How to stress less and sleep better

Have you ever noticed that on nearly every sitcom, the entire show revolves around a miscommunication? It usually starts out that someone is afraid to tell someone something. Before you know it, there’s a whole hilarious situation that came out of a lack of information. In the end, everyone inevitably gathers and has a good laugh.

I don’t watch a lot of TV. It drives me nuts to see people skirt around issues. And I can’t stand to watch people dance around what they want to say. And let me tell you, the repercussions of poor communication are rarely hilarious. 

In the real world, what do you get from holding back or hiding how you feel? Nothing good comes from hiding information. Maybe you do it because you’re trying to protect someone’s feelings. Perhaps you’re afraid to let people down. Maybe you dislike conflict so much that you’d rather keep your real feelings to yourself. Or, for some people, they were punished as children when they spoke their truth. So, they learned it’s better to lie than to be honest.

But the truth is, you’re really not protecting anyone – not even yourself. Because holding your feelings back creates a loss of identity. You can wake up one day and not know who you really are and what you want. Pleasing others can lead to a loss of your own soul. And nothing in this world is worth losing your soul. It’s all you have to take with you when you transition into Spirit. It’s the BEST part of you! Your soul is your inner child. The part of you that is immortal and timeless. The outer form ages but the soul (the inner child) doesn’t. This is good news!

Next time something doesn’t feel right, stop. Take a deep breath and think about what you would want to hear. Would you want someone to tell you what they think you want to hear? Or would you rather hear the truth? Of course, you want the TRUTH! Sometimes the truth is even a little bit uncomfortable. It’s better than being lied to or led to believe something else, though, right?

From this moment forward, you want to commit yourself to the following:

  • Say no when you’re overcommitted. 
  • Ask for help when you need it. 
  • Speak the plain – and sometimes ugly – truth, so people know what’s in your heart.
  • And, for goodness sakes, tell the people you love how you feel!

Now, let’s talk about that ugly truth. I’m not saying you should walk down the street and tell random people you think their outfit is hideous. There’s no good in that. And, it’s not your business anyway.

You’re not out to hurt people. You’re out to live true to yourself. And, ultimately, you want to let others love you – the REAL YOU. They can’t love you, if they don’t know you. 

Speak your truth. Others may not always agree. They may not always heed your advice or requests. But, I guarantee your relationships will be healthier. And your life will be far LESS stressful because you’re not driving around with so much junk in your trunk.

Follow these four guidelines every day. I promise you’ll go to sleep each night feeling much more at ease with your own soul. And you’ll sleep better and wake up feeling empowered. Because you know who your true friends are. And who is really on your team. And you’re LOVING YOU. This too is good news. 

Now a quick question.

I’d love to learn more about you:

What is ONE thing that you’re trying (or dying) to improve in your work or life right now? 

Comment here and let me know. I read every reply myself.



Be your biggest fan

I got out of the corporate world years ago. There were many reasons why I wanted to work for myself.  I can focus on what work interests me the most. My pay isn’t dictated by salary grades and company earnings. I can set my schedule however it suits me. What’s not to love?! But the main reason I left was that I wanted to be surrounded by people that were HAPPY or at least seeking to better themselves. Day in and day out, I was going to work with people – and let’s face it – mostly women who wanted to complain about everything and gossip nonstop. “Did you hear what so-and-so said at the meeting?” and “Can you believe he did that?” 

Every day I left the office exhausted by other people’s problems. And, when I say problems, I don’t mean “what so-and-so did.” I mean all the petty people that are more interested in what others do, and all the while they’re doing NOTHING productive themselves. Talk about hypocrites.

When you focus on other people, you put the blame everywhere but yourself. And none of us are blameless. No one in this world is perfect, and you know what?! Perfect is boring anyway. Next time you have the urge to start airing someone else’s business, remember that: PERFECT IS BORING. Save your energy and focus on the positive. Positive thoughts and words will raise your vibration. The truth is you make the most negative karma by what comes out of your mouth. Negativity will always bring you down. Spending your energy for one moment thinking ill of someone else is like volunteering to be burdened by irrelevant problems. Who needs other people’s crap? Let them deal with it themselves. Focus on you. Love you. Heal you. Be your own best friend. Be your BIGGEST FAN. 

Think of how much extra time you’ll have, if you pledge to focus on yourself and let other people and their problems fall by the wayside. Remember to BE KIND to yourself as well, though. Just as you will no longer speak ill of others, you can no longer speak ill of yourself.

No more putdowns about your weight or your hair. No more sarcastic comments about your weaknesses. And no regrets, please. Live for today. Just positive vibes. You can do this if you are present. I’ve run into so many people over the years that are their own worst enemy. Just think what you could accomplish if you were your BIGGEST FAN instead of your biggest enemy? Celebrate what you do well. Celebrate the effort. Don’t beat yourself up at what you struggle at. Not everyone can do everything well, and – I’m going to repeat it – PERFECT IS BORING! You’re not perfect, and you’re not boring. You’ve got unique talents that need nurturing. There is only one of you. You are not replaceable. What would you be doing if you were ten times bolder? What is that dream in your heart? Does it whisper to your soul? 

Start celebrating what you do well (and forget what you don’t). And I promise your confidence will SOAR. What would be the first thing on your list to accomplish, if you had the courage to take on anything? The sky’s the limit! Would you learn a new skill? Start a new business? Go back to school? Begin a new love relationship?

In my Academy, I’ve made it my goal to help both women and men learn how to break through money blocks. Build self-confidence, and create the businesses of their dreams. It’s my passion, and I too want to help you. I’ve got a free webinar coming up where I’m going to reveal some of my YouTube SECRETS and how YOU can be a YouTube-preneur, too!

Back in the day, before I came onto YouTube, I was feeling kind of stuck. I had been in my practice for 17 years. But I had lost that loving feeling.  And I was clueless as to how to get it back. I was at the point where I had nothing to lose.

Because I was going nowhere fast, I thought maybe it’s time to try something new like YouTube. It was the answer for me. Because it gave me a new passion and direction. YouTube INJECTED NEW LIFE into me and got me out of my doldrums. If you too have been wondering what your next move is, or you’re feeling stuck, if you have been feeling ready for something new in your life and work such as a new path and passion, YouTube could work for you too! There are so many ways that you can use it. Maybe you want more exposure for a cause, charity or nonprofit. Or maybe you want to create a community around a hobby. Do you dream of financial independence or becoming a YouTube Superstar? Whatever your goal is, I can help you make it happen. Your best is yet to be. 

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I’d love to see you there!

Live your wildest dreams,




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Your Part of Fortune is your greatest happiness and joy

There was a time when I wasn’t as confident in myself or my ability to manifest the things I wanted into my life. I would scroll Instagram with WONDERING eyes, asking myself, “When will my time come?” I’d see people that traveled the world and folks that had big beautiful homes – people that seemed to live the life I wanted. I’d feel a pit in my stomach.  Am I doing something wrong? I pondered that it may never happen for me. I wondered, “Why them? How did they do it?” And more importantly, “Why aren’t these things happening to me?!”

I think we’ve all been here before. You might see your neighbor buy a new luxury car.  Or, you hear about a family member getting a big raise. Another one of your friends got engaged, and you’re still single and looking. It’s easy to let yourself feel “less-than” and get caught up in the negative ego.  

As you work on your mindset, connect with your Source. Meditate and go out into nature. Ground yourself to the earth. See the infinite abundance that is in nature. The animal and plant kingdoms are rich in beauty. The birds never seem to ponder what their neighbors have and feel like they’re lacking.

Become more in tune with the oneness around you. It’s easy to see another’s success and worry you’re not getting yours fast enough. Worry is using the power of your mind to create what you don’t want.  

Thinking that you’re not doing enough is another illusion. I had one belief that really held me back for years. That was: making money is hard work. So, why would I want to make more money, if that’s going to mean more hard work for me? The biggest thing that holds you back from greater prosperity is your MONEY MINDSET. You don’t get what you want. You get what you believe. What’s STRONGER than beliefs? KNOWING! What you KNOW is your truth. Know that you are worthy.

Know that Creator wants you to live the abundant life. Why would this be true? Do you want the best for your children? The truth is, the more prosperous you are, the better you can do in the world. You lift others up through your example. The greatest gift you can give to this world is to make the most of yourself. Like a Lighthouse that shows others the way, inspiration and real-life examples of success are what people need. “If you can do it, I can do it too!”

The Money Report can help you understand your relationship to your prosperity. Your Part of Fortune is your greatest happiness and Joy. Knowing where it falls in your natal birth chart and in what sign can help you. For me, my Part of Fortune is in Taurus, which means I build wealth through reliable, and secure projects.  This is true for me. Also, my Part of Fortune is in my 9th house. My greatest happiness and Joy come from my relationship with God. This too is true for me. My prosperity is tied to my beliefs (9th house.) Absolutely! What and where is your Part of Fortune? Get my Money Report!

Today, you may have circumstances or events that happen along your path that FEEL like setbacks. Nasty reminders that you’re not where you want to be YET. You may see this as the Universe challenging you. You might see it as an opportunity to get perspective and be appreciative in that moment. The truth is your Mighty I Am Presence and You chose these challenges for you before you were even born.

Why would I make my life so much harder, you may ask? Self-mastery comes from lessons learned. The good news is you were also given the tools to overcome the challenges and setbacks you placed on your life path.

When I face big decisions and change I didn’t choose or a problem in my life, I slow down.  I keep myself in the moment. I ask myself, “What is my lesson here?” “What do I need to learn to move forward?” “Why am I feeling the way I feel?” I listen to my Inner Being.  I patiently wait for Spirit to guide me.

In most cases, I’m in my head, and in my own way. I hear Spirit tell me I need to trust and surrender. I chose this lesson to become stronger. To prove to myself that I CAN DO IT. Surrender, in my experience, leads to bigger and better breakthroughs on the other side. It gives you space to invite in more creativity and ideas into your reality. More importantly, it throws you back into the energy of gratitude; gratitude for your health, your family.  Or simply that things could be worse but, thank goodness, they aren’t!

When you play the comparison game on social media, it’s easy for you to slip back into the mindset of doubt. If your desires aren’t manifesting fast enough, then you fear they won’t happen at all. You see the success of others, and instead of feeling happy for them. You feel less than.

I can’t stress enough: someone else’s success doesn’t take away from yours. If you haven’t received this gift from me, here are The Top Techniques for Your Prosperity and Success Now!

You don’t lose out on something because someone else already has it. Other people are not more capable than you. They’re not better or smarter than you, and they’re not more deserving than you.  Their timeline is moving at a different speed than yours. You want to see someone else’s victories as an inspiration to you. It’s a reminder that If they can achieve it, SO CAN YOU!

I know that I have touched on this last time. But if I could offer you only one piece of advice for your future success, it would be that everything happens in your perfect time. So, don’t stress. Please don’t compare yourself to others. What you’re doing and the choices you’ve made to get here have led you to be precisely where you need to be. Where you’re meant to be. Trust your intuition as lessons and ideas come to you. The present is perfect. Because it is getting you to the next step.

You never know how long someone struggled before they finally achieved their goals. You never know where someone is in their timeline compared to you. Don’t get caught up in the anxious pit of despair that so many others fall in. You don’t have to have everything figured out at a specific time, get married and start a family by a certain age, or buy a house by a specific time.

Everyone is here on this planet to fulfill an individual purpose. TRUST your own path and your personal timeline. If you don’t have what you want now. This doesn’t mean you won’t ever get it. It means that there’s something you need to do or learn before you can unlock that next step. What is the next step for you? What is the One Thing you can do right now to improve your life? Go do that!

Time is irrelevant because it’s never too late to start. It’s never too late to finish. And, it’s never too late to dream a new dream. As you check them off your list, release the dream that no longer holds meaning for you.  What gives your life MEANING? What would you dare to dream, if you knew you could not fail? Isn’t it exciting that you can keep aspiring for more?

It’s time for you to tap into that abundant, beautiful, and super energy that already exists in you. That universal flow of energy you came from is already within you. Your success is inevitable if you plan to succeed. Your continued willingness to learn and grow will always bring you great breakthroughs. See every challenge as an OPPORTUNITY to learn and watch your dream life unfold just as you intended before you arrived on planet Earth. What’s next? It seems if it is not one thing, then it is another. Much Joy and Abundance, I am sending your way.

with enormous love,



The Greatest Love of All

You owe it to yourself to become everything you’ve ever dreamed of being. No one will do it FOR you. No one is put here to make YOU happy and to fulfill all of YOUR dreams — no one except for YOURSELF. You are a great spiritual being. You have the POWER within you to overcome the challenges sent your way and to make your dreams come true.

Only you are fully responsible for your own happiness. If you’re waiting on meeting someone who will save you or hand you everything you want on a silver platter, you’ll be waiting your whole life. Yes, people can be helpful for sure. But, no one has the secret to your success – except you!

If you’re waiting on the email, the interaction or a social gathering that will be your golden ticket to the life of your dreams. I need to tell you that waiting attracts MORE WAITING. I am a firm believer that good things do come to those who wait. That is being patient with our own journey and not using it as an excuse to take the right action. Be your own best friend.

Putting your happiness in the hands of someone else and/or some external circumstance is the opposite of living your life from the inside out. When you align your gifts with your passion and your core values, you find YOUR CALLING. This is why you need to be selfish with your soul’s true desires. You need to nourish them! You want to love you more than the need for a soul mate. You want to love you more than the need for others to “get you” and approve of you.

I think our first instinct is to cringe when we hear the word “selfish.” For Instance, women, in particular, are ingrained from an early age to be selfless. We are taught to care for others emotionally and physically. Caring for others is a beautiful thing. But YOU can’t pour from an empty cup. You too have to take care of yourself!

Men also have had their own stereotypes to overcome. “Big boys don’t cry.” “Be strong.” “If you don’t have money, you’re not making it like a man.” What does any of this false programming have to do with being AUTHENTIC? Your desires are yours because they’re your soul’s highest calling. And using your God-given gifts is to honor Spirit. This may require living outside the norms or rules placed on you from childhood.

Being selfish is necessary! It’s essential to take care of your soul and to pursue what makes you light up.

A person who unapologetically creates a reality that excites them is the most powerful and SPIRITUALLY ALIGNED individual in the room! S/he has the purpose and passion. You live with joy. Things become easier because you know that everything is working out in your favor. And your success is inevitable! As you have defined success based on your highest core values and not from what the world tells you success is for you. This is how you take your power back from the world.  

If you’re not turned on by the life you’re creating, why are you creating it?

What would you rather have instead?

What would you rather experience?

Discover what thrills you, excites you, or brings you joy.

If you’re not creating a life you want, then whose life are you creating?

We often forget how powerful our minds are. You are a magnet for more of what’s already filling your mind. You can be, do, and have ANYTHING you want. The power you have is truly limitless!

If you’re not living for you, and you want your reality to change. Change on the inside first. The patterns that form your beliefs end up manifesting your reality. Decide it’s time to unapologetically LIVE for you. Choose the energy you want to present to the universe. Don’t complain that things aren’t as you want them to be. You can’t complain your way out of a situation. And, you can’t fix a situation for the better if you’re in a low frequency from negative thoughts and complaining. You want to TAKE CHARGE and make those needed changes. You want to Be Proactive. It will make you feel better. You are not waiting around for some outside influence to fix you.  

You owe it to YOURSELF to become everything you’ve ever dreamed of. By becoming that version of yourself,  you will attract all of your desires with ease. You’re 100% in control and creating your OWN reality is way more powerful than living in someone else’s.

Create a life that lights you up, a life that brings out the best in you, and fully supports you. You’ll be an UNSTOPPABLE force.

Don’t limit yourself. Your future WILL be the brightest ever because of the work you do today. You may not have everything you want right now, but everything in your life is in the perfect place for you to RECEIVE it in divine timing.  

You just have to put your SOUL FIRST and know that you deserve it. This is the GREATEST LOVE of All.

with enormous love,



Four lessons for happiness that will make you smile

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how addicted most of us are to social media, as wonderful as it can be. This is for sure. You can have that instant connection across the globe. This I do love about it, but I hear a lot of people say that they feel inadequate and unworthy in their own lives because of it. So many people use it to brag or show off. Like they are living an amazing life. This could be true, but often when you peel the curtain back, you see that it’s just hype. For the sake of helping you to live your absolute BEST life now, I want to address some things that could hinder your personal growth or happiness.

Lesson One

Always speak with INTEGRITY. Say only what you mean, and mean what you say. Avoid speaking against yourself or gossiping about others. Both are too toxic. Use the power of your words to send truth and love into the world.

I’m sure that you’ve had encounters with people who irritate you, or there’s just something about them you don’t like. They rub you the wrong way. It can be hard not to be judgmental or critical of others when you feel this way. Stand back and try to recognize that it’s usually the qualities you dislike in yourself that others are mirroring back to you.  

Maybe you have a loud coworker who irritates you. Instead of complaining about it. Look at the situation with love. Perhaps the reason it bothers you so much is that you were scolded as a child for being loud. “Please use your indoor voice,” you heard from your parents. Suddenly, there’s something relatable between you. This makes it easier to send her love. You’ve not lowered your vibration with complaining, “Oh, this person is so loud all the time.”  Instead, you have raised it with the feeling of ONENESS.

This awareness can help you figure out where you’re lacking in your Personal Path Development. I have a program that you can use to further your Personal Path Development. This is my gift to you. Another upside to this is that when you’re attracted to the good qualities in someone. It’s another mirror! It means that you too have that quality in you. And the circle of LOVE continues. This is good news!

Speak only positive things about yourself and others, and that’s the reality you will create.

Lesson Two

Take nothing personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality – their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others. You won’t be the victim of needless suffering. Miguel Ruiz taught us this important and most valuable lesson.

It’s easy to let yourself feel inadequate sometimes. Especially when you’re scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. It may look like your friends, family, or even strangers are so much further ahead in life. Or having these amazing lives, and you’re here trekking through the mud of life, doing the heavy lifting. Keep in mind that people usually only post their highlight reels, not their struggles. Or their truth.

As you may already know, comparisons are the thief of all joy. You always come up short when you compare yourself to others. Maybe the problem is that you feel like your nose is constantly being rubbed in someone else’s achievements. “Look how great so and so is doing.” Know that it’s unlikely anyone is purposefully trying to make you feel miserable or unworthy.

If you find you’re comparing and despairing, then it’s time to get strict about who you spend time with and what you’re focusing your energy on. Get off the phone, shut off the computer, and go hang out in the community where you live – where life is real. Nature, too, is healing. The smells in the Forest, the trees, and the flowers can cleanse you. In Japan, where the stress levels are higher than the west. (Can you believe it?) They call it Forest Bathing. The Asians use the Forest to destress and heal. Getting out into nature can help you ground, and remind you what truly matters in your life. You are here to FEEL GOOD and wear a smile on your face.

Lesson Three

Don’t make assumptions. You know the old saying, “When you assume, you make an ass out of you and an ass out of me.” I know that sounds silly, but it has helped me to pump the brakes when I’ve felt triggered by something.  For example, don’t assume that someone is upset with you and then become impatient with them just because they’re quiet. It could be because they have a lot of work on their plate OR they are distracted by something going on inside of them. And your assumption could lead to an unnecessary argument.

Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others clearly to avoid misunderstandings or drama. With just this one lesson, you can completely transform your life. The best way to WIN an argument is to avoid one.

Lesson Four

Always do your best. Your best will change from day to day. For me, it depends on how much sleep I’ve had. Situations change, and all you can do is take it one day at a time. There will always be challenges and fires to put out. My bank account was hacked into by thieves yesterday. They didn’t get away anything, but my stress levels hit the red zone, and now I am cleaning up the mess they made. This is a distraction from my real work. It’s okay if your BEST varies from day to day. The most important thing is to give life your best and let go of the rest. You can only control your best.

This message has been coming to me from Spirit like a broken record. Everything happens in divine and perfect timing. Your life, until now, has happened in its perfect timing. The decisions you’ve made led you to where you are now. Don’t live in fear or doubt because you are always divinely guided. You’re exactly where you need to be. The POWER within you is greater than any challenge that comes your way.

Even if your life isn’t exactly what you want it to be right now. Who the hell is? Keep the faith. Have peace and confidence your dreams will manifest in your divine timing. APPRECIATE who you are and what you have had to overcome to get here. Be appreciative for what you have today because everything you want or need is on the way. This is universal law.

You are who you are now because you’ve made the best choices and taken the best actions when you needed to and that’s all you can do. Hindsight is great. But you do the best you can with what you knew at the time. Waste no energy in regret. When YOU know better, YOU do better.

“Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will AVOID self-judgment and self-abuse.” — Miguel Ruiz

Be your own authority and trust your inner authority. No one knows what’s best for you better than you. I failed that lesson a few months ago. When I trusted someone else’ authority over my own. And it was a painful and costly lesson for me, but I learned NEVER to do that again. YAY!

I hope these lessons help you spend every day focusing on the positive and spreading LOVE everywhere you go. You are LOVED! You are here to feel good. And to feel good about YOU. Having fun? Take time to include fun in your day, every day. And if that means getting offline then so be it! But not until you’ve read my blog. 😊

with enormous love,



PS. Here’s that link again to the Personal Path Development Program