what feeds your mind and spirit?

As you may know, I launched a new YouTube Insiders course earlier this fall. We’re halfway through the course now, and I get a front-row seat as people learn and grow. Watching people realize their dreams is what makes my heart sing. It’s why I started offering courses in the first place. It’s like going on a new journey, and I get to take you along with me. YAY! 

I firmly believe if we’re not growing in some area of our lives, we’re not entirely healthy. Wellness covers the mind, body, and spirit. In these COVID times, we’ve spent a lot of time focused on keeping our bodies healthy. Lord knows it’s in our face every day to wash your hands and wear your mask. Yet in these weird times, we need to feed our mind and spirit too, perhaps with something that excites us…and maybe even scares us a little bit too. If you are scared and excited, those are passion clues that you are onto something…that you are on the path to a New You and project that could be very good for you. 

You might be learning how to build a YouTube channel like those in my course. Or you might be learning to sew, growing vegetables, or just doing a crossword puzzle every day.  

Growth doesn’t have to be a big endeavor. My dad recently moved to Phoenix. Every morning he goes out on a bike ride. He’s exploring new roads and trails and discovering new parks that he likes to ride in. It’s simple, but it keeps him filled with a sense of wonder while it keeps him fit. Doing things that make you feel good and growing will keep you young in heart. 

If you feel stuck in ANY part of your life, I recommend trying something new. Pledge to learn knitting or read a book that’s outside your normal range. Why not sign up for Babbel and learn a new language? It doesn’t even have to be related. For instance, maybe you’re feeling stuck with a relationship. There are a million books on repairing relationships. However, I recommend doing something new for YOU. Keep the focus on you and your needs. What do you need right now? Make a promise to meet your own needs. This way you’re not looking outside of yourself for your own happiness. 

Spend less time dwelling on your problem and you may find that you’ll stumble on the clarity you need to fix the issue. Or, you may even find the problem fades away after you’ve centered on yourself.

So, please tell me, how are you feeding your mind and spirit right now? 

Tell me in the comments. 

Love and Abundance, 




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4 thoughts on “what feeds your mind and spirit?”

  1. Kimberly Landino

    Hi Kelley- I want to start my own You Tube Channel and then some…. and do all these things in my mind that I think about everyday… I have a book in me I need a fire under my butt to get it done. It is started… I ended a 3+ year relationship about 6 weeks ago and so now it is really me time. I am a Naturopathic Physician for many years. A Connecticut native transplanted to Tempe, Arizona 20+ years… I need your help . Have been watching your (Virgo )monthly videos and more for years. Hope only you see this comment… I’m freaked to share my dream with others but you I trust.

  2. Biographies of enlightened masters and the holy texts are nourishing. Enjoying weekly massages! Thanks Kelley for shining your light 🙂

  3. Yoga! Making lists! Eating raw veggies! Doing my own Tarot readings! Paying off my debts! Donating to charity!

    Thanks Kelley 🙂

  4. It’s been a year of highs and lows . Feels like a roller coaster ride. Your lessons and messages are what I rely on a lot. Thank you so much as we continue to grow and learn the lessons the universe has for us.

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