YOU are your most prized possession

How many of you caught the COVID 15? I’m not talking about COVID-19, the virus. If you’ve had the virus, I hope you had a mild case and fully recovered. 

What I wanted to talk about today is the COVID 15. That 15 pounds that so many of us have managed to pack on through this pandemic. I know I’m not alone! 

Gyms and pools were closed and still are in many areas. We’ve been encouraged to stay home, but we’re also encouraged to support our local restaurants. Many have been baking like crazy, and grocery stores are still struggling to keep flour and sugar in stock. It all adds up to some unhealthy habits. 

I stepped on the scale recently. I was both embarrassed and horrified when I saw the number staring back at me.  

Have you had the courage to check in on your weight? If not, I encourage you to do so now.

Blindly floating through life won’t get you anywhere good, and you can’t fix a problem until you’ve stared it in the face and acknowledged the need to change.

Or maybe weight isn’t your issue. Perhaps it’s loneliness or depression. 

I want you to take a good 15 minutes and check in with yourself. Right now. What do you need to be completely healthy? It’s time to strip away the lies and half-truths we tell ourselves daily and get real. 

Write down what you need to be healthy. If you don’t know what you need, write down the problem, or write down how you’d rather be. Tape this someplace where you’ll see it often. Maybe it’s the bathroom mirror, and maybe it’s the refrigerator door. Just put it someplace where you can’t avoid it any longer.  

Just facing a problem every day will help you shift your mind towards where you need to be. 

I’ve been working my butt off (literally!) to release the weight I gained this year. It’s not easy. I have loving reminders taped all over the house. And if you noticed I use the word ‘release’ not lose. That’s because when we lose something, we always want it back. And I don’t want those extra pounds that keep me from fitting in my close back.  

I’ve also checked in with my Health and Wellbeing report. It helps me align my diet, exercise, and healthy living strategies. The best thing you can do for yourself is to find balance with your own personal astrology, and this report does just that. I refer to it often to make sure I can take care of myself as best as possible. 

We are all perfect beings. But, we cannot be our true, optimum selves unless we take care of ourselves. The universe wants you healthy and abundant. Take care of YOU so that you can be your best. 

Love and Abundance,



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