Positive Astrology & Tarot YouTube Live Stream Today!

I want to invite you to our YouTube Live Stream today at Noon EDT where I and my star student Raphael Rey will be doing Positive Astrology & Tarot for your Empowerment. Today is the Libra Full Moon. We will discuss the astrology of the Full Moon and the astrological events in April.

I can’t wait to see you there: https://www.youtube.com/c/KelleyRosano


I look forward to reading your comments every time I write a blog or do a video. Some people agree with me. Others don’t. I always appreciate your feedback all the same. Lately, I’ve really appreciated hearing how the COVID-19 situation is affecting all of you.  

We have all been touched by the pandemic. Some are feeling the effects more than others. A lot of people are feeling social isolation. Some are already feeling a financial pinch. Others are worried about their loved ones in essential jobs. 

What I’m loving most, though, is seeing a community come together as one.

In my neighborhood alone, I see tables with free craft supplies set out for kids. Teddy bears everywhere for “family bear hunts.” People are offering up what little cleaning supplies they have to those that have none. I see people offering to run to the stores for those that can’t. I’m even seeing local grocery stores offer free food to those that have been laid off and are in need. 

Amid this crisis, it’s truly a beautiful thing to see people focused on those around them. We normally spend so much time focused on ourselves. The difference has been profound. And the community spirit feels like magic in the air.

The small acts of kindness are the miracles we need to get through this. And that is a lesson unto itself. If you feel like you need a miracle right now, focus on service.  


People have lost jobs and lost income, but there’s no reason to lose hope.

Everyone has something to give. Focus on giving. Give what you can – money, time, or skills. It doesn’t matter. There is a need we can all fulfill. Give as charity when you can. Or, if you’re looking for ways to increase your own income, focus on giving, and you’ll find success. 

Purchasing, in general, has slowed down, but it has not stopped. Hone in on what people need right now. You can build an income or sustain a current business just by tuning in to others’ needs.  

Think about the skills you have and figure out how to use them. Think creatively and make a list of everything you do well. How can you use your skills to serve others in need right now?

For instance:

  • Are you a grammar geek or a former science major? Offer up your services for online tutoring. There are a lot of overwhelmed parents out there struggling to help their kids with remote schooling. 
  • Can you sew? Make masks to sell in your community. Donate to health professionals what you can. There are patterns everywhere online.
  • Offer to make meals for essential workers putting in long hours.
  • Ask senior neighbors and family if they need help shopping online for their essentials.
  • Are you especially good at computers? People and businesses need help in setting up virtual offices. Offer your services on community message boards.

If you have a business already, ask yourself how can your business transfer to the current economy. Can you move face-to-face meetings online? Can you make how-to videos? Can you sell different products or services? Can you meet the direct needs people have right now, isolated in their homes?

These are crazy times, but with a little creative thinking and a positive attitude, you WILL get through this. We all will.

It’s OK if you’re not sure what your gift is. My Personalized Money Report can help. Now more than ever, you’ll want to make sure your financial goals are aligned. This report will show you how to optimize your relationship with money. You will learn all about your strengths and weaknesses. You will be able to make better decisions about earning, saving, and spending money. 

I guarantee that once you optimize your true gift and align it to help others, you will be unstoppable! Be safe. Be well. #AloneTogether

“The real joy in life comes from finding your true purpose and aligning it with what you do every single day.” – Tony Robbins

LOVE and Abundance,



P.S. Here’s that link again to my Personalized Money Report is a fantastic tool to help you understand your relationship with money. And, how you can maximize your natal birth chart to build abundance! 

And my channel for the Libra Full Moon Live Stream https://www.youtube.com/c/KelleyRosano

What are you thankful for?

In my last blog, I talked about starting 2020 by reflecting on 2019. I hope you looked over the events of the past year.  If you haven’t yet, there’s no time like the present. Think through all aspects of your life. Think about everything that happened – the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

There are two reasons to reflect on the past: 

For one, it’s a good practice to give some honest thought about how you can do better. Life is about growing and rising to new challenges. It’s what keeps us young at heart. It also keeps us from getting bored and stagnate. 

The second reason is about being happy with where you are right now. Yes, you CAN be both happy with your current life and seeking to improve it.

It’s all about mindset. Being THANKFUL will feed your soul. It’ll keep you nourished when you have a bad day or a bad week. The contrast is there to help clarify what you want more of in your life. 

So, tell me, as you reflect on 2019, what are you thankful for?  

You may want to keep a journal of what you’re thankful for. From the big stuff to the little, write it all down. It doesn’t matter if you journal it once a day or once a week. Take a few minutes on a regular basis to think about your blessings. Commit them to paper. I promise it will make a HUGE difference.

 It will keep you focused on the positive – and the positive aspects of improvement. And draw to you the good things in life.

 Here’s what I’m grateful for today:

  • My family and dear friends
  • A warm home that keeps the cold winter out
  • A wonderful coach that keeps me focused 
  • Thriving YouTube channel
  • Coffee!
  • The person at the grocery store that let me go ahead with my one item 

My list changes regularly. And I’m sure yours does too. Tell me in the comments what you’re thankful for right now! I would love to hear from you.  It’s a new day. It’s a new year. It’s a new decade. It’s a new You!

Love and Blessings,



While you’re thinking about 2019, take a moment to think of where you want to be at the end of 2020. The winter months are the perfect time to focus on growing your business on YouTube. I’m getting ready to host two FREE webinars about how to launch and grow your own YouTube Channel. Can you imagine how it would feel to quit your day job because your YouTube Channel is creating a GROWING income for you? Curious? Learn more here: https://kelleyrosano.com/youtube-insiders-free-webinar/

my four keys to success

I’ve been a coach and teacher for many years. I’ve helped men and women discover their passions, learn how to escape their personal limitations, and grow to new heights. 

When you start a personal growth journey, a lot of ingredients go into the mix.  


First and foremost, it takes courage! Courage to admit you can do better and be willing to try new things.  

It takes a massive amount of courage to set out into new territory. Whatever your version of “familiar” is…even if it’s not ideal…is often much more comforting psychologically than something new. The human brain doesn’t like gambling on comfort. We’re creatures of habit. 

Being open to the new is truly half the journey. 


The second ingredient for success is mentorship. Change takes a good mentor or coach. I set up my Academy to teach others how to find their success and be prosperous. But you know what? I, too, have a coach! 

I’ve always been hard on myself. I find and exaggerate my faults. Sometimes I refuse to admit areas where I need to improve. It’s human nature! But a good mentor or coach will help you see yourself as you really are. They’ll help you find a path for growth and hold you accountable.  

Whether you take a course in my Academy, find a personal coach, or connect with a colleague to ask for support. That extra knowledge-sharing and accountability is key for your OPTIMUM SUCCESS. 


The third thing that you need to grow is insight. This can come from so many sources.  

Self-reflection plays a big role. We learn so much of how we act (and react) from our family. And from our experiences growing up. Was your family fighting all of the time? If so, calm might be unfamiliar and even uncomfortable. So, you stir up drama because it feels “normal.”  

I also teach about insight in my courses. If you want to make money, you need to do some digging into your past and find your money blocks. 

Perhaps you grew up in a family that never had enough. Or, your parents viewed rich people as spoiled and selfish. These types of views can lead to a skewed perspective on success and making money. There could be a subconscious belief that, if you become wealthy, you would become a spoiled brat. And, to you, it’s more important for you to be a good person that may struggle with money. But, once you understand these blocks, you can work towards removing them and opening up to wealthy and successful energy. This is rereferred to as your Money Mindset. And you know the old saying, “It’s not how much you make, it’s how much you keep.”


The stars are there to guide you. So, why not let them. Your personalized money report is a great way to learn more about your relationship with money.  

How do you like to earn money? What is your potential? And what areas are you likely to excel in when it comes to making money? The money report contains all of this info.  

For instance, I discovered that while I love to be creative and work independently. But, my major purpose in life was teaching. My Part of Fortune is in Taurus (rules money.) And in my Ninth House of teaching. Your Part of Fortune will show you where is your greatest happiness and Joy and where you will be the most PROSPEROUS.

For me, when I learned this, I’d had my YouTube channel for a while. My videos help guide people’s lives. But I realized that teaching was much more my passion and a key to my happiness. That’s when I felt that it was time to start my Academy. It was scary to move out of my comfort zone. Life never provides guarantees that what you do will work out, but I knew it was time to grow in a new direction and that I could help many people build a path to their own financial independence. 

I thought to myself, if I am unwilling to take a chance, how could I ask my students to take a chance with me? 

The minute you choose to do what you really want to do, it’s a different kind of life. I was ready for my life to be different. Sometimes it’s good to shake things up and break out of your comfort zone and take your life in a new direction.  

Here’s the bottom line: if you want success, you deserve every possible tool to get yourself there. Maybe you want to grow a business. Maybe you want to pay down your credit cards. Maybe for you it’s about finding inner peace in the new year.  

I believe in you! Whatever goal you’re searching for, you are worth the best! There’s no point in doing anything halfway.  

Go ALL IN in 2020 and work every angle and every avenue! Be UNSTOPPABLE and you WILL get there!

To your success! 





From winter to spring, we will use the quiet introspective time of winter to pull our energy in and focus on building thriving YouTube Channels and Winning Websites. It’s a brilliant time to work on growing your own channel because there are far fewer distractions in winter. There are so many ways you can use YouTube to grow your business. YouTube is always looking for great content. Think of what 1000 loyal subscribers could do for your livelihood. You don’t need large numbers to do great on YouTube. And I can show you how!

I will teach you the techniques you need to grow fast and work smart with less stress and struggle so that you can enjoy the journey. We’ll have tons of fun too!

Wanna learn more about my free webinars coming in January? 

Here’s the link to buy your very own personalized money report.



Are you a winner or a troll?

I’ve been in this business long enough that I can predict who will be successful in their goals. I can also see who will not. I’m going to share a few predictors here:

Predictor number one:

Are you willing to do the research to learn? Will you put in the work necessary? Are you WILLING to roll up your sleeves for 16-hour days? No? Well, I’ve got bad news for you.

Predictor number two:

Are you working to your strengths? Are you seeking ways to play to your strengths? If not, it’s time to start exploring what makes you HAPPY. What are you good at? What comes natural to you? If you don’t know what you’re good at, start exploring! Once you’ve got a few ideas, find ways to make money with it.

Predictor number three:

Are you genuinely happy for those around you? When friends are successful while you’re at a low point, are you still jumping for JOY with them?

This is such a simple thing. It doesn’t cost anything. It doesn’t even take any time. In fact, it often takes MORE time to be unhappy at someone’s success. So, why are so many people happier when they’re putting others down?

Misery loves company, right? Well, so does success. If you want success, surround yourself with successful people. CELEBRATE with them! All it takes is a quick text, call, or note. Even just a quick positive vibe sent their way can be a HUGE asset for both them AND YOU!

When we send positivity into the world, we get positivity back. We get SUCCESS!

And negativity breeds more of the same. Why jeopardize your own success by putting negative energy into the world? Negativity will only bring YOU down. Did you know that we make more wrinkles from frowning then we do from smiling?

Here’s another side effect of celebrating others. Once you get used to celebrating others. It becomes much easier to CELEBRATE yourself. There are so many people out there that hide in the shadows. They don’t share their goals or their successes. They have lots of excuses as to why they’re not where they want to be. Are you one of those people?

I promise, if you start sharing your successes – even the little ones – you’ll find so much support from those that want to celebrate YOU! Sure, there may be a few trolls along the way, but who cares? Trolls are only spewing their own negativity because they’re unhappy. Ignore them and move on. This is why you have a delete key.

Focus on celebrating others and too let them celebrate you!  Don’t be shy. Be bold. Be brave. I don’t always get it RIGHT the first time. What is that saying, third time’s a charm. “Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.” –Winston Churchill

Now here’s your challenge. Share one thing this week with others that you’re proud of. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, let it out. Take a chance. Shine your light. And watch the LOVE pour in!



Where do you want to be in 3 months from now?

No one ever says they wished they’d spent less time with their families and more time working a job they hated. No one says that their fulfillment came from hustling in a rat race. Yet, many people work jobs that leave them feeling empty, that take time away from the people they love, and that leave them too tired to pursue the hobbies that make them happy. All because the need to survive creates fear. It’s easy to fear not having enough, not being able to get more, or that resources will dry up.

The world has become poisoned by a scarcity mindset through fear; “I need to have more because there’s not enough for everyone. When I have enough for me, then I’ll help others who don’t have enough.” This way of living, as in gaining more of what we already have out of fear we won’t be able to get any more of it, closes us off to a fulfilling life. We end up trading too much of our time and sanity to earn more money. We spend more and more on things that don’t matter to us. We feel unnecessary pressure to own, have, and do things one way because that’s what we’ve been told to define things as “success.” This type of thinking can keep you in survival mode.

I think more people need to be having this conversation, about what makes them truly happy. Because we can all easily get caught up in money and lifestyle that way. Fulfillment has nothing to do with how much money you can spend on something. A more extravagant lifestyle is not better or more meaningful. Your life is what you make of it regardless of how much material wealth you have.

When I started my YouTube channel, I wanted to help others by sharing my gifts. It seemed like a great platform to do that because no one was yet providing detailed astrology readings. It lets me reach people around the world to who I would otherwise have no connection to. I just followed my intuition – my need to live my life by following my heart, and it worked out in my favor. It always does! So, what are you holding yourself back from? What message or gift do you feel called to share with the world?

I am thrilled to share with you my new YouTube Insiders course. That I will be offering in August. It’s about How to Build A Thriving YouTube Channel, a Winning Website, and so much more. Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube says that by the end of 2020 there will be 5 Billion users on YouTube. This creates opportunities for anyone who wants to grow and prosper. Here is a brief video explaining my Free Webinar.

I recognize that not all of my readers will be interested. This is why I have created a separate email list for you to sign up here: YouTube Insiders Course

And when you do sign up, you will get the “Love My Business Program.” A $77 value simply for joining us!

I know I’ve mentioned money a lot in this blog. But I’m talking about wealth in every sense of the word here. Do you feel wealthy in love and companionship? Do you feel wealthy in happy memories and experiences? Do you feel wealthy in having work you’re excited about? Do you have the time you need to do the things that light you up? Are you loving you properly?

It’s up to you to find fulfillment in your life. It’s up to you to decide what you will do with your time. How you’ll spend your money, and why. The way you do that is to live authentically. Be true to yourself. Take risks.  Be kind to you. Decide for yourself what happiness is and know that you will always have enough of everything you need to live a comfortable, joyful life.

Maybe you’re not entirely sure what that means. Maybe you’ve been doing things the way you were taught to for so long. You’re not sure what feels right for you. If that’s the case, it’s never too late to dig deep and make changes. I discuss these concepts and more on my own YouTube channel. From finding your bliss to earning an income doing what you love. I help you tackle it all. Nothing brings me greater pleasure.

As you may already know, I’m also passionate about building people up to start and thrive in their own businesses! I love to help them realize their gifts and turn it into a profitable business. Where they get to be their own boss and decide how to spend their time. If you’ve been stuck and ready for a breakthrough. Or you want to explore what life can be with a fresh mindset. I encourage you to sign up for my Free YouTube Webinar.  Whether you have a business of your own. Want to start one, or want to explore your hobbies in a fun way. This course will give you all the tips and tricks to get started.

Fulfillment in life is about the connections you make and the time you spend pursuing the things that bring you joy. You never know when you could help someone. Teach them something new, or share exciting news all from your own YouTube channel. I can help you get started so that you get through the learning curve. And nail your first video posts without fear or doubt!  The time to live for yourself is now! Don’t wait to shine your light and find your bliss. There’s nothing to lose. I can show you how to go from surviving to thriving! Where do you want to be in 3 months from now?

with enormous love,