are you ready for love?

The holidays are fast approaching. I’m hearing Christmas songs and seeing black Friday ads. My email is being flooded with sales for Thanksgiving tableware. Recipes for tasty new side dishes are everywhere. What’s not to love, right? 

Well, for some, there’s a lot not to love.  

The holidays often represent disappointment. It’s another trip around the sun where you didn’t find your soulmate. There will be questions from family about when you’ll be bringing someone home. There will holiday parties to attend solo. After a wonderful celebration, you come home to a house that may feel empty.  

Well, as alone as you may FEEL. I promise you that you are NOT ALONE! In fact, the word alone means All~One. In truth, we have all been there at some point in our life. I’ve certainly been there myself. Know that you are loved and appreciated. Know that you’ve got a cheering section bigger than you know. And, that everyone wants to see you happy and prosperous – especially finding love!

Let’s be real. I’m not talking about the Hallmark card love. I’m talking about the stability of having a life partner. You may feel that you’ve exhausted your efforts trying to find someone. You might even think a soulmate doesn’t exist for you. They do! 

I genuinely believe that we all have soulmates out there just waiting to be found. The question is…are you ready? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you hate any of your exes?
  • Do you still get mad or sad about a breakup?
  • Are you jealous of an ex’s new partner?
  • Do you have trouble being truly happy for any exes’ successes since you’ve split?

Did you answer yes to any of those questions? Then, you have more work to do. 

Here’s what I want for you to do. For any relationship you’re still dealing with:

  • Write down three GOOD things that came out of it.
  • Write down three ways you have become a better person because of the relationship…or even because of the breakup.
  • Write down three reasons why YOU ARE OK alone.

Once you have your list, you’ll want to read through it every night. Next, picture what type of soulmate you want. Don’t focus on physical traits. Focus on mental and spiritual qualities. Focus on kindness, patience, and energy level.  

Remember the Law of Attraction! You create your own life! So why not start by creating the life you want in your head. Focus on it. Feel how you want your life to be. And please, KNOW that you deserve it! Because you do! Think about how your life will change and for the better. And I promise you IT WILL! It may not be tomorrow. It may not be before the holidays. 

Before you know it, though, you will have brought precisely the kind of energy into your life that you BELIEVE you deserve. It comes down to what you are ready to receive. And are you good at receiving? 

I have an amazing new report called the Kindred Spirits Report. This report provides an in-depth insight into your relationship patterns. And offers insights into how to meet your needs in intimate unions.  Remember the biggest relationship your having is with yourself. Are you kind and generous with you? Be your own best friend. Be your own soul mate.  Give to you the love that you want from another. When you do this, you are aligning yourself with one who can give you the LOVE that you deserve.

Once you’ve found a potential match. Consider getting a Synastry Relationship Report. This report compares your astrology with your partner’s. It will show you where you’re best aligned. And where you may have some challenges one day. There’s no better way to guide your relationship through the bumpy road of life. 

“Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It’s splendid to find out that there are so many of them in the world.” 
– L M Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

All My Love,



Here’s the link to get my new Synastry Relationship Report.

Or, my Kindred Spirits Report.

Aries Full Moon Love, Passion & Partnership

The Aries Full Moon on October 5 will light your fire. This is an action packed Moon. Mars rules the Aries Moon. He fuels whatever he touches. Mars brings action and energy. He ignites your passion and desire. He is coupled with his divine lover Venus in Virgo. This is the marriage of your male and female energy. This Full Moon will bring to light relationship issues.

Powerful Pluto is challenging both lights (the Sun and the Moon). Pluto rules the Sub Rosa element. What is hidden, secret and taboo. You are being asked to own your power and transform your relationships. The Martian energies are ripe. That is anger, arguments and forcing issues vs. diplomacy. Watch out for projecting onto other people your own shadow and subconscious behavior. There is no evil. Evil is e-veiled “energy veiled.” It is undeveloped aspects of yourself begging for development. These undeveloped aspects are negative behavior such as jealousy, guilt and shame. Be assertive not aggressive. You may feel overwhelmed by emotions. Do not react, step back, breathe and count to ten. Before taking action. Once the Jeannie is out you cannot get her back in the bottle.

The Sun is in Libra. Libra rules balance, fairness and justice. Libra is about love, beauty and relationships. We can only be out of balance for so long before something breaks down. Where do you need more balance? Are you receiving from your relationships? Do you need to take a time out from world events? Do what gives you balance. Slow down and rest. Saturn is challenging both Mars and Venus.  You are to work smarter and not harder. Focus your attention on how you can be more efficient and effective. Focus on your success. Make each day count. In the northern hemisphere. We are in the fall season. This is the harvest time of the year. What we have planted this year will bear fruit in the fall. What are you harvesting in your life and relationships? Are you receiving? Say this aloud and daily, “My Intention is to receive.”

This is an intense Full Moon. The shadow side of Libra is superficial relating. When you deny your truth to keep the peace, this destroys love. When you share the truth, your relationships grow deeper and stronger.  Indecision too can create problems. It is a lack of leadership.  Staying on the surface and not diving deep into the issues may backfire on you. Anger is an ally. It helps you to set boundaries and take right action. Pluto and Uranus are activating both Moons in October. They have been changing our lives for almost ten years.

This is the “Hunters Moon.” The Native Americans used it for hunting to prepare for winter. Libra is the peacemaker. However, when you suppress your needs to keep the peace. This will kill your passion. You need passion to be successful in life and relationships. It is your birthright to be a success.  The Aries Full Moon message is to be brave. Be a hunter. Go after what your heart desires. Own your power. Own both your light and shadow. Love yourself. You cannot receive love from others until you love you. Without you, we have nothing to discuss. Until next time, be brave, meditate, eat well, exercise and laugh a lot!


Blessings and Abundance,

Kelley Rosano


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Happy Aries Full Moon!

October Astrological Events

Mars trine Pluto October 1

Venus trine Pluto October 3

Venus conjunct Mars in Virgo October 5

Aries Full Moon October 5

Sun conjunct Mercury October 8

Sun square Pluto October 9

Jupiter enters Scorpio October 10

Mars T-square Saturn & Chiron October 11–25

Venus enters Libra October 14

Sun sextile Saturn October 16

Mercury enters Scorpio October 17

Libra New Moon October 19

Mars enters Libra October 22

Sun enters Scorpio October 23

Sun conjunct Jupiter October 26

Happy Halloween October 31

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Sagittarius Full Moon | Magical Love Moonstruck

Sagittarius Full Moon | Moonstruck Falling in LoveThe Sagittarius Moon on June 20 is liberating you. This is the second Sag Moon in thirty-day cycle. This is more significant than a blue moon. Making this a magical Moon. This is good news. I love this Full Moon. There are no challenging aspects to it. Yippee! This Full Moon is at 29 degrees. Which is a critical placement for the Moon. It is your call to demonstrate Self-mastery. It means for you to be who you really are. Be true to yourself. Be all that you can be. It is a call to reach your greatest potential and power. This is love. This love lasts. Fall in love. You may be Moon struck.


Gemini deals with your perceptions. How you observe the world. How you see your environment. The best part of Gemini is its open mindedness. Gemini’s are hungry for life. The crave learning. This is the young apprentice. Using her studies to gain in skill. Gemini listens because there is always more to learn. Knowing that listening is as important as speaking. People want to feel heard. It is a huge turn on. Make people feel heard by you. All signs have a shadow side. The dark side of Gemini knows tons of facts but lacks wisdom. Talks readily but is unable to hear. It lets the mind dominate the heart and soul.


The best part of Sagittarius is its expansion of consciousness. Its continuous search for truth and knowledge. There is a zest for life. There is a genuine love for people. Seeing that we are all one. Each race and culture makes us richer. The dark side off Sagittarius is its prejudice. This is not love. This is fear. This is not power. Real power includes. Real power is love. Love for all people. There can be an entitlement mentality. There can be overindulgence of all kinds. This Full Moon means for you is to walk your talk. Say what you mean. And, mean what you say. What is your truth? Where do you need to speak your truth? Do you need to stand up for yourself?


This is a magical Full Moon. Uranus is in positive energy flow with both lights (the Sun and the Moon). This is good news. This energy uplifts and inspires you. You are getting a huge blast of positive energy from the Cosmos. This is about using the power of your mind to create what you desire. You do not get what you want. You get what you believe. What do you believe is possible for you? You may feel unstoppable. Ready to take on your dreams. You fall in love. You are in love with life. Your big idea pays off. You are in the right place at the right time. Magic happens! This energy is exuberant and exciting. You could feel high on endorphin. You are Ascending. You may feel one with God. What is your truth? What do you know to be true for you? What would you be doing if you were unstoppable?  What would you do if you knew your dreams could come true?


Mercury is Gemini’s ruling planet. He has now moved into the grand square position. This was exact at the Gemini New Moon. This empowers you to let go of what no longer serves you. You know those false limiting beliefs. Assumptions and opinions based on your past. But, have nothing to do with your present. Be present. All power is in the now. Let go of the people that drain your energy. You know the vampires who suck the life out of you. Be with people that give you energy. Seek out new friends. Raise your standards. Set your boundaries with those who play the victim. They will drain your energy. Do not play the victim. This will never bring you what you want. Do not hide in addiction. Do what empowers you. Do what makes you healthy and strong. Do what make you feel alive. You are here to live your Best Life. What is holding you back?


Less than twelve hours after the Full Moon. The Sun moves into Cancer. And we have Summer Solstice. Solstices are power days. This is one of the most powerful days of the year. You can feel the shift in your being. The light of the heavens are pouring down into your being. You are stardust. You are golden. You are finding your back to the Garden of Eden. Use the light of this Full Moon to find your way home. Follow the yellow brick road. Stand in your truth. Live your authentic life. Be who you are really are. This is love. This love lasts. Be Blessed. Be safe. Be well. Be kind. Be here now. Stand your ground. You are loved. All Are One. “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you will join us. And the world will live as one.” — John Lennon

Sagittarius Full Moon | Moonstruck Falling in Love

“Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.”

— Harriet Beecher Stowe

Love and Peace,

Kelley Rosano



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facebook_icon_like_usHappy  Sagittarius Full Moon!

Sagitarius Full Moon

 Astrological Events

Venus enters Cancer June 17

Sagittarius Full Moon June 20

Sun enters Cancer June 20

Summer/Winter Solstice June 20

Jupiter trine Pluto June 26

Chiron retrograde June 27

Chiron direct December 1

Mars direct June 29

Mars reenters Sagittarius August 2

Mars moves out of shadow August 21


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 Scorpio Full Moon

What is on the horizon for you in love, money and your success?


Twin Flames and Soul Mates

Twin Flames and Soul Mates is yours a karmic relationship?Twin Flames, It is always fascinating to me to see what brings people together. Why are we drawn into relationships that have a certain destiny? Astrology reveals our psychology, spirituality and evolution. Astrology tells the story about karma and past lives. Why we are attracted to specific people. Our personal past-life patterns: personality and behavior. These aspects of Self are being acted out in the here and now.


In other words, time is an illusion. Your past and future lives are running simultaneously in the present. Being an astrological intuitive.  I see that no two people have identical astrology or past life history. This includes Twin Flames.

What is a Twin Flame?

Twin Flames have most often has been confused with soul mates. The two are distinctly different. The greatest love story ever told is the one you have with your very own beloved Twin Flame. In the beginning we were created in God (Alpha and Omega). We were created in an ovoid white-fire-spirit-light. The soul was split just like the atom (Adam Kadman) into two identical parts (Twin Flames).  Each Twin Flame has the same identical soul blueprint. The tai-chi is a symbol of twin flames.  Twin Flames in love spiraling together through infinity.


“I have loved you for a thousand years. I will love you for a thousand more.”

~ Christina Perri, A Thousand Years, Twilight Breaking Dawn 


We then went forth from the etheric realm (heaven) of God’s perfect light. We moved into denser levels of consciousness (the physical world).  Each one of us has our own Adam and Eve Twin Flame story. Somewhere in cosmos, you have your very own divine counterpart. She or he carries either the feminine or masculine polarity to your soul.

This soul memory of our Twin Fame is extremely powerful. We can feel very alone in this world. As we search for the promise of that original perfect love our Twin Flame.  No other love can compare to your own Twin Flame. No earthly marriage can replace our original marriage to our Twin Flame.


Mark 10:9 “Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.”

The movies Somewhere in Time, The English Patient, What Dreams May Come, and Moulin Rouge are modern day examples of Twin Flame love. Twin Flames throughout history and literature are seen as tragic love stories. For instance, Lancelot and Guinevere, Cleopatra and Mark Anthony, Samson and Delilah are Twin Flame examples.  The dark forces of anti-love run rampant on planet earth. The dark forces have no use for love or God. The dark forces despise twin flames. Who are the dark forces of anti-love you may ask? The dark forces have many names, the Archons, Cabal, Illuminati, Luciferians and the Soulless Ones.

This is because if everyone was with their Twin Flame.  It would spell the end of darkness. We would live in a world of beauty, peace, health, freedom and abundance. The dark forces work day and night to sabotage Twin Flames and keep them apart.  Often Twin Flames do not have enough Self-mastery to maintain a healthy partnership.  Twin flames can get caught up in fear, jealousy and the negatives with each other. Therefore, we seek solace in the next best spiritual alternative our soul mate.


Soul Mates are Passionate Friends of Old.

Soul mates come in all shapes and sizes including best friends.


Soul mates and karmic relationships are the other two types of partnerships. Soul mates  create very happy marriages. Soul mates are working on similar soul initiations and life lessons. Soul mates have been friends for lifetimes. Soul mates may need each other in this life to satisfy a mission or complete a work. They may not experience the incredible, all-consuming intense love energy such as Twin Flames. However, I find the very best marriages are between soul mates. Soul Mates work harmoniously together in business, raising children and contributing to the community.  Soul mates make us feel happier, stronger and richer.

Karmic Relationships

Karmic relationships are often confused with that of Twin Flames. This is because they both have the same intense attraction and emotional charge. I can’t get you out of my head thing, mental obsession. My body will not stop desiring you, compulsive sexual attraction. In truth, these are often symptoms of a tragic past life experience from a prior life. Your soul is giving you a warning. Not a green light to get involved. Yet, people often ignore or mistake their soul voice and jump in full speed ahead. Only to become hurt, defeated and lost.

Karmic relationships are where either the person owes you a karmic-debt or you owe them from a former life. The liaison ends when the debt is paid. Or, when Spirit determines the time of opportunity to play the relationship out is up.  Karmic relationships have unfinished business from a past life. We can always finish our unfinished business at a later time. This can be a future time when we are better equipped to handle the karma and deal with the person.

Karmic Relationships

“Relationships are forever. They are eternal. Not just permanent in this lifetime. Once you establish a relationship, it is an eternal relationship. What holds bad things in your life is always your attention to those bad things, always.” — Abraham

All relationships are for our mutual growth and personal evolution.   How can you tell if you are in a karmic relationship? No relationship is perfect. Yet, if you feel like you need therapy, as a result of being with this person. This could be an indicator. Feeling drained emotionally, physically, and financially are all indicators of a karmic relationship.

Are there betrayals? Are you doing all the giving and your partner is doing all the taking?  Look-out it may be a karmic entanglement.  We need to love Self more than the need for any relationship. We cannot give real love to another if we don’t have Self-Love, Self-Appreciation and Self-Respect.  In other words, we must be healthy and loving with ourselves first.  This empowers us. Our cup of love is full on the inside. We are empowered to love others from our Self love. This is real love. We need to be in a strong healthy relationship with Self in order to be with a soul mate and Twin Flame.

The Age of Aquarius is the age of Twin Flames and soul mates. We are coming together joining forces in love to anchor in our Golden Age. In truth, we are the forerunners of this Great Golden Age of Aquarius.  Karmic relationships are 3D Third Density consciousness.  Many karmic relationships can demonstrate the unwillingness to change, evolve and grow. Karmic relationships are crumbling as we enter Fourth and Fifth Dimension.  The soul is crying out for real love. This is why divorce is on the rise. It is time for Twin Flames and soul mates to be reunited.


“That “death do us part” thing is a protective mechanism. It says, “I don’t trust me, and I don’t trust you to be in a place where we are evoking the best from each other. And so, just to make sure, let’s promise that even if we don’t, we’ll suffer it out together.” Every law, sacred or secular, that we have ever seen in your environment has always come from a place of disconnection, from a place of protectiveness.” — Abraham


Karmic relationships will not be around in the Age of Aquarius. We must become Self-masters and evolve into soul mate relationships.  We marry our own Soul-Self first. We merge with our Higher Self, our mighty I Am Presence. We become who we really are. Therefore, we are available and attract our Twin Flame and/or soul mate.


Fourth dimensional or quantum relationships are based on real intimacy, commitment, and passion. Higher Love is allowing each person to be who-they-really-are.


The Universe works in a figure eight flow of energy.

Giving and Receiving Equally.

Successful relationships are balanced in giving and receiving.

Remember that the biggest relationship and the longest relationship you will have is with Self.  If we are not healthy with Self we cannot be healthy with our true love.

Self-mastery is foundational in uniting with our Twin Flame. Self mastery is essential in having a healthy relationship. The more Self-mastery you garner. The greater you’re light will be to attract and keep your beloved Twin Flame.

The Age of Aquarius is the Age of Twin Flames and Soul Mates.


That is why the collective negative forces want to sabotage the divine lovers and keep them apart.  The power of true love to heal our economy, planet and people comes from Twin Flames and soul mates united in purpose.   If we had a larger group of soul mates and Twin flames together today.  We would wonder where all the problems we are facing went?


Love and Peace,

Kelley Rosano


“Being in love is so good for you. Often when people are newly in love, things that have been bothering them for a long time get better. Something wonderful is calling the majority of their attention, so they’re holding themselves in a better Vibrational place, so the stuff they’ve been wanting all along can now zoom in.” —–Abraham

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Aquarius Full Moon ~ Creating Heaven on Earth

The Aquarius Full Moon on August 1-2 opens the door to our abundant future. The Sun in creative Leo is opposing the Moon in innovative Aquarius.  We can combine our personal aspirations with the collective goals. The Full Moon is an outpouring of positive energy, transmuting the lower negative energies into the light.

For instance, there is a harmonious energy flow between jovial Jupiter in Gemini to the Leo Sun and Aquarius Moon.  This uplifting vibration provides a feast of ideas and new revelations inspiring our ambitions.  Aquarius wants us to Dream Big and Think Big. We can be experiencing many “ah ha” moments and epiphanies taking us to our brilliant breakthroughs. Old problems can find new solutions.


 “If you would simply reach for the thought that feels better, reach for the thought that feels better — everything would come into alignment for you. You can’t pull your desires back, because as soon as you do, contrast is going to produce another one. Your desires are romping, and the more you deal with your resistance, the faster your desires will go. And the faster your desires go without resistance, the better you feel.” ~ Abraham



The Aquarius Full Moon offers us new thoughts, leading to constructive contacts and new sources of income. This astrology expands our possibilities. We feel better. We feel more capable. We are ready to take on new projects. Jupiter in harmonious energy flow to the major lights (the Sun and the Moon) is helpful for improving our relationships. We are more open and willing to embrace new people, new ideas and new opportunities. Thus, we can magnetize new friends and lovers through our positivity–attraction in action.


♥ What does your heart desire?

♥ What are you dreaming?

♥ What would you dare to do if you knew you could not fail?


Superhero Mars in Libra is in harmonious aspect to the Aquarius Moon and Leo Sun empowering cooperation in relationships. We don’t want to dominate and control. We want to collaborate and co-create together—win/win relationships.  Soul mates empower each other and challenge us in healthy ways. There is a mutually beneficial balance of giving and receiving in soul mate relationships.


Innovative Uranus is Aquarius ruling planet. Uranus is in harmonious energy flow to the Sun and Moon.  Uranus is stimulating our intuition, optimism, generosity, and ingenuity. We can shift in a new direction given our new perspective.  Additionally, the cosmic message is our Spiritual Guides are on standby awaiting our instructions.  The call compels the answer. Ask for your guides to intercede in your life, challenges and situations. Heaven is awaiting your command!


Pay attention to life-changing messages and to the positive synchronicity these will confirm that we are on the right track.



Speaking of cosmic messages, Mercury the messenger sits next to the Sun and is the Star of the Aquarius Full Moon. Mercury is in a delightful energy flow with Uranus, Mars and Jupiter. Mercury’s meaning is for us to think with our heart (Leo Sun) and act on our intuition (Aquarius Moon).  When we do magic happens.


Mercury moves direct on August 8 giving us “green lights” ahead. This is our time to move forward with our plans, projects and relationships.



August starts off with an awesome Aquarius Full Moon. It is inspiring people who live from their hearts. Heart-centered living is the new lifestyle. This is how we do business in 5D: People first, then Gaia and then profit. We were destined to live creative, abundant and joyful lives with our soul mates. Our dawning Age of Aquarius are people who are living authentically, abundantly, and peacefully, while respecting the beliefs and rights of all people. This is world peace.


“Your awakening from the insanity of hate, disagreement, and war is inevitable. And that moment is drawing ever closer.  Focus on the Love and on the Light that so many are holding on high, release from their debts all on whom you have ever attempted to impose a sense of guilt – whatever the reason and however right it may seem to you – and forgive yourselves and all of humanity for the pain and suffering that all have endured.  The ages of suffering, of sin, of guilt, of condemnation, and punishment that you have endured for so long are to end, permanently.  There is a new age awaiting you, and as you enter into it your joy will be boundless.”

~Awakening, Jesus, John Smallman



I live in Denver Colorado. I am not far from where the movie theater shooting occurred.  My heart goes out to all those who have lost precious loved ones and were traumatized by this horrific event.  We need to pray for their healing emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. We want to focus on the acts of bravery, heroism and courage that occurred by the great people of Aurora. For instance, the movie attendees, the police and medical support have magnanimously come together helping each other in a time of shocking disaster.

The best action we can take is to send positive Love/Light energy to all those who suffer here in Colorado and throughout our dear planet. We are all family. All Are One. The Love/Light Energy engulfing Gaia and her children is greater than all dark energy.


“The most positive assistance you can give is by keeping your focus on the Light and when many of you do it, it is a powerful force that minimizes the affect of the lower energies.”  ~ SaLuSa, Mike Quincy

Wherever the mind goes energy follows.

Stay out of fear. Fight your way out of negative thinking.  Focus on the good in each other, focus on the good in your life and you will be a beacon of light guiding others out of the darkness and into higher consciousness. Be the Awakened Individual, interdependent, emotionally intelligent and socially connected to their community.

Creating Heaven on Earth is everyone having their needs met and are a free people. We are free to follow our dreams, our passions and our happiest pursuits as Creator intended. This is where we are going. This is what the Aquarius Full Moon is showing. Keep believing!


“You do not need to know precisely what is happening, or exactly where it is all going.  What you need is to recognize the possibilities and challenges offered by the present moment, and to embrace them with courage, faith and hope.”

~ Thomas Merton

Love and Peace,

Kelley Rosano



Happy Full Moon in Aquarius!


Aquarius Full Moon Mantras “I Am Innovative, Creative and Prosperous.”

  “I Am open to the New Opportunities that are Now in My life.”

 “Abundance comes to me easily, effortlessly and often.”

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Astrological Events  

Mercury Direct August 8, 2012

Leo New Moon August 17, 2012

Sun enters Virgo August 22,2012

North Node enters Scorpio August 30, 2012

Pisces Full Moon August 31, 2012

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