How to stress less and sleep better

Have you ever noticed that on nearly every sitcom, the entire show revolves around a miscommunication? It usually starts out that someone is afraid to tell someone something. Before you know it, there’s a whole hilarious situation that came out of a lack of information. In the end, everyone inevitably gathers and has a good laugh.

I don’t watch a lot of TV. It drives me nuts to see people skirt around issues. And I can’t stand to watch people dance around what they want to say. And let me tell you, the repercussions of poor communication are rarely hilarious. 

In the real world, what do you get from holding back or hiding how you feel? Nothing good comes from hiding information. Maybe you do it because you’re trying to protect someone’s feelings. Perhaps you’re afraid to let people down. Maybe you dislike conflict so much that you’d rather keep your real feelings to yourself. Or, for some people, they were punished as children when they spoke their truth. So, they learned it’s better to lie than to be honest.

But the truth is, you’re really not protecting anyone – not even yourself. Because holding your feelings back creates a loss of identity. You can wake up one day and not know who you really are and what you want. Pleasing others can lead to a loss of your own soul. And nothing in this world is worth losing your soul. It’s all you have to take with you when you transition into Spirit. It’s the BEST part of you! Your soul is your inner child. The part of you that is immortal and timeless. The outer form ages but the soul (the inner child) doesn’t. This is good news!

Next time something doesn’t feel right, stop. Take a deep breath and think about what you would want to hear. Would you want someone to tell you what they think you want to hear? Or would you rather hear the truth? Of course, you want the TRUTH! Sometimes the truth is even a little bit uncomfortable. It’s better than being lied to or led to believe something else, though, right?

From this moment forward, you want to commit yourself to the following:

  • Say no when you’re overcommitted. 
  • Ask for help when you need it. 
  • Speak the plain – and sometimes ugly – truth, so people know what’s in your heart.
  • And, for goodness sakes, tell the people you love how you feel!

Now, let’s talk about that ugly truth. I’m not saying you should walk down the street and tell random people you think their outfit is hideous. There’s no good in that. And, it’s not your business anyway.

You’re not out to hurt people. You’re out to live true to yourself. And, ultimately, you want to let others love you – the REAL YOU. They can’t love you, if they don’t know you. 

Speak your truth. Others may not always agree. They may not always heed your advice or requests. But, I guarantee your relationships will be healthier. And your life will be far LESS stressful because you’re not driving around with so much junk in your trunk.

Follow these four guidelines every day. I promise you’ll go to sleep each night feeling much more at ease with your own soul. And you’ll sleep better and wake up feeling empowered. Because you know who your true friends are. And who is really on your team. And you’re LOVING YOU. This too is good news. 

Now a quick question.

I’d love to learn more about you:

What is ONE thing that you’re trying (or dying) to improve in your work or life right now? 

Comment here and let me know. I read every reply myself.



11 thoughts on “How to stress less and sleep better”

  1. As a Libra ascendant/ Fire Sagittarius I am a bit stuck between 2 different impulses. Speaking my voice and giving that inner child of mine some respect and boundaries they need. And not to hurt anyone, avoid confronting them with their failures and incapacity to satisfy myself or meeting my expectations. I hate being disappointed by people, it hurts. I work on the source of disappointment, the part I am responsible for which is my ability to express that I am unhappy with people or situations and to let go afterwards, considering it has nothing to do with abandonment or personal issues. Quite a big deal anyway.

  2. I’m trying to push myself to go after the things I want to do. I’ve always held back and never invested in myself. I’ve struggled with money for a long time – was starving and homeless in my mid-20s, just a few years ago – so being financially secure is so important in my life. But I want to be able to learn new skills, ones I’ve always wanted to learn…to invest in those, and also try harder to reach my dream job. I think I’m finally moving forward, but at a snail’s pace. And I’m sure I could get stuck or go backwards again. I just hope I can continue to find the path forward.

  3. My communication and saying how I feel. I do have an issue with asking for help and taking on too much too people please. I want to be helpful at work, but lately it’s been leading to me doing the most and feeling overwhelmed and. Under appreciated.

  4. Hello Kelly,

    My career as a Loan officer has not done as well as I hoped it would. I would love to increase my units I close each month, but it seems like lenders have to shower realtors with money , for marketing, to get the business. How can I be successful?

    Thank you

  5. Incredible. I’m focused on learning self-love this period, and this post came at the right moment. Thank you so much Kelley. Self-love starts with being true to one’ s feelings. Your post opend my eyes to this key point (I tend to repress how I truly feel due to past conditioning).

  6. I want to get a job.Tell you the truth,I’m not going to earn that much money.I get descriminated for my mental background.But I want to stay positive and not going with negative feelings about it.I did not work for a long time and I’m willing to enjoy the change.People don’t work just for the sallery.I want to work to feel less defferent from the majority people.Working in a way is like maditating,because you have to be someone else,than your home personality,and you are like a little screw in a big machine,that you have to make sure,you’re doing your part of work in some amount of time,making sure the machine,will keep on working,and not get stuck.I am a musicion and I enjoy working on my music at home.I wish I will be more commited to this hobby in my spare time,However,working can help me develop more,structure and self deciplin.

  7. My partners irresponsibility with money has been an issue since we started dating 2.5 years ago. I have discussed this with him so many times but still, he disappoints me again and again by not earning enough money/spending money he shouldn’t and then stressing because he needs money for x (bill payment, life etc). I love him but I am torn because of this one issue I can’t let slide.

  8. I’m trying to bring more close relationships into my life, both in my career and my personal life. I feel I’m struggling because I am hesitant to show my true self. I want the closeness yet don’t really like the people I am around. ‍♀️ We have very different world views. Maybe it’s time for a new local?

  9. I recognize truth where it exists. Your generosity Kelley as a woman who understands business and people, I could wax on but really today I am struck by how sometimes the good that we do may be remembered. Jacques Chirac stood up to a lot of pressure and would not join ‘The Coalition of The Willing’. That was in 2003. It is hard when the drums of war are beating to not join the power play. Many people throughout the world today have expressed their admiration of Jacques Chirac . My gratitude for what is good in our world. More love to you. Mizan

  10. I am dying to find my passion and go to work happy everyday have more freedom and time to do things I am not happy with my job anymore or the pay the pay is horrible

  11. Margaret Rowson

    Hi Kelly. I’m working very hard on my astrology YouTube channel. I do a lot of free content. I do need to set up a store and make more money. I love creating but as a double Aries ♈️ details bore me and I like to move on to the next thing! Need a Virgo for that! Lol want to create some merchandise so I have more incoming income.

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