What is spooking you?

Since today is Halloween, I thought it would be fun to talk about ghosts. I love horror movies – including ghost stories. I’m not into the slasher-type horror flicks.  But I do like the psychological ones that feel real – like they could actually happen.  

As much as I love a ghost story, though, I do not like ghosts. You see, I’m not talking about the kind that slams doors or hovers over your bed at night. I’m talking about the ones you carry with you day in and day out. They haunt your every thought, your every decision. They leave you sleepless at night. They wreak havoc on your relationships, your job, your self-esteem. They turn your whole life upside down! 

We all have them. Ghosts live inside of you. Ghosts whisper to us and tell us that we’re not good enough. Maybe your ghost is an abusive ex that you still hear in your head. He or she is calling you a failure every time you make a choice. Or, maybe it’s a parent that was too hard on you as a child. You can still hear them telling you that you’re too this or too that. Or that you are just not good enough.   

Ghosts whittle away at your self-esteem by buzzing in your mind with negative thoughts.  

Here’s the thing, though. These ghosts are imaginary. They live in your head! Their sole purpose is to sabotage you. This is good news. It means it is possible to banish them!  

To banish them, though, you need to fully understand WHY these ghosts have hung around.  

I’m going to tell you why right now: 

As bad as it may be, the familiar can be more comfortable than the unknown.  

That voice in your head telling you that you’re a failure? Well, you know what failure looks like, right? But what does happiness look like? Happiness (or success, or true love, etc.) is brand new. And I bet it’s a little scary, right? 

In my Academy, in every course I teach, I include a section about how to clear your money blocks. Money blocks are those things that keep you from earning what you know you deserve. They’re just like ghosts. 

Find the source of your ghost, understand what it’s doing for you, and you can beat it. I promise. Who are you not live your full potential? Why would Creator send you here to live small and hide your light? God wants for you to live the abundant life. In this way, you can do more for the world. This is good. 

Now, since it is Halloween, go have one last hurrah with those old ghosts! Spend a little time with them and examine why they’re lingering in your life. Then it’s time to start fresh and banish them from your mind. 

Your homework is for every negative thought your ghost says to you, you will replace with two positives about you. They can be anything. For instance, you are kind. You are a good listener. See where I am going with this assignment? 

Now, what are two things you like about you? 





It’s going to be a great year

This year is going to be a good one. I’m sure of it. Here’s how I know.

Every year as my birthday nears, I review my forecast for the next year. Is this trip around the Sun going to be a good one? A bad one? Will there be ups and downs? Or smooth sailing? 

Here’s what I learned from my Solar Return Report:

It’s an excellent year for me to give birth. I assure you; I’m not having a child this year! BUT the YouTube Insiders course was a smashing success! I’ve already got the next course planned out. I’ve added some new reports to my shop. And the year’s barely begun for me. I’ve got big plans for later in the year, too. The Moon is square Pluto for me this year, so stay tuned as new projects unfold!

 I’m likely to be nesting and nurturing. With the ascendant in Cancer, I’m ready to take care of my home, of others, and myself. I have been doing some home remodeling projects. And there are more to come on the horizon. When you hear that phrase, “the planets aligned for me.” It’s for real. There’s a reason I’m doing some nesting at home right now. Projects are more likely to be successful at this time. I will seize the day.  And take advantage of this inside scoop. YAY!

Prosperity is in my hands. With Mercury in the first house, it shows that opportunity is on the horizon. I just need to be open to it. Be ready to step up. And be accepting of the chance to rise to the occasion. Well, I’m ready! What about you? 

Every year has its challenges. Pluto in the sixth house has brought me this charm, “Even the most virtuous person is likely to be challenged on a daily basis.” Oh my. When I read this, I was a bit worried. But then I re-read the rest of the report, and decided that I can handle anything! 

And that’s what Astrology is supposed to do. EMPOWER. Without some challenge how can you grow and evolve? I too keep having blessings in my life. It’s like the Universe is saying, “Don’t worry. I’ve got your back.” 

Interpreting the planets and stars should be used to help you along. Nothing needs scare you. You want to feel great about it! By reviewing your Solar Return Report, you now KNOW. You’re already ahead of anyone else that did not read their report. And, you’re prepared for the challenges that may lie ahead. And, you may even find them a bit thrilling. This is good news. 

When was the last time your Astrology scared you a little? Did it motivate you to action? 




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live your best life… what does that really mean?

How would you behave today and what would you do differently if you felt like you were living your best life? What if you had accomplished everything you ever wanted? You would probably feel confident and radiant. Like anything is possible…but it is and always has been. You ARE living your best life as long as you believe that you are.

Living your best life is a belief. It’s the confidence you have knowing that every day you are blessed beyond measure. And that you’re doing the best you can with what you have. There are some days that I don’t feel like this is my best life. I feel like at this place, it’s more about not so much about a bad day. But more about bad hours in my day. That when problems find me that can rattle my cage and take me off balance. Ugh!  Once I settle down and grab a hold of my brain. I start focusing on what the challenge is teaching me. I’m a firm believer in karma. And that my past deeds are always showing up for me to grow from.

When you strive to live with APPRECIATION and joy every day.  The blessings follow and they snowball fast. If you have $10 in your pocket right now, you’re already richer than over 80% of the world.

There’s a quote by Tony Robbins that really resonates with me; “Live as though your prayers have already been answered.” It inspires me to live each day as though my success is inevitable because it is! I never waste time thinking of the things that could go wrong. And I don’t let a busy schedule completely stress me out. I never even have a Plan B. It’s because I know that everything is always working out in my favor. I know that I’m meant to do what I’m doing. Because I follow my intuition and listen to my spirit. I don’t live with the fear of any kind. Because I know that I’m always being divinely guided.

Even the things that can be stressful, like a schedule packed back to back with meetings, for example, are a huge blessing. Because it means I’m earning my living. Life is good. Life is abundant. My life and my business are busy and that’s a wonderful “problem” to have.

When you reframe your thinking, you’re literally setting yourself up for INEVITABLE success. Focus on who you want to be. What you consider being the best version of yourself. And the path to your success becomes obvious. You’ll stop worrying and living in fear. Because you’ll know you are always divinely guided.

If things go wrong, they’re not going wrong because you’re doing something wrong. And it’s not a sign, you’re not meant to do something. I believe things get difficult sometimes because it’s the universe’s way of rearranging your path to BETTER serve you. You can’t redirect your path without a little bit of upset. Because it contradicts your current situation and circumstances. However, your problems are only problems if you see them that way.  Find the silver lining of tough situations. And you’ll always be blessed. The more you do this, the less stress and worry you’ll have. Thinking positively AND finding the blessing in the chaos will become second nature to you. This is how you live your best life.

Act, think, and believe as if all you want to achieve and have is already yours. Know your success in whatever you do is inevitable. You are always being spiritually guided to live your best life. Believe you are even when things are a little difficult because you are! An awesome tool I use is my Just For Women Report (sorry fellas). This one is for the ladies. This astrology report is packed with insightful information about your psychology, and the way you see life.

Such as using the power of your mind to live your best life. Your Special Edge, meeting the world on Your Terms. It dives deep into your Power Issues. Such as sex, your money, and control. And so much more… including Embracing Your Divine Self. It’s between 30-40 pages about YOU! Knowledge is power. The more you understand yourself, the less you will struggle. This report can help you LIVE your best life.

Look for new opportunities. Step outside of your comfort zone. Do the thing you know is good for you and your business. But haven’t done yet because you’re afraid you might fail. You won’t! And if things don’t work out how you intended. KNOW it’s because there is something even better meant for you. And it’s already yours! Believe in yourself, trust the universe’s plan and your intuition. And the first three years of any business is always the hardest. Things don’t move as fast as you want them. And you don’t make as much money as you thought you would. The secret to success is to never give up and to keep going. 

Your mind is so powerful. Use it wisely because unfortunately, everyone else (society, culture, those you spend the most time with) will use it FOR you. Don’t become a product of your environment. Instead, become a product of your biggest vision! ⠀⠀

Claim your success! Own it. It’s inevitable. You’ll know in your heart that you’re always on the right path!

with enormous love,



Taurus Full Moon Reveals Your Deepest Desires

Taurus Full MoonWe are building towards the Taurus Full Moon on November 14. This is a SuperMoon. This means that the Full Moon is in direct alignment with the Sun and the Earth and is closest to the Earth at the time of the Full Moon. This is the closest SuperMoon to the Earth until 2034 that will be the next one. This means you may feel this Full Moon intensely. Your deepest desires will be brought to the surface. There is a purging taking place. Release what no longer serves you. Be open to new opportunities. There is great reward now for your effort to transform. There is a strong healing energy with this Moon. Allow the energy to heal and empower you. The Taurus energy encourages you to align with your True Values. Make right choices. Create choices that support you. Choices that support your health and well-being. Choices that empower your happiness and love. Get clear with what you want. Focus your intention on what matters to you.  Use this energy to live your best life. Focus on what you want, not on what you do not want. What do you want? What needs to change for you? What does your heart desire?

For me, I am changing on the inside.  I am experiencing profound personal growth with my Saturn return. This I cannot ignore. Saturn is a heavyweight. He breaks down outdated structures and patterns. Because of my profound personal growth. What I am interested in writing about is changing.  Now, I am most interested in writing about my spiritual journey.  I want to share my spiritual experiences with you. These may seem mind blowing for some people. Not for me because they have shaped who I am. I have a deep love and friendship with the Ascended Masters. My memories with the Masters go back to early childhood. This is what I am interested in writing about. It is time to tell my story. We are teachers. We are students. I love to learn. It is one of my core values. What is yours? I will use the blog to share parts of my new book with you.

Taurus Full Moon

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.”

– William Shakespeare


Love and Peace,


Kelley Rosano






Happy Taurus Full Moon!



November Astrological Events!

Sun trine Neptune November 1

Daylight Savings Time ends November 6

Mars enters Aquarius November 8

Venus enters Capricorn November 11

Mercury enters Sagittarius November 12

Taurus Full Moon November 14

Neptune direct November 19

Mercury squares Neptune November 19

Sun enters Sagittarius November 21

Jupiter square Pluto November 24

Venus conjuncts Pluto November 25

Sagittarius New Moon November 29

Chiron moves direct December 1

Aquarius Full Moon, Venus Retrograde & Jupiter in Virgo

aquarian-moonThere is an awesome Aquarius Full Moon on July 31. There are no challenging aspects to this Moon. Yeah! This is good news. It is a party Moon. The Sun is in fun loving Leo. Celebrate your life. Celebrate your gains. Celebrate your success. Even the little wins count. The Aquarius Full Moon is the second Full Moon in July. This makes it a Blue Moon. Once in a Blue Moon, you can make your dreams come true.


Your enthusiasm, idealism and creativity could be strong. You may be bursting with new ideas and sudden insights. You can move from breakdown to breakthrough. You are experiencing an expansion in consciousness. Brilliant Breakthroughs may require that you raise your standards and upgrade your relationships. It is time to speak your truth. Choose what is right for you. Be empowered. You are the master of your destiny. You use the astrology to live your best life. You create your reality through your words and actions. When you do what is right for you, it is right for everyone else.


• What does your heart want?
• What is right for you?
• What is right work for you?
• What is your right living-location?
• What is right relationship for you?
• What is your right life path?


The Sun in Leo is strong and powerful in its home sign. Leo is the Star. Aquarius is the theater crew. Aquarius is the team. The group and the tribe you belong. You need both Self and other people to be successful. Leo rules your creative self-expression. The Aquarius Full Moon shines the light on your hopes and wishes. Your goals. It holds the promise of our shared vision for the New Earth. We are creating the New Earth together. Aquarius is the New Age of enlightenment dawning. Everyone is a Star in the New Earth energy. You are to shine your light. Be creative. Be bold. Be brave. Speak your truth to power. You matter. You count. You are important.


“We all shine on like the Moon, the Stars and the Sun.” — John Lennon.


Full Moons can conclude situations. You may find yourself at the end of a relationship or a job. Some of you may feel as though you are operating in crisis mode. Circumstances for those around you may be challenged. In truth, you are in graduation mode. These events are not always graceful. So please go easy on you. You may feel less than a Self-master. You may feel more like a lost soul. Take comfort, for you are not alone. Many people are experiencing life-changing events. Sometimes your growth can feel weird or strange. At other times, change can be exhausting. You are no longer connecting to your past. You have yet to discover your new place or new tribe. Truly, the old way of living no longer works for you. You are in transition. You are experiencing new aspects of yourself. You are giving birth to the new you. Giving birth is painful. This is real work. This is real growth. The more you love and value yourself. The more you have to give to other people. Your Self-dedication goes a long way. A helpful way to navigate through life is to use balance in your choices. Instead of asking, “Is this a good or bad idea?” Ask, “What supports my balance?” Balance is essential to being present, powerful and effective. Relax and flow with your changes.

Venus retrogrades on July 25 through September 6. She will remain in Leo until October 8. Venus rules what you like, love and value. She is the Goddess of relationships. This is a time where you will be re-evaluating what truly matters to you.


• What do you want in love?
• What makes you happy to be alive?
• What are your talents, gifts and abilities?
• Are you maximizing your skills to achieve your goals?
• What brings you joy?


Venus retrograde can imply that this is not a good time to make major decisions. Things may be in a state of flux. Relationships are ripe for misunderstandings. You could misconstrue the feelings of others. Venus is in Leo. Leo rules romance and affairs of the heart. This is not the time to start a new relationship. This is not the time hire new people. This is not a good time for legal matters. This is true for the lower courts. It could be an unprofitable outcome. There could be delays and setbacks. Someone from your past could return into your life. What do you need in relationship? What do you want in your life?

This is a wonderful time to go back and complete creative projects. This is not the time to start new projects. This time is about creating inner value from your work. This is not the time to present new work to the world. Derive your value from completing things. This is a good time to evaluate your money. Where is your money going? You can use the Money Program to empower your financial foundation.

Uranus turns retrograde on July 26. There could be an abrupt change in your direction on this day. See where Aries lands in your natal birth chart. This is where your plans could alter suddenly. Uranus is expect the unexpected. Anything that happens to you unplanned is Uranus. You could receive important insights on this day. Uranus is the liberator. He empowers your personal freedom. Uranus encourages you to have greater creative self-expression. His approach is not always gentle. The goal is to remove your self-imposed chains. In order for you to reach your greatest potential. Your freedom is required. Uranus can empower you to make a fresh start. You can be too restful in your rut. Uranus can push you out of your comfort zone to inject new life into you. This keeps your life fresh and lively. This shows you that there is more life for you to experience. Be open to the new experiences that are now in your life.

August begins with good news. Saturn moves direct on the first. In these last six weeks of Saturn in Scorpio. You are to finish your unfinished business. Here in truth seeking Scorpio. Saturn gives you the clarity you need to evaluate your emotional attachments. Self-limiting patterns that hold back your success.


• What needs completion for you?
• How are you getting in your own way?
• Are you ready to achieve your goals?


Venus will couple with Jupiter on August 4 mark that day. There could be blessings bestowed upon you. At a minimum, you could have a very pleasant day.

Mercury the messenger enters the sign of Virgo on August 7. Mercury is strong in his home sign. This is a great energy for detailed work. Focus on your goals let go of distractions.

Mars the planet of action and desire enters Leo on August 8. He wants to play. This is good time for recreation. Re-creation. Mars can give you a boost of self-confidence in Leo. You may feel more outgoing. You are ready to take a chance. The greater the risk the greater the reward. This is an awesome energy for working out and playing in team sports. Mars can empower your greater self-expression for the next seven weeks.

Jupiter enters Virgo on August 11. He will be in Virgo until September 2016. You move from the big idea and dream in Leo. You are getting to work in discerning Virgo. You do not want what is most pretty. What is the real substance in the person or project? This is a good time to expand your field of knowledge or develop your technical skills. You may be more practical and intellectual in your approach to business and life. Watch out for cynicism or being too critical. Do not be so occupied in your physical living that you forget to nurture your soul.

The Aquarius Full Moon is live from your truth. Be who you truly are. Be authentic. Seek out those who share your values. The Light is pouring down from the heavens. There is a giant wave of light washing over you now. Creator is using the astrology to transform our economic systems and governments. Do not judge what is changing as good or bad. Know that what is occurring is for your highest good. Be positive. Be proactive. Stay out of fear. Let go of what is not working. Focus your energy on what is working in your life. Be creative. Make your passion greater than your resistance.   You will create what your heart desires. Abundance is the ability to do what you need to do. You are a powerful creator. What are you creating?

Aquarius Full Moon

 “You are the creator of your own reality, and so you are not in jeopardy. You do not need to control the behavior of others in order for you to thrive. Your attention to things that you think they do that keeps you from your thriving is, in fact, what keeps you from your thriving… It is not what they do to you; it’s what you do to you in fear of what you think that they will do to you.” — Abraham

Love and Peace,
Kelley Rosano


August is an amazing month with many opportunities for your achievement. You may find that Kelley’s programs are helpful for you. You need the right tools to achieve your goals. These programs are designed for your empowerment and success.


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Happy Aquarius Full Moon!

Aquarius Full Moon 2015

August Astrological Events

Saturn Direct August 1

Venus conjunct Jupiter August 4

Venus retrograde July 25 — September 6

Mercury conjunct Jupiter August 7

Mercury enters Virgo August 7

Mars enters Leo August 8

Jupiter enters Virgo August 11

Sun trine Uranus August 13

Leo New Moon August 14

Sun conjunct Venus August 15

Sun square Saturn August 21

Sun enters Virgo August 23

Sun conjunct Jupiter August 26

Mercury enters Libra August 27

Pisces Full Moon August 28

Sun oppose Neptune August 31



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 Capricorn Full Moon

What is on the horizon for you in love, money and your success?