to give you the courage to step into the unknown. Be brave. Take small risks or steps. Such as invite someone out to meet with you for coffee. Take a grand step and start a new business. Or go after that position you want in the company.  Life on planet Earth is never all sunshine and rainbows. Lord don’t we know it. There is a large push here to take action. Yet, your patience will pay off. There is a loving warning not to rush. And don’t judge this New Moon by what happens in the next few days or weeks. Each one of you has your own unique divine timetable. And all the players have to be in their perfect timing too to meet with you.

Another test we’ll need to deal with is Pluto. He is challenging the New Moon. On the one hand, watch out for feeling frustrated or suffocated. Pluto rules power and control. When he tests you like this you could feel out of control or a lack of power. On the other hand, it’s an opportunity to take your power back. Own your power. Use your patience as a formidable weapon. Instead of reacting to who or what is pushing buttons. Practice these three steps. They have helped me in many trying situations and saved me a lot of money.

1) Pause 2) Think 3) Let passion dissipate. In this way, you will respond when you are ready and from your point of power. The power is always with the one who acts and not with the one who reacts. Don’t allow anyone to push you or bully you. If you are feeling overwhelmed call a time out. Take five minutes here and there for yourself. Be kind it’s the new cool. Start by being kind to yourself. Your inner child (soul) will love you for it.

When all the planets are in harmony like this it’s too easy to sit back and do nothing. And this New Moon is a rare event. This is the best event of the year. Pluto is providing enough tension to push you forward. He is reminding you to work with the conflict. Don’t run from it. You got this! What would you do if you knew it WOULD work out for you?

You were born to be a CREATOR. Create your own fate. Create your own luck. Sometimes you need to be the one that creates the opportunity, rather than wait for it to show itself. Do what makes your mind strong. Don’t allow the monkey mind that spins in distraction to keep you from focusing on your heart’s desire. What does your heart desire?  

This is the best astrology of the year to plant your seeds. And set your intention for what you want to manifest. And watch in the coming weeks and months; as our seedlings take hold, grow, and blossom. There has never been a time like now. It truly is The Power of Now. Be here now. Plunge into the New Stuff. If you feel like plunging, DO IT! It’s not reckless.  

LOVE and Tons of Abundance,









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  1. Thank you, Kelly, for pushing us, gently, to be our best and get the most out of life, by doing.

  2. Bless your heart Kelly.. I so needed that.. as I now plan to start writing my first book!

  3. Thank you, Kris, this Aries New Moon exactly sextiles the fantastic Aquarius New Moon at 22 degrees on February 11, 2021. So the Aquarius New moon will be activated too and all Aquarians are getting a big boost in April. The Aries New Moon is a Rainmaker for all signs and it’s about time because we deserve it.

  4. Kelley I’ve Missed your U-Tube presentations.
    Along time ago you advised on a weekly astrologist because you stop doing that, can you tell me who that is again?

  5. Hi kelly when do you do a new video i saw you havent posted one in the last three months can you pleaseee do a video it helps us so much
    Love eli

  6. Syed Nauman Bukhari

    Hello,Kelley Rosano,
    Thank you for the information you send us for the planet around this World will be changed very soon. Please send more video about planets position.

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