My wish for you in 2021

2020 is drawing to a close. AMEN! We’re all excited for this year to end. Whether you’ve lost a loved one, lost a job, or just lost your cool a few times in COVID madness, we’re all glad to be done with a year that’s tested all of us like never before.  

I was reminded of this recently catching up with an old high school friend over a long-overdue phone call. She’s barely been working since March. As a full-time waitress, she worked when work was available. Restaurants have been take-out only a lot of the time. And then when they are open, they’re slower than usual, so not all servers are needed. She’s tried to find other work, but so has everyone else, so it hasn’t been easy for her and her two kids. 

We had a long chat before we landed on the holidays. My friend told me she’s been going crazy buying Christmas presents this year. “At least the kids will have a good Christmas,” she told me. The mama bear in me understood. All our kids have been through a lot this year. So, I understand wanting to have the biggest, most memorable Christmas ever! And I do believe those kids did have a fantastic Christmas morning. They got some pretty amazing (and expensive) gifts.

At the same time, the coach in me came out wondering how someone on unemployment with no job prospects in the near future would be able to pay off the credit card bills. And would this add more stress to an already stressed-out time? I was a single Mom. So, I have great compassion for her because I know how hard it can be on you. And sometimes it can feel like there are no right choices. 

I kept my mouth shut and tried to be supportive of my friend, but I was left unsettled and torn.  

We all want to make the best of what we have. Sometimes, we don’t have much, and throw caution to the wind and GO BIG. And it works out! 

It’s been that kind of year when everything gets all pent up until you want to explode. My friend had her explosion in the toy aisle. The emotional satisfaction to bring Christmas JOY and happiness to her kids made it worth the risk. At the start of the pandemic, I went crazy with takeout food and baking to feel comfort. Until I stepped on the scale and saw how overweight I was and screamed NO. I knew I had to change my diet and no more take-out was step one. 😉 

Some of my students went ALL IN and focused on building their thriving YouTube channels. And they are living their new YouTube Life. 

Without taking risks there can be no reward. Calculated risks are the best because, when you do your homework, it takes a lot of the risk out. You need to take risks to grow and evolve. Taking care of yourself is the most important. 

We all have ways of making ourselves feel better amid chaos. It’s the new normal. We all have unhealthy vices we turn to from time to time. As I dealt with my own healthy and unhealthy vices this year, it hit home. We’re all searching for our own corner of peace.  

And that is what I wish for you. 

I wish peace for you. 

I wish that you won’t need to fill yourself with meaningless things or food or mindless TV to feel comfort. 

I wish that you’ll find fulfillment in a fantastic new business, product, service, or a new hobby.  

Whatever it is that makes your heart sing, I wish for you to find it in 2021 and GO BIG with it!  

You’ve got big dreams. I’m guessing you’re ready to leave the stress of this last year behind and move forward. YAY!

One good thing that has come out of 2020 is perspective. I know I feel more lit up than ever before to reach more people and change more lives — how about you?  

There are so many positive changes coming in 2021. I’m confident that after surviving 2020, we can look forward to new exciting opportunities in the New Year. Astrology is supporting this, and it will be a great improvement over 2020. I am doing my happy dance. 

I’m currently preparing something that will help us get started and seize 2021 in the most significant way possible. I talked a little bit about it in the last blog. I want to help all of you to Thrive and Prosper. It’s all about training your mind. It’s going to be an action-packed event. And we’ll take a holistic approach of mind, body and spirit for success in the New Year. If you’re feeling fired up and inspired to make the most of the huge shift we’re still experiencing, then this Live Event is for you! 

Stay tuned for big news about our one-day live event that I’m planning to help us all charge into our new era (Aira) on the right foot. So, we can go get am! 

Love and Abundance,





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9 thoughts on “My wish for you in 2021”

  1. Happy New Year !! Would love to to have a “play catch up with you “ chat sometime ! Call me 719-362-6936. Still doing Angel readings in Colorado Springs on the home front and am finally slowing down to write my book !

  2. Hi Kelley!
    Happy Holidays and wishing you a healthy and prosperous 2021!
    I’ve been following you for years and I appreciate your knowledge and insight!
    I’m putting together a company that will help to inspire and uplift the younger generation ! God knows they need it. I am anxious to share it with you.
    I could use some guidance and hope in some way we could become friends.
    Wishing you health and happiness.
    Jason Craig. – no relations to Jenny Craig.

  3. Hi Kelly, always great to get your blogs , inspiring and insightful,
    Hopefully next year things will change and I will be able to work with you .
    Keeping the faith

  4. Hi Kelley!

    You are a RockStar & thanks for being a beacon of light in 2020! I have a book on Meditation coming out in 2021, let me know how I can gift it to you!


  5. Hi Kelley
    Thanks for the chit chat! I am continuing to be excited on the new year and all the Blessings coming in from all the love seeds I have planted!!
    I do have a YouTube channel and I am working on new things to shine Light on important life changing guidance, while also working on my second fairy bookKeeping the focus on my Universal Service is what inspires me!
    I really connected with your friend, I also am between homes, and leaning on my family, and living within my means!
    I didn’t have the funds to get Christmas gifts, so I painted pictures of my children’s homes and added my grandchildren to each of the pictures playing in the snow with the snowmen that they made! I added the word Love on the glass and they all loved them! Best feeling ever, to use my God given gifts to give my love to my family!! I think it was an eye opener for everyone, that giving of your heart is the best gift!!
    I’d love to join you for the live!!
    Thanks always for you beautiful gift, I love watching your YouTube videos and reteaching me about our connection to our beautiful universe family!! So thank you again, wishing the best for you and yours!!
    Love from Pennsylvania,
    Susa’s Light 1113

  6. Today I was strolling thru my emails and I see this . I opened it an began to read it . I was feeling kinda of down when I started but I would like to say thank you it brought me words of encouragement at the right time in fact I was almost like a similar story that the friend and I shared .THank you because I prayed for peace

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