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Keep your soul healthy in these strange times

Just like all of you, I’ve had a downpour of pandemic news. Stories about how many are infected. Stories about hoarding. Posts about grocery shortages. Depressing updates about the economy. Forget the coronavirus; I feel ill just wading through all of this horrible news. And I can’t find toilet paper… What’s the deal? Americans hear …

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How to stress less and sleep better

Have you ever noticed that on nearly every sitcom, the entire show revolves around a miscommunication? It usually starts out that someone is afraid to tell someone something. Before you know it, there’s a whole hilarious situation that came out of a lack of information. In the end, everyone inevitably gathers and has a good …

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Virgo Full Moon – Work with Your Passion

There is a Virgo Full Moon on February 22. The Sun and Neptune are coupled in Pisces. They are opposing the Moon in Virgo. This Moon empowers you to keep your feet on the ground while you reach for the stars. You are being asked to balance your heart-Pisces with your head-Virgo. You are to fulfill your duties and responsibilities with the need to dream and create. Let go of what no longer serves you. Take charge of your life. Keep looking up!