Love is written in the stars

It’s annoying how Valentine’s Day has been so commercialized. You can lose sight of the value of pure and simple Love. And in truth, the biggest relationship you have in life is with yourself. Be your own soul mate. Be your own best friend. Love you for the precious soul that you are. That’s how Creator sees you. And, so that you can RECEIVE that Love from others.

I always loved Valentine’s Day in elementary school because you gave a Valentine to EVERYONE in the class. No one was left out. Yes, it’s beautiful to celebrate your Love with that special person in your life. But I think February is an opportunity to express Love for everyone. What the world needs now is love sweet love. Who was this Saint Valentine that started all of this? 

“He was the patron saint of lovers, epileptics, and beekeepers. By some accounts, St. Valentine was a Roman priest and physician. Valentine’s Day as a lovers’ festival dates at least from the 14th century.” –Wikipedia

Valentine’s Day has been going on for over 600 years. Now that’s a fun fact. Wow! February is the opportune time to reflect on relationships. And you may find yourself doing that whether you’re in a relationship or not. We can all agree that it’s always helpful to learn and grow as a person. Because others are your mirror. You, too, learn from others. People mirror back parts of self you may not be consciously aware of. Others bring light to the best parts of you. And the parts of self that need healing or improvement. The more work you do on yourself, the BETTER partner you can be. This will benefit current or future significant others and friends, colleagues, and family. 

I’m still learning and growing myself. But I’ve learned a few things about myself recently and how I deal with relationships. 

I can very quickly feel suffocated in relationships. I feel more and more suffocated until I lash out in frustration. This only leads to hurting my partner’s feelings. You can imagine how that goes over when they’re just trying to love me and spend time with me, right?! It’s a PATTERN I’ve lived with my whole life. I long for relationships, but simultaneously feel frustrated in them! It’s the come close to me so I can push you away. Don’t get in my space. And then when I have too much space. I miss him.    

We all have our patterns in relationships. The trick is to understand them and start working WITH them and not AGAINST them.  

I created the Kindred Spirits report to help myself work through relationship patterns. I want to share it with you. This report helps you UNDERSTAND how your unique astrology affects your relationships. This includes your wants, your needs, and your desires.

For instance, I’ve learned through my report that I require independence to be happy. BINGO! I’ve had so much conflict in my past because of my fierce independence. I now know this is part of who I am. Now I can build strategies to work with it. Because it’s who I am. And resisting it doesn’t work for me. 

I’ve learned to build in my own personal time before I burst. My me time is a NEED not a want. I can also communicate with my partner about my expectations. That’s all it takes. No more building up frustrations and hurting feelings. I’ve learned that you have to teach people how to treat you. Just because someone loves you doesn’t mean they know what you want or need. They’re not mind readers. We, too, can say this about our children and friends. Let others know what you need to be happy. 

Here’s what else I’ve learned: my Third House Cusp is in Virgo. Because I expect so much of myself, I expect a high degree of PERFECTION in my partner. I always have and now I know why. I can easily get frustrated over the little things. Like I am not supposed to make mistakes. I’m supposed to be perfect. Yet, I don’t know anyone who is perfect because we are human beings. And you have blinds spots. You can’t see the nose on your face. But everyone else can see it. That’s why you need to love yourself MORE than the need to be perfect and keep a healthy sense of humor because life is too short to sweat the small stuff. 

Through the Kindred Spirits report, I understand my shortcomings. It’s my desire for perfection. Every time something little isn’t up to my standards. I take a step back. I ask myself: is it really important? Or is it my need for control? And my insatiable appetite for perfection. Will this matter to me in six-months from now? If not, then it doesn’t really matter. See where I am going with this? 

These are just two examples of what I learned. I learned so much. But, if you can learn just one thing from your Kindred Spirits Report. I guarantee your relationships will be better off because self-knowledge is POWER. The more you understand yourself and what you need to be happy. The more available you will be for the people in your life. This is good news. 

If you’re looking for more insight, I also offer the Synastry Report that will compare your chart with your partner’s. You will learn how both of your charts work together. You’ll see where your charts may clash. And, it will tell you where you may find potential conflict. It’s another way of understanding your relationship astrology because LOVE is written in the stars. 

I want to empower you to build the best relationships possible. And it all starts with LOVING you. 

My gifts to achieve the relationships you deserve are the Kindred Spirits report and the Synastry report. I’ve even created a Relationship Bundle to save $5.00 when you order both reports. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!




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