What would you do with a million dollars?

I’m serious. What would you do with a million dollars if it suddenly landed in your bank account?

When I pose that question, I find there are two kinds of people.

First, there are the ones that immediately plan out their windfall. This group of people sees all the possibilities. They’re thinking about their most significant pain points and how money can solve them. Maybe they’ll travel or buy a new car or home. Or maybe, they’ll put it in savings for a wonderful retirement down the road. Some people are content with their finances and dream about the charities they could help. Whatever the choice is, this group has no problem planning and dreaming about how to use that million dollars. 

And then there is the second kind of person. Responses from this group of people usually go something like this: 

“A million dollars isn’t what it used to be…”
“Can you imagine the taxes?! After Uncle Sam gets paid, I won’t have much left to spend.”
“Where did the money come from? I don’t need charity.” 

This second group of people sees money – even hypothetical free money – as a problem. It’s a chore to even think about it.

Now, I have a second question for you. Which group of people do you think has money flowing to them more readily? 

If you said the first group, you’re right. People that see money as a burden are going to see less of it in their lifetime. 

To welcome money into your life, you have to be open to the possibilities it creates. We all grew up with ideas about money. Some people are afraid of the responsibility money can bring. Others were taught growing up that rich people are snobs. 

It’s completely normal to believe the money attitudes that you’re surrounded with as a child. As an adult, it’s your responsibility to assess what beliefs you’ve collected, choose what serves you well, and change what doesn’t. You also want to work with your own personal astrology.

Clear your mind of your negative beliefs about money and align yourself with your astrology, and you’ll be ready to welcome financial abundance. 

So, how can you change your beliefs? It comes from doing soul searching. What feeling does wealth bring to you? Excitement? Worry? Stress. If you’ve got a negative emotion, ask yourself why. Why are you worried? Because your parents always stressed over bills? Why does that affect you today? Ask yourself why (and keep asking) until you’ve hit the core of your beliefs.

You can change your beliefs, but our astrology carries with us from birth. 

You can review your astrology for cues about money. How does it affect your attitudes towards money? What natural talents do you have in dealing with money? What holds you back? 

I promise you that anyone – ANYONE – can reach wealth and achieve it. You just need to understand where you’ve been and where the stars will take you.

Much love and abundance,





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The stars reveal what is of true worth to you

I spent some time Zooming with a friend recently. She was laid off from her job in a dentist’s office. Despite being out of work, she is lucky to have some job security. She’ll be called back when the office can reopen, but she didn’t even like her job anyway. So, she saw being called back as both a blessing and a curse.  

All things considered; I was thrilled for her. Sure, the bills are an issue until unemployment kicks in, but her blessings were abundant. She had extra time to reflect on her life. She had a job to go back to, so she wasn’t worried about seeking employment. She could pursue her passions and discover what truly made her happy!  

Unfortunately, my happiness for her was short-lived when she told me she’d spent the last six weeks watching cat videos and binging TV shows. 

We all need time to chill out. It’s a stressful time. We should all be making time to de-stress in ways that work for us. However, my friend is now more stressed than ever! How much can cat videos help your de-stress, if they ultimately cause you stress?! 

If you’re not happy where you are, YOU are responsible for changing your situation. Given all the retrogrades starting in May, that is Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter, Venus retrograde May 13—June 25 is an opportunity to tune into what you love and value you NOW in your life. It is an excellent time to do research into potential areas of employment or starting your own business. 

Here’s what I recommended to my friend and what I recommend to anyone that is not happy where they currently are in life. Spend time actively seeking out what will make you happy. What are your personal needs? 

Make a plan. Write it down. Work at it every free moment you have. Make finding happiness your second job!  

I spent the rest of the Zoom session with my friend Sam helping her with her plan. She doesn’t like being a hygienist. But Sam has no idea what she DOES like. This is a problem that can be fixed. Sam’s astrology tells her that she is best focused when connecting with nature. This can mean so many different things…gardener, park ranger, astronomer, weather person, etc. If you are like Sam and have no idea what you loved to do for work. Or perhaps you are at a place in your life where you are seeking a NEW life purpose. 

Here’s what I want you to include in your work/purpose happiness plan. Write down everything that you think might make you happy. Make a giant list. Then get ready to research each item, one at a time. Google every career. Look up each one on YouTube. 

YouTube is the number one resource library in the world. If you need a recipe, are curious about ancient civilizations, or want the latest celebrity gossip. There are channels for everything! There are also many readers on YouTube. I’ve been partnering with a couple of them recently to broadcast live. Here’s is a recent live broadcast I did with my star student Raphael Rey.  

My point here is this: if you seek information, you will find it. Be purposeful in your search. Mindlessly watching videos, or surfing social media, will not amount to much. But instead, seek knowledge with a specific intention. Use your astrology to guide your path. Seek information about your interests, but ensure they align with what’s right for your soul. And what you personally need NOW in your life to be happy. What’s worth your valuable time?   

After you’ve spent some time learning about one profession, take some time to unpack your new knowledge. What did you like? What didn’t you like? For instance, if you just spent some time learning about growing food, perhaps the idea of working at a large nursery or farm appeals to you. Or maybe it seems like back-breaking work. Make notes about what you learned. Write down what you liked and didn’t like. Visualize yourself in that role. How does it make you feel? Passion clues are determined by how a job makes you feel. We give too much of our life force energy to making a living.  That it’s worth your time and effort to find work that interests you. Life is too short to be wasted in work that you dread. When there are so many ways to find work that gives you passion. 

Work through your list. You may keep adding to it as you learn about new fields. Once you’ve Googled and YouTubed every career, take stock of what you liked and find experts locally. Visit a nursery or local shop, ask your friends who they know in various fields. Talk to everyone and let them know your interests. I’d be willing to bet you have more than a few friends of friends that currently hold your dream job.  

Talk to everyone you can about new career ideas. How did they get where they are? Did they have specialized training? What do they dislike about their job? The more you know, the better informed you are to make the leap to something new. And when you do find work that interests and excites you, the old dread will be gone. YAY! 

I do recommend reviewing your Personalized Money Report. Because it reveals what you need in your life that is of TRUE WORTH to you.  I review all of my reports every few months to keep myself centered and focused.  

There is a time for everything. Let the stars guide you every month. Don’t get discouraged. Your true path is out there, and I know you can find it! Take advantage of this downtime and see who you are NOW. Play with the idea of a new life that includes work that thrills you. Work that gives you that purpose to get out of bed in the morning and take on your day. Remember that you were born for greatness. You are a HERO for being here during these insane and chaotic times. Please Settle for MORE!

Tons of Love and abundance,




Check out the Modern Natal Report  “The Modern Natal Report is great for customers and those folks who are curious about their charts and want that ‘first-time look’ to see what it is all about. It is easy to understand and will not scare away the novice. For students of astrology, it gives you a clear indication of how a chart should be read for a client. I can highly recommend this program.” — Carol A Wiggers, Horary Practitioner Diploma Course JustUS & Associates Publishing.

The Personalized Money Report highlights some of the indicators in your horoscope that point to your inborn relationship with money. What makes you feel abundant. How do you feel wealthy? What do you need in your life that is of true worth? How you are able to attract material prosperity to you. 

Who rules your second house of money?

Did you ever wonder how Beyoncé and Oprah run empires with the same 24 hours a day that we all have? Sure, they have plenty of hired help. At the end of the day, though, they sink or swim based on their own mindset, motivation, and business savvy. No one you ever hire will be 100% focused on you. 

I remind myself of this all the time. No matter how much support from loved ones I have, I run my own business. And no matter how much help I may hire, success is still up to me. And your success is up to YOU! You can either have excuses or results. But you can’t have both. Distractions too are the death of success.

And here’s the thing: Once you find your PASSION, it’s not about work anymore. It’s about the JOY of doing what you love. Not that I love everything that I do every day, because I don’t. It’s that my passion gives me my Purpose to get out of bed in the morning and keep going through the fear and chaos of these turbulent times.  

I do love teaching. And this too was confirmed for me in my Personalized Money Report. I have talked about this with you in the past. I also have Virgo ruling on the second house. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo. Your second house rules your personal income. And what you love and value. How to maximize your resources for your greatest success. 

My Money Report suggests that I can be financially influential with my personality. For instance, this might suggest success through sales, marketing or other mercurial occupations, i.e. writing, speaking, and lecturing. I do enjoy all of these activities. And they’ve helped me be successful throughout my life. Who rules your second house of money?

I too notice the cyclical effect of Mercury retrograde in my business. And I am thrilled that Mercury who rules commerce and the marketplace is now direct! This is good news. YAY!

I am incredibly grateful to those that have trusted me over the years. While they learned from me. I too have learned from them. I’ve acquired new skills, but most of all. I’ve learned how and where I can best help.  

Between YouTube and the Academy, I get asked a lot about how I manage so many different projects. Here’s my best advice:  



Spend at least 10% of your time planning. Figure out what needs to get done. Write everything down, from the biggest tasks to the smallest.



In order to be effective, you want to work SMART. 

Not sure how to prioritize? First, review the list of tasks that you’ve created. 

Next, weed out the secondary tasks. These are the things that you can’t do just yet. For example, there’s no need to put a mailing list sign up on your website until you have a lead magnet to give away. Which means you give a gift for signing up. And you want to make sure that you tell people what that gift is; because we love getting free stuff. It makes us feel special to get gifts. Its human nature.

And, there’s no sense working on social media posts until you’ve set up your accounts. Customers need to have a place to land. And this will prove that you are ready to RECEIVE the abundance the universe wants to send to you. 

Once you’ve narrowed down your list to your primary tasks – the things you CAN do right now – then plan out what will give you the most impact. Here’s one example: researching to find a business niche will go farther than creating a hundred products to see what works. And a mailing list can be way more powerful than posting on Facebook every day.  

If you’re still stuck, remember this: there is no right or wrong answer. If you aren’t certain where to focus your time, pick a task, and work on it. It’s better to move forward doing something than sit still and do nothing. Action speaks louder than struggling and helps to move the energy forward.


Once you’ve got your list of priority tasks, schedule them on your calendar. Even if you only have one hour a week, or 10 minutes here and there, schedule them in. Then, stick to your schedule.  

You’ll want to review your schedule every morning. Make sure you’re prepared to work when you can. That might mean taking your laptop, journal, or other work items with you first thing in the morning.  

And don’t forget to be smart about your schedule. Have an extra hour while the kids are at practice? Use that time and get some work done. Waiting at the doctor’s office? Work on the engagement for your social media or responding to your YouTube comments. 



Make sure that you continue the process. Spend time planning every week. Did you get everything done you wanted to? If not, why not? Make a note of your challenges and what you can do to tackle them. Do you need to add new tasks to your priority list? Do you need to reschedule something from last week?  

Remember, only YOU can hold yourself accountable for your dreams. If you truly want something, you CAN achieve it. The only thing holding you back is you.


“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.” 

 –Colin Powell 



Lastly, and this is a big one. Make sure to REWARD yourself for finishing your tasks. It’s important not to just jump to the next thing. Instead, take a moment and celebrate your accomplishments. Celebrate your hard work. Celebrate the small wins and the lessons. Reward yourself for doing the work. It can be for five fun minutes. Put your favorite song on and dance. Small moments can do BIG things for you.  There are up and down days. Life is no rose garden. And remember that a job well done is its own reward in personal satisfaction. It keeps a smile on your face. And what success means for me. What makes you feel successful? Feedback on the blog we would love to hear from you.

To your greatest success!  

Love and Abundance, 




The Personalized Money Report is a fantastic tool to help you understand your relationship with money. And, how you can maximize your natal birth chart to build abundance!