There is no spell to cast for success

I get asked all the time how to start a business. How to grow a business. How to become successful doing what you love. The truth is, there is no magic pill. There is no spell to be cast. I’ve got no secret weapons that I deployed to grow my channel, courses, and business.  

You know what I do have? A passion for helping people, a desire to learn, and a whole lot of determination. 

These are the traits that separate successful people from those that are still struggling. This is GOOD NEWS! It means that if you haven’t yet reached your goals. YOU CAN! Anybody can! 

So, if you want to start or grow a business. You want to help people. Simple enough, right? You might want to help them clean their carpets. Or you might want to help them manage their finances. When you boil it down, it’s all the same. Helping people is your bottom line. No matter what your business.

Next, you have to know HOW to help them. Sure, you need to know how to clean carpets well. But you also need to know how to MARKET yourself. and how to buy the right equipment to do the job.  

If no one knows you exist. you’re not helping them. If you show up and don’t have the right tools. You’re not helping them. Helping people isn’t just about solving their problems. Helping your customers is about being good at running your business. 

Now comes the key. 

You don’t want to look at marketing as a big, scary task. You want to look at it as finding your ideal client so you can HELP them. Don’t get bogged down trying to find the best cleaning machine. Don’t throw up your hands because you’re not good at mechanical stuff. It’s just another facet of helping your client. And you can handle it!

With this subtle mind shift, things get a lot less daunting. And a lot easier to manage. Try to see your product or service from the customers point of view. Frame your marketing in a way that speaks DIRECTLY to them.

The first question that people ask is, “What’s in it for me?” This is human nature. How are you going to help me? Are you going to solve my problem? Are you going to teach me something new? Are you going to make me laugh and see the lighter side of life? See where I am going with this? Walk a mile in the shoes of your ideal client. Empathy is a key ingredient to your marketing success. The market (your tribe) will tell you what they want from you. Your job is to listen to their feedback and then act upon it.

So, next time you’re not sure how to do something. Or what you need to do next. Do what I do: JUST DIVE IN! Take a few bites out of that elephant each day. And acknowledge your wins big or small each day.

Google is your friend! There are Facebook groups and message boards for every topic under the sun. There are local networking clubs. You can find YouTube videos on every subject you can think of. And some you would never have dreamed of! There are also training sites like Udemy and LinkedIn Learning. 

Did you know there is a Facebook group dedicated to people who use Wix to blog? There’s another for running Google Ads. There’s one for dry cleaner owners, for massage therapists, and Etsy sellers. And for just about anything you can think of. And, most of them are free to join. If it’s free. it’s for me. One of my favorite sayings! These groups are filled with experts. Who are ready to share their knowledge about the industry and the lessons that they’ve learned along the way. This is good news! YAY!

The next time you don’t know how to do something. I challenge you to dig in and find out. Do the research work. Eliminate distractions from your life.  And master your craft. Become the best at what you do!

 It doesn’t matter if it’s something big or just a little thing. Google it! Search it on YouTube! Reach out on a Facebook Group. Or find a message board that specializes in that topic.

Now, you do need to know some limits. For instance, if you know nothing about websites. You might want to hire a web developer. BUT once that website is built and you need a quick picture change? Google “updating a Wix picture” (or WordPress, or Shopify…) You’ll be amazed at the resources out there. Just waiting for you.  

Your willingness to learn and your pure DETERMINATION to find out is what will separate you from the dreamers. 

I promise, every time you learn something new. You’ll be super-proud of yourself. As you ought to be! This is how you grow fast and work smart. 

Now, what have you been struggling with lately? Go research that RIGHT NOW!




Your wish is my command…

I recently spoke to my dear followers and students about the importance of being impeccable with your word and always speaking with integrity. It’s important to only to say what you mean and mean what you say. You want to use the power of your words in the direction of TRUTH and LOVE. This includes in your own direction. I was recently told by my coach that my mission is to teach people how to love themselves properly. You can say that you love yourself, but when you neglect your self-care – that is work too hard and don’t get enough rest, or if you tolerate another’s disrespectful behavior – that is not proper self-love.

Everything you say has a vibration and a ripple effect. It’s made more significant by the energy and emotion you put behind it. You may have heard of the “I Am” principle. 

Every time you use the words “I Am.” you’re quoting the name of God. This is your Highest Self. Every time you say, “I Am,” you are creating your life and yourself.

You are truly extraordinary and capable of creating anything you want in your life. 

I often get asked questions about what can be manifested: 

“Can I manifest my soulmate?” 

“Can I manifest a new car?”

“Can I manifest a better job with double the income?” 

The answer is always, “Yes!” Yes, to everything! 

It does require that you are ready for what you ask for. That you are in vibrational alignment with it. And, you always want to say what you want aloud and as if you already have it.

“Thank you, universe, for the soulmate now in my life.”

“Thank you, universe, for my beautiful new car.” 

“Thank you, universe, for doubling my income.” 

See where I am going with this? When you say it this way, you are letting the universe know that you ready to receive what your heart desires. You’re always co-creating with the universe and manifesting your thoughts and beliefs into reality. This is why you want to be purposeful and intentional.

“Purpose and intention can be the foundation of satisfaction. When you choose the way to go and then get there.
Surely be proud of what you have accomplished.” –Ivo, Lisa Dorr

This can cause some people a lot of anxiety. They think that if they stop being positive for a minute or have a bad day, that they’ll start manifesting bad or difficult situations and circumstances into their lives. The universe doesn’t work like that. Merely having a negative thought won’t bring negative circumstances. It’s when you believe in those negative thoughts and put energy behind them, that those negative circumstances can manifest. If you have a negative thought and start to feel bad, choose a new thought. Take a walk. Distract yourself with something else. Don’t feed the beast.

Your subconscious mind creates from your inner beliefs. It works like a Genie in the bottle. Your wish is my command! Your subconscious mind believes what you program into it. That’s why mantras work. But, it’s not enough to say positive things. You have to follow through with action. You can do this by being kind to yourself.

Simply saying you believe something won’t make it manifest. Unless you genuinely have faith, that you deserve it and expect it with excitement and gratitude. When you program your conscious mind to be in a place of love. “I Am Love.” You’ll manifest love. You’ll attract love to you. And this empowers you to spread your LIGHT and warmth to others. This starts with loving you.  

You know the old saying, as you sew, sew shall you reap. That’s the law of attraction! 

It can be hard to wrap your mind around accumulating massive wealth or having the freedom to do the things you want.  Because you have yet to reach that level in your financial life.  

Back with your Genie in the bottle. You can program your subconscious mind to accept your new truths. This is where “I Am” affirmations can come in handy. Once you say a statement often. Your subconscious mind goes to work. It will accept them as truth. And your manifestations will begin to arrive quickly and with ease. This also works great to say what you desire right before you go to sleep. This way you can sleep on it and let your subconscious do the work. When you awake, write down what comes to mind. Think positive thoughts about what you want. Speak with purpose. And speak with clarity to ensure that your life is always filled with joy and love. 

While brief negative thoughts won’t instantly manifest bad things into your life, you want to avoid speaking against yourself.  It’s normal to have a bad day. And, it’s totally okay to feel those emotions when they do come up. But try not to linger on them. Love you more.

And this holds true for what you say about others too. You’re actually saying and wishing for yourself. The reason is that your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between you speaking about yourself or someone else. It takes everything in as truth about YOU. This is why there is no such thing as No. In an attraction-based universe where we live. Because everything means YES come to me.

This is why gratitude and forgiveness practices are significant. It’s not so much that you must forgive someone who has hurt you, but that you forgive another for your own peace of mind. It’s not to let your guard down. You forgive yourself for having to go through the painful experience. This way you will let go of the negative emotions that difficult situations create because they can lower your vibration and block your abundance. And abundance is your birthright. Thank you, universe, for the abundance that is mine. 

You are always creating with the universe. To use your gifts and share your light is to create consciously with God. It is your spiritual power. You were put on this planet for this! There is literally nothing you can’t have, do, or be. And you want to be intentional. 

This is why I started the Kelley Rosano Academy. I believe so much in the power of the Law of Attraction. And that you CAN be ANYTHING you set your mind too. I’m living proof of that! That you too can reinvent yourself. I knew very little about YouTube when I started my channel. But I believed that I was on the right path. And so, I made my way.  

Now, I want to help YOU make your way. So, I’ve created the YouTube Insiders. Where I will take you on a journey with me inside YouTube. And you will learn some of the best YouTube secrets. You can sign up here for our free Webinar on August 1. And I will see you there!

Here’s to your awesome abundance,




Where do you want to be in 3 months from now?

No one ever says they wished they’d spent less time with their families and more time working a job they hated. No one says that their fulfillment came from hustling in a rat race. Yet, many people work jobs that leave them feeling empty, that take time away from the people they love, and that leave them too tired to pursue the hobbies that make them happy. All because the need to survive creates fear. It’s easy to fear not having enough, not being able to get more, or that resources will dry up.

The world has become poisoned by a scarcity mindset through fear; “I need to have more because there’s not enough for everyone. When I have enough for me, then I’ll help others who don’t have enough.” This way of living, as in gaining more of what we already have out of fear we won’t be able to get any more of it, closes us off to a fulfilling life. We end up trading too much of our time and sanity to earn more money. We spend more and more on things that don’t matter to us. We feel unnecessary pressure to own, have, and do things one way because that’s what we’ve been told to define things as “success.” This type of thinking can keep you in survival mode.

I think more people need to be having this conversation, about what makes them truly happy. Because we can all easily get caught up in money and lifestyle that way. Fulfillment has nothing to do with how much money you can spend on something. A more extravagant lifestyle is not better or more meaningful. Your life is what you make of it regardless of how much material wealth you have.

When I started my YouTube channel, I wanted to help others by sharing my gifts. It seemed like a great platform to do that because no one was yet providing detailed astrology readings. It lets me reach people around the world to who I would otherwise have no connection to. I just followed my intuition – my need to live my life by following my heart, and it worked out in my favor. It always does! So, what are you holding yourself back from? What message or gift do you feel called to share with the world?

I am thrilled to share with you my new YouTube Insiders course. That I will be offering in August. It’s about How to Build A Thriving YouTube Channel, a Winning Website, and so much more. Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube says that by the end of 2020 there will be 5 Billion users on YouTube. This creates opportunities for anyone who wants to grow and prosper. Here is a brief video explaining my Free Webinar.

I recognize that not all of my readers will be interested. This is why I have created a separate email list for you to sign up here: YouTube Insiders Course

And when you do sign up, you will get the “Love My Business Program.” A $77 value simply for joining us!

I know I’ve mentioned money a lot in this blog. But I’m talking about wealth in every sense of the word here. Do you feel wealthy in love and companionship? Do you feel wealthy in happy memories and experiences? Do you feel wealthy in having work you’re excited about? Do you have the time you need to do the things that light you up? Are you loving you properly?

It’s up to you to find fulfillment in your life. It’s up to you to decide what you will do with your time. How you’ll spend your money, and why. The way you do that is to live authentically. Be true to yourself. Take risks.  Be kind to you. Decide for yourself what happiness is and know that you will always have enough of everything you need to live a comfortable, joyful life.

Maybe you’re not entirely sure what that means. Maybe you’ve been doing things the way you were taught to for so long. You’re not sure what feels right for you. If that’s the case, it’s never too late to dig deep and make changes. I discuss these concepts and more on my own YouTube channel. From finding your bliss to earning an income doing what you love. I help you tackle it all. Nothing brings me greater pleasure.

As you may already know, I’m also passionate about building people up to start and thrive in their own businesses! I love to help them realize their gifts and turn it into a profitable business. Where they get to be their own boss and decide how to spend their time. If you’ve been stuck and ready for a breakthrough. Or you want to explore what life can be with a fresh mindset. I encourage you to sign up for my Free YouTube Webinar.  Whether you have a business of your own. Want to start one, or want to explore your hobbies in a fun way. This course will give you all the tips and tricks to get started.

Fulfillment in life is about the connections you make and the time you spend pursuing the things that bring you joy. You never know when you could help someone. Teach them something new, or share exciting news all from your own YouTube channel. I can help you get started so that you get through the learning curve. And nail your first video posts without fear or doubt!  The time to live for yourself is now! Don’t wait to shine your light and find your bliss. There’s nothing to lose. I can show you how to go from surviving to thriving! Where do you want to be in 3 months from now?

with enormous love,



The Greatest Love of All

You owe it to yourself to become everything you’ve ever dreamed of being. No one will do it FOR you. No one is put here to make YOU happy and to fulfill all of YOUR dreams — no one except for YOURSELF. You are a great spiritual being. You have the POWER within you to overcome the challenges sent your way and to make your dreams come true.

Only you are fully responsible for your own happiness. If you’re waiting on meeting someone who will save you or hand you everything you want on a silver platter, you’ll be waiting your whole life. Yes, people can be helpful for sure. But, no one has the secret to your success – except you!

If you’re waiting on the email, the interaction or a social gathering that will be your golden ticket to the life of your dreams. I need to tell you that waiting attracts MORE WAITING. I am a firm believer that good things do come to those who wait. That is being patient with our own journey and not using it as an excuse to take the right action. Be your own best friend.

Putting your happiness in the hands of someone else and/or some external circumstance is the opposite of living your life from the inside out. When you align your gifts with your passion and your core values, you find YOUR CALLING. This is why you need to be selfish with your soul’s true desires. You need to nourish them! You want to love you more than the need for a soul mate. You want to love you more than the need for others to “get you” and approve of you.

I think our first instinct is to cringe when we hear the word “selfish.” For Instance, women, in particular, are ingrained from an early age to be selfless. We are taught to care for others emotionally and physically. Caring for others is a beautiful thing. But YOU can’t pour from an empty cup. You too have to take care of yourself!

Men also have had their own stereotypes to overcome. “Big boys don’t cry.” “Be strong.” “If you don’t have money, you’re not making it like a man.” What does any of this false programming have to do with being AUTHENTIC? Your desires are yours because they’re your soul’s highest calling. And using your God-given gifts is to honor Spirit. This may require living outside the norms or rules placed on you from childhood.

Being selfish is necessary! It’s essential to take care of your soul and to pursue what makes you light up.

A person who unapologetically creates a reality that excites them is the most powerful and SPIRITUALLY ALIGNED individual in the room! S/he has the purpose and passion. You live with joy. Things become easier because you know that everything is working out in your favor. And your success is inevitable! As you have defined success based on your highest core values and not from what the world tells you success is for you. This is how you take your power back from the world.  

If you’re not turned on by the life you’re creating, why are you creating it?

What would you rather have instead?

What would you rather experience?

Discover what thrills you, excites you, or brings you joy.

If you’re not creating a life you want, then whose life are you creating?

We often forget how powerful our minds are. You are a magnet for more of what’s already filling your mind. You can be, do, and have ANYTHING you want. The power you have is truly limitless!

If you’re not living for you, and you want your reality to change. Change on the inside first. The patterns that form your beliefs end up manifesting your reality. Decide it’s time to unapologetically LIVE for you. Choose the energy you want to present to the universe. Don’t complain that things aren’t as you want them to be. You can’t complain your way out of a situation. And, you can’t fix a situation for the better if you’re in a low frequency from negative thoughts and complaining. You want to TAKE CHARGE and make those needed changes. You want to Be Proactive. It will make you feel better. You are not waiting around for some outside influence to fix you.  

You owe it to YOURSELF to become everything you’ve ever dreamed of. By becoming that version of yourself,  you will attract all of your desires with ease. You’re 100% in control and creating your OWN reality is way more powerful than living in someone else’s.

Create a life that lights you up, a life that brings out the best in you, and fully supports you. You’ll be an UNSTOPPABLE force.

Don’t limit yourself. Your future WILL be the brightest ever because of the work you do today. You may not have everything you want right now, but everything in your life is in the perfect place for you to RECEIVE it in divine timing.  

You just have to put your SOUL FIRST and know that you deserve it. This is the GREATEST LOVE of All.

with enormous love,



Love the life that you have while you create the life of your dreams

In the last week of the Wealthy Biz Goddess Master Class, we discussed money, astrology, and your business timing. How your astrology may affect or shape you. You can use it in your life, and as always, living your truth. Astrology is multidimensional and can lend to many areas of your life, love, and work. In the course, we focused on financial astrology. That is the money planets and the money houses in your natal birth chart. This helped the students see their potential for building wealth in their life. Many people feel their zodiac sign fits them like a glove. Often, I find that’s because their rising sign is the same as their sun sign. Your astrology can be so revealing of who you truly are, what traits you have, and even what struggles you may face in life. While astrology can be spot on. It should be used as a guideline and not as an exact formula. It’s a wise person who RULES the stars. It is a fool who is ruled by them.

For instance, your birth chart can help you understand your natal promise by exposing your natural talents and strengths. You incarnated with what you may not have previously known about at all. If you apply your strengths to business and make decisions instinctually, you can grow a successful business in no time flat. It won’t even feel like work because you’ll earn by doing things in alignment with you and your spirit. You may even do the work that you love doing. Doing what you want to do is life. And, there is no real satisfaction in living if we are compelled to be forever doing what we don’t like to do and never get to do what we want to do. If you have the desire you can for CERTAIN do what you want to do. Desire is a manifestation of power.

The DESIRE to do something means that you have the POWER within you to make it happen. You have the power to learn new skills. You have the power within you to develop the talent needed in your vocation. You can make your dreams come true because you have the power within you to make it happen. This truth transcends the astrology. In other words, the longer we live the more powerful we become. You become the master of your destiny just as Creator intended. The person who has great mastery graduates into the Ascended Master.  

Your astrology is your CONNECTION to the universe – a roadmap that can guide you through your life, using past life karma and future lessons to further your growth. Perhaps your astrology suggests you’d be good in the medical field, but you don’t resonate with that. Instead, think of all the possibilities that connect you in the way a medical career could. Perhaps it’s a clue that you’re a natural healer.  You could teach yoga. Practice massage or reiki healing. Maybe you heal others through your words like me. The possibilities are endless. They’re simply a guideline to open your mind up to other resources and opportunities.

Being a Wealthy Biz Goddess means that you use your passion to guide you. You’re not defined by what ordinary business practices are, or what the majority rule says. You live authentically. If you are doing what everyone else is doing, you’re doing it wrong. Instead, you use your creative power to build the life you truly desire and not focusing on others. You’re allowing your strengths to take the LEAD and inventing your own opportunities and skills needed as you go.

  • It’s doing what works for you.
  • And not doing what doesn’t work for you.
  • Honoring your uniqueness.
  • Being yourself.
  • Not following the pack.
  • Blazing your own path.
  • Doing your mission. And allowing the money to follow.

The truth is the money follows the mission. When you put the money first, you don’t do as well. But, when you stay focused on your vision the money will follow. You can witness this on YouTube where new people come on. And before they have built their following, they load their videos up with commercials. This is a big turn off. It sends the wrong message that you are not there for the mission. You are only doing it for the money. I am going to be offering a NEW course in how to build a thriving YouTube channel this summer. I’ll keep you posted.

On the other hand, don’t slave away in a passionless job making money for someone else and devoting your time to someone else’s priorities. Life is too darn short if you ask me. Follow your HEART, and your own business will grow organically. Never play the comparison game. You’ll always feel less than.

  • Comparisons take you down fast.
  • It’s about your creative power not the competition.
  • Own your power.
  • No more sacrificing yourself for others.
  • Making the most of yourself is the greatest gift you can give to this world.
  • You lead by example.

Love the life that you have while you CREATE the life of your dreams. When you lead by example people will want to know you secret. Hey, how did you figure that out? How did you build a successful business from scratch? See where I am going with this? People that are successful put their heart and soul into something. They don’t stop until they achieve it. The truth is Creator wants you happy. Creator wants you doing the work that you want to be doing. Creator wants you abundant. In this way, you can make the most of yourself. This is the greatest gift you can give to the world is the best version of you. It sends out the message of hope to others – that they can do it, too. Because it’s true.

“As long as there is life, there is a potential; and as long as there is a potential, there will be a success! You will sprout again when cut down! You will rise again even when you fall!” ― Israelmore Ayivor

with enormous love,




PS. You can get your Personalized Money Report here, and learn more about your natal birth chart as well what the stars say about your inherent relationship with money.