Virgo Full Moon and the Pluto Uranus Finality

Virgo Full MoonThe Virgo Full Moon on March 5 empowers you to keep your feet on the ground while you reach for the stars. The Sun, Chiron and Neptune are in dreamy Pisces. You are being asked to balance your heart—Pisces with your head—Virgo. You are to fulfill your duties and responsibilities with the need to dream and create. The veil is lifting. The spirit world is becoming more physical each day. You are increasing in light. You are raising your vibration. This brings heaven to earth. You are a great spiritual being. You are powerful.

Pluto is in a positive position with both lights (the Sun and the Moon). This empowers you to make your dreams come true. You are to regenerate yourself body, mind and spirit. You can be practical and hold to your highest ideals. Be courageous. Use your power to be a force for good in the world.

Full Moons are oppositions that bring awareness to you externally. This Full Moon shifts you into a more practical approach to life. You are taking care of business with the Virgo Moon. The focus is on your health, work and goals. Each individual has a unique soul purpose. That only you can fulfill. Virgo rules your service in the world. It rules your work and health habits. Your wealth is in your health. If you want a lot from your body; you have to give your body a lot. You can use the Extreme-Self Program to improve your health. Your body deserves the best food and vitamins. Exercise and rest are required to live your best life. Love your body. Give it what it needs and wants. The body is the messenger. What is your body telling you?

Earthy Virgo is grounded and practical. These are essential qualities to reach your goals in life. In today’s climate it is not easy to make your dreams come true. At the Leo Full Moon, it was a time to think big. Dream big. Now in Virgo, you are required to be focused on the details of your big ideas. Ambition is overrated. Passion is much healthier. Replace ambition with your passion.


• What gives you passion?
• What lights you up?
• What is your soul purpose?
• What have you come to do?
• What is your service in the world?


There is good news here. Jupiter is in a positive energy flow with Uranus. They are in the fiery sister signs Leo and Aries. This event is exact on March 3. Their harmony helps to balance out the force between Pluto and Uranus. That is building at the Virgo Moon. Venus and Mars are pulling them closer.

Venus the goddess of love is in harmony with Jupiter on March 4. On that same day she couples with Uranus. A taste of excitement enters your life. There could be awakenings in your relationships. Truth is revealed. Venus too is in challenging aspect with Pluto. This energy can bring out your dark side. Watch out for power struggles. Don’t get caught up in guilt. Guilt is your soul talking to you. Guilt means that you are going in the right direction. Follow your guilt. Do what gives you relief. Align with your soul desires. Your soul holds the answers. You are not a worthless guilty sinner. You are a magnificent being of light!

Mars is coupled with Uranus on March 11. You may be feeling restless and impulsive. You want to be free of restrictions. You may feel anxious. You may find yourself rebelling against limitations. There could be unexpected disruptions for you. Keep your cool. Keep a sense of humor. These energies are passing. This is the final hurrah. Be proactive. Attitude is everything. Playing the role of the victim gives your power away to other people and/or society. Own your power. Take responsibility for what is happening with you. This is only way you can get where you want to go and create positive results. There are no victims only volunteers. No one can do anything to you unless you let them. Get in the driver seat and take charge of your life. The present is perfect. It may not be exactly what you want it to be. However, the present will get you to where you want to go.

Mars will square Pluto March 11. This energy can make you extremely ambitious. You will be able to cut through the obstacles on your path. You can work long and hard on any task or project. Watch out for ego battles and power trips your own or other people’s. There is a ruthless side to this aspect. It is a warlike energy. This is about your power. How you use your power. How you own your power. Or, are you giving your power away? You can use your power creatively to accomplish a great deal. Practice conscious awareness so that you can be awake to what is happening.


• What needs to change in your life?
• What habits do you need to shift and evolve out of?
• Where are you feeling stressed?
• What action can you take to empower yourself?
• Where does courage dwell in you?


March 17 is the final square between Uranus and Pluto. Pluto and Uranus are a roller coaster ride of change and transformation. You will have good days and challenging days. You can expect the unexpected. Sometimes shocking surprises are jaw dropping. Relationships can blow up revealing long held tensions. Uranus and Pluto bring sudden endings. They can serve up a fresh start that you may not want but sorely need. Stay flexible. Surrender resistance. Control is an illusion. The only thing you can control is yourself. That is how you respond to what is happening. Make no judgments. Assume nothing. Wait until you have the full story. Use the Four Agreements to guide you. They are grounding in this sea of chaos and confusion.

Shifts and changes are what the universe is serving up for dinner. The good news is this is their final square. The intense energy will begin to lift in the days and weeks ahead. Stay positive. The karma needs to outplay in the world. You are only responsible for you. You are only responsible for the things that you can control. That is you. You either come from love or fear. Choose love. Shut off the negative news which only thrives on selling you fear. Avoid negative people. Set boundaries with the “Debbie Downers.” Raise your standards in your relationships. Use the Strong You Program to build a healthy life.

Mercury the messenger enters Pisces on March 11. Logical Mercury in dreamy Pisces could cause communication problems. There could be misunderstandings that lead to arguments. Cooler heads will prevail. Be flexible. Keep an open mind. Hang loose. The eyes and ears can be fooled. Trust your intuition. Trust your instincts. Pay attention to your dreams and hunches. There is wisdom that can be revealed to you now. Insights can come to you. Your psychic powers are right on the money.

Saturn will retrograde on March 14. He will be in reverse until August 1 or 2. This depends on where you live on the planet. The teacher goes within you now. The restructuring takes place on the inside of you. It is time for you to assimilate what you have learned since July 20, 2014. That was when Saturn moved direct. Saturn empowers you to live from your integrity. Draw your power from your Inner Being. Be who you really are. Stop hiding your light. Be your own authority.


• What is your truth?
• What is true for you?
• Where are you most out of integrity in your life?
• What do you need?
• What are you ready for?


Venus enters her home sign Taurus on March 17. This will help to calm the intense energy. Do what increases your self-confidence. Focus on what truly matters to you. What you love and value is your guiding star. You can beef up your True Values here.

The Virgo Full Moon message is to try things until they work for you. Try is a magical word. People don’t like to do things they are not good at. This is human nature. Yet, if you have a big dream, you will want to try. You have to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. Sometimes new things work and sometimes they do not. The Virgo part of you wants to be right. Self criticism kills your creativity and expansion. You are a powerful creator. Don’t focus on lack or what is not working. Focus on what you have accomplished. Try new things. Make mistakes. Make many mistakes. You have to break eggs to make an omelet. The only way to find what works for you is through trial and error. There is a distinction between successful people and the unsuccessful. Successful people never give up. They never stop trying. Eventually you will figure it out. Don’t get ready for your success. Be Ready. March is a magnificent month. Let go of what n o longer serves you. Let go of what is not working. Let go and you will soar higher. It is time to take action. Be positive. Think big. Move forward. Be brave. Take chances. Try.


Love and Peace,



Virgo Full Moon

 “When you are comfortable on your path, it doesn’t matter where it leads.”




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 Happy Virgo Full Moon!

Virgo Full Moon

Astrological Events

Jupiter trine Uranus Exact on March 3
Venus trine Jupiter March 4
Venus conjunct Uranus March 4
Venus square Pluto March 4
Virgo Full Moon March 5
Daylight Savings Time Begins March 8
Mars trine Jupiter March 10
Mars conjunct Uranus March 11
Mars square Pluto March 11
Mercury enters Pisces March 11
Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius March 14
Pluto Square Uranus March 16
Venus enters Taurus March 17
Pisces New Moon total Solar Eclipse March 20
Sun enters Aries (Spring Equinox) March 20
Mercury enters Aries March 30
Mars enters Taurus March 31



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