Something big is about to happen

I read an article recently about the benefits of alone time. A scientific study found that our productivity, creativity, and even our happiness can increase with a little bit of alone time. Thanks to COVID, we should all be feeling like the Most Creative People that have ever walked the Earth! And I have an added isolation bonus because I live in the North East. Where we have been blessed with one snowstorm after another. Even Mr. Groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil gave us six more weeks of winter. 

Seriously, though, the article focused on balance and making sure that in a sea of responsibilities that life has placed upon us. We take time for ourselves to rejuvenate. Taking five minutes to practice calm and breathe deeply can move the energy. It makes perfect sense. The world has gone a bit crazy lately. I’m not kidding when I say that I’ve spent more alone time this year than the past two decades combined.

I LOVE my space, but I want to go out and about. I want to see my friends and family. I want to be able to interact with people in a way that we no longer can. Instead of striking up random conversations with strangers, I run from them. That’s not normal for us humans. We are social creatures. We are hardwired to be together. Even introverts are telling me that they miss the social interaction. And I am a big hugger. I miss hugging people. I miss smiling and saying good morning. I am smiling but you can’t see it through the mask. 

In the past, I would come home from a day of errands thoroughly frustrated. I’d have a laundry list of annoyances, the noisy kids at the restaurant. The guy at the gym blasting his music. The friend that showed up late, and on and on. Looking back, I realize that these sorts of moments had their magic to them. We’re all just humans trying our best to Survive and Thrive. People coming together, in whatever way, are not to be taken for granted.  

I’ve also had time to reflect on my life in a way that I would never have otherwise. The fewer life distractions I had, the more I realized that I was ready for a change. But seldom do you go directly from one thing to another. There needs to be a pause in between. So that you can figure out what is next. The good news is this Spring holds an opening for all of us that I have not seen in years. Something BIG is about to happen. The planets will align in a harmonious way starting with Jupiter rising in the Spring Equinox chart. This is a promising omen for positive growth and expansion. And you want to be ready for the new people, situations, and fresh opportunities that could surge into your life. It’s going to be a game-changer.  

And with Mercury retrograde until February 20, this is an opportunity to reflect on your life and what is next for you. So, I ask you…what have you learned about yourself through all of this? Have you spent more time alone than usual? How did it affect you? For me, it caused a HUGE transformation in my life and work. What about your transformation? And, if you could have your life exactly the way you want it, what would that look like for you? Are you ready to receive the Fresh Opportunities? Did you know that people are driven by two primal urges?

  • The need to feel safe and secure.
  • The need to feel in control.

In fact, we will forgo prosperity and better horizons just to maintain a feeling of control. And if you find yourself struggling with fear or worry. Know that it’s all part of the process of moving to the Next Level.  Where does courage dwell in you? Pull that courage up. We want to replace fear and worry with FAITH. And taking the right action like learning new skills. In the Tarot, when you get the Death Card. The Universe is telling you that something must end so that something new can begin. This means we need to confront that part of our brain that wants to keep us safe at the expense of a Better Life. Which is living an extraordinary life. In the meanwhile, you can use this time to rejuvenate. So that you are ready to Launch Forward in the Spring. Because the BEST is yet to come. 

Always LOVE, 










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12 thoughts on “Something big is about to happen”

  1. Thank you, Kelley! That is good news; I look forward to the spring equinox.
    Meanwhile, Happy New Aquarius BadddAss Moon today with all the other awakener pals!
    Oh, my. 🙂
    In love and appreciation,

  2. Always get excited to read your wise and inspiring words…and yes, as someone who loves her own space at home, (but am extroverted in public), I certainly got my full dose of alone time reinvention this past year, between Covid and my husband being in hospital &rehab past 3 months…(waiting for the “aha” vision for career reinvention and getting impatient with myself)….still shoveling snow here in NY and spring fever is coming on strong…had to let go of many long time friends, painful, but feeling excited about getting ready to “spring” into a new and improved version of myself Big love to you ,Kelly❣️

  3. I disagree about a primal need being to feel in control because once we feel safe and secure, there is no need to control. The other primal need, as I’ve experienced it, is the need for attachment (babies & children), human connection for adults. This really has been a pandemic of fear and grief because those primal needs have been “controlled” by so-called authority figures. Have you noticed that we never heard word one about prevention or how to improve our immunity? It’s all very suspect on so many levels. Who benefits from all of the mandates – big corporations & big pharma. And we’ve had similar #s of deaths in 2020 as we had for the past many years worldwide.
    Thanks for “listening”

  4. I’ve been home and isolated since june 20 and I have discovered that I am not worried anymore and have increased my faith and awearness. Everything needs to take time. Be in the moment though its been sad to not seeing and hugging and smiling to people and friends . But at first I even were glad to not see so many people because I wanted to just be alone so I believe we needed this reset-button. Blessings from South of Sweden ( Still winter 20 minus degree) /Monica

  5. Well said, perhaps in the Spring there may be a huge breakthrough that gives us the perfect remedy without needing medication to heal the virus.

  6. Hi Kelley,
    I envy the fact that you have a lot of alone time (I wish I had more of that). Due to the pandemic I’ve been taking care of 4 of my grandchildren a lot (their parents are essential workers). Lots of online schooling with the kids (ages 4, 5, 8 and 11 – 2 sets of cousins), who often desire to spend the night (which is fine with me). Lots of lovely family time and education going on over here at Nana and Papa’s house. I am an astrologer too (have been for over 40 years; which like you I love our careers so much.) I’ve had to put my career on pause, for all of 2020 and it’s still on pause, due to lack of time because I am with the grandchildren almost every day. I know priorities are important and family always comes first. I learned this very important lesson while I also went through the finishing touches of my 2nd Saturn return (which also conjuncts my natal Jupiter) in Capricorn (my 5th house) and squared my Venus in Aries (8th house). Everyone is happy and healthy. For that we are blessed. I am truly looking forward to the schools opening again (but only when they are safe to do so). A lot of my friends, who are grandparents too, kept their grandchildren away because they were afraid of getting the virus. Not me though…I’ve been giving out BIG HUGS and KISSES every day, not only to the grandkids but to anyone who stops by and needs some loving compassionate comfort. I’m writing to you to give you a ‘thumbs UP’ on the work that you are doing. Our work is very much appreciated by everyone! I’ve been feeling a bit guilty about not being able to keep up with the astrology work and positive words of reassurance for those that need them so much, but I feel so much better knowing that I can direct my readers and clients in your direction for the positive upbeat information that you give them. So, in a nutshell, I am saying Thank You for doing the incredible work that you do. Keep up the good works! Also keep your good sense of humor shining brightly too! Big Hugs and lots of Love from me to you!

  7. Hi Kelley.

    I’m so excited for the coming of the: Spring Equinox. Are we moving into a new paradigm, or are we in it? Ultimately, it’s a great time to be alive.

    Much love and appreciation for your work.


  8. Yes indeed Kelly, it all seems to be lining up for amazing change and everywhere I look I’m seeing the expectation through Astrology and Tarot and more. Hold on to your hats folks, we are possibly in for an amazing ride and many amazing changes—– for the better. Look forward to more of your amazing words and predictions on all…

  9. Hi Kelly ~ My name is Maryl and I’m just wondering where you are. I miss you on YouTube. You’re my favorite astrologer. Are you okay? I certainly do hope so. Peace and love to you always! ~ Maryl

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