Cancer Full Moon is our first full moon of the year

Our first Full Moon of the year on January 17 is where the rubber meets the road. The Cancer Full Moon has Powerful Pluto front and center. It’s not about good or bad. There are fifty shades of grey. It’s about what’s working and what’s not working. Powerful Pluto wants you to PURGE the stuff that’s holding you back. And no, it’s not an easy experience for you. Because it’s pulling up your DARK MATERIAL. Pluto rules the underworld. He rules the unconscious. What is hidden. The shadow side. We all have a shadow self. What is no longer serving you? What do you want this year?

The Moon in Cancer is about your emotional needs. We all have a sensitive side. How you nurture yourself. How do you LOVE yourself? How do you take care of yourself?  Your emotional patterns in a relationship. Co-dependency issues that are holding you back from your growth. Your emotional self-sufficiency will be revealed. Cancer rules the fourth house of Your Personal Foundation. Your PERSONAL POWER. Emotional and financial security. The stronger your foundation the more you can achieve in the world. Do you have strong boundaries?

This Full Moon is going to expose the Truth. The Emotional Truth of both your strengths and weaknesses. Your strengths are those areas of your life that are working out. That is the good news. You will see clearly where you’re doing well.

These past few years many of us have lost loved ones. People have lost a parent or partner. Good friends that are dear to us. This grief needs to be purged. This is a deeply personal process. Everyone manages grief in their own way. There is no right or wrong or time limit. Be patient with yourself. Do what helps your RELEASE and FEEL LIGHTER.

Pluto-like Mars rules your POWER. You need to have personal power to be an effective person. Both rule the sign of Scorpio. The most POWERFUL sign of the zodiac. Because of their power to die and be reborn. Like the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes, you are being born anew.

This Full Moon is going to test you. You may find that your theory or idea is put to a practical test. “The differences between effective and ineffective teachers show up where the rubber meets the road, in the brains of the students”

For me, a good day is feeling effective and productive. Plowing my field. So, I can build the life I want this year.  This is a year of BIG DREAMS. But before you get to the JUICY GOOD STUFF. January is a time to release and purge anything holding you back. You are changing. Your interests could be shifting. It could be time to look for a new vocation. Or you could change how you’re working to better suit your needs. What is complete for you?

Pluto is coupled with the Sun and opposing the Moon. This creates intense encounters with others. There could be a fight going on inside of you. There may be conflicts with other people. The power is always with the one who ACTS and does not react. Some people may be on a power trip. Demonstrating an abuse of power. The bully. The one who always has to be right. This aspect brings out the darker nature in people. There could be jealousy and manipulation. People may use guilt to control you. Smother love or over possessiveness. These are not love. They are fear. We either come from LOVE or fear.

Don’t resist what’s happening. Flow with it. Step back if your buttons are being pushed and you’re quick to anger. You may have not all the facts Mercury is retrograde. And you don’t want to punish the people around you. Because you are frustrated or in pain. Take a beat. Wait until you have your composure back and then ask for what you need.

This too shall pass is a good mantra. This is a void of course, Full Moon. This means it’s not making any applying aspects until it changes signs. The message is to chill out.  A few hours after the Full Moon the Moon enters Leo. Two days later the Sun enters Aquarius. These past few days may feel rocky but the road will be made clear. The good news is you will see clearly what is working in your life. Where you are being effective. And these are the areas you want to focus on in the weeks and months ahead.

The Cancer Full Moon is the Phoenix rises from the ashes. It’s about YOUR TRANSFORMATION happening right now. Shedding the old skin to give birth to a NEW YOU. To a more fun part of you. So that we are not projecting our shadow out onto others. We own our pain so we can heal it. Being connected to your soul.  The creative part of you. Who thrives on curiosity and the desire to learn. The continuous seeker of knowledge. Because knowledge is power. New doors will be opening for you. Use this time to heal yourself so you can BE READY to make your dreams come true. Happy New Year! 


Kelley XX


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8 thoughts on “Cancer Full Moon is our first full moon of the year”

  1. Hi Kelley,
    Thanks for the full moon information. I am so glad that I watched your video over on YT and came over here to read your blog, too. Other astrologers didn’t mention the moon I’d void of course. I think that changes things a bit, although it’s still quite intense.

    I had an angry email exchange with a principal before the holidays and am afraid what will happen next week and the week aftet. Someone was very underhanded and he seems not to care. I think there was stuff behind the scenes. I am afraid it might come to a head by the 17th. Now that I have watched your video, I will try not to let my buttons get pushed. Do you have any advice for the acting versus reacting? I will try to say that I am not going to give an answer right away if something goes down, but I suspect the person who was being underhanded is going to come out swinging. I called her out on something unethical. Yikes! Do you recommend waiting until February to quit, if it’s possible? I might “get quitted” if you know what I mean. I have definitely felt scorpionic in the last few days, but that I hate that. It is such an energy suck.

    In any case, it’s so nice to see you back.

    Happy New Year!

  2. HI Kelley !
    Thanks a lot for ones more !!!
    Wish you health and love for this new year ❤️


  3. Thank you Kelly,Thanks for being so clear on this cancerian full moon. I am a cancer, Pisces rising and Jupiter in 12th house of pisces.
    i have been going through a lot of the death process , letting go of much.
    I am more ready as i continue to work on me.
    love and best of success for you always VANDANAH

  4. Tamara Calverley

    Thank you Kelly!
    Wish you a wonderful year. Health, Love and joy abundantly. (You are the dun and joy).

  5. I’m a cancerian and you seem right on the money. I love your Astrology Videos Kelly…Thanks for the Monthly insight! Happy New Year!

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